Fall and Holiday Fashion (under 100$)

This evening I decided to do something I don’t do often on this blog and share some festive fall fashion favorites I found while searching around Polyvore.  I thought it’d be fun and I might also be brave and share a seasonal decor board or even share pictures of how we have already decorated for […]

5 ways I’ve Become A Happier Me

I’ve starting off with an honesty moment here. In the last year or two I’ve felt more out of the loop, no routine, and just a wee bit lost. I was kinda not myself but I wanted to do something about becoming more me again and perking myself back up. So I did. I starting […]

Welcome Shortie the Hedgehog!

S U R P R I S E !  We got a hedgehog this week and we have been thinking, mulling over this for a little bit (I’d say a month or so) trying to find a local pet center or breeder to buy from. Her name is Shortie and she is a Algerian Grey […]

It’s all about me

Thanks for joining us again this week! I’m almost back from my short hiatus- well I’m definitely working on it, so thanks for being patient with me. SPring has sprung here and we are talking “motivation/random relaxations” this week which I think has everyone in a slight bind this time of year. Things get busy and […]

It’s All About Me #5

Want to know the story behind our link up? Click here, for a peek behind the scenes Hello and welcome back again to The Petite Mrs and if you’re new here, Hi I’m glad to have you here today! This week was hard for me and I got away from the path I was steadily […]