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A Sunshiny Day: the bright side

sunshiny day

Today is a glorious sunshiny day in Gresham, Oregon- it is warm and beautiful. We went grocery shopping today with the mother in law and got lots of yummy groceries. It has been a gorgeous day and we also finally figured out what was wrong with our murky fish tank. It either has a pH problem or it has too much/little ammonia. Sean has to pump out and replace water for the next few days first though, however all of our little fishes have lived and seem fine. It was a lot of work for him to do by himself but I really appreciated it and so did the fish.

sunshiny day

Booger is in a good mood, we are trying to crate train him at night. And we shelter him in the kitchen when we’re gone, to avoid him going potty all over the apartment. He’s so stubborn but we really love him. He’s a good dog! He did a great job while we were gone at the store. We will keep working with him and that’s all we can do. Last night my friend Oliviya came over and spit shined clean our apartment… the woman can clean. I know her from my Biology class and she’s been a great help to me getting through it. Whoa! It’s amazing. And tomorrow Sean is going shooting with the Bandle family from church and his friend/best man Alex.

sunshiny day
I am just relaxing and hanging out on the computer and watching Bones, which I think is a great show. I’ll probably do some cleaning and tidying up later on too. Hope you are all having a good day!
 What do you like to do on lazy days? Favorite TV shows? Favorite Book?

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Moving, Baby Talk, School & American Idol

moving, baby talk, school and american idol


Today started off with a trip to Shari’s at 2 AM and we finally fell asleep around 3 or 4 AM. I woke up with my period and I instantly started to dread the day. We pretty much just stayed at home all day since Alex spent the night and had to get up and leave right away. I waited for my friend Amanda to come over, she was stuck in an interview so she didn’t get here until around 3 PM. When Amanda got here, we talked about her psycho ex. We had a great talk about work and then went to Big 5, Micheal’s then proceeded to go to WinCo and get her groceries for dinner. We had fun while she was with us and I really value her friendship and am glad she’ll be around more often.


About moving, well I thought I had a yes answer but after discussing it further with Sean we decided we should save and not splurge on a new fancy apartment before our lease is even up. We will move in June,July or whenever our lease is up. We decided not to be hasty and although I’m very impatient I need to cool my jets.

Baby Talk

The only one big thing on my mind lately is having a baby at some point in the near-distant future. But I’m also pretty emotional and hung up on missing my dad as well. The more I think about all of it, the more I go crazy. I think at this point I need to “forget” about it, for this second. We cannot afford it at this moment but how in a year or so maybe, we will be in a even better place. [This is NO one’s decision but ours, so I’d share but do NOT want to hear criticisms; I’ll pass thanks] I think I just needed to write that last part for myself… I’m anxious and slightly obsessed about it and it hasn’t even happened yet. Believe me; if I was already pregnant you’d all know already. But I swear if one more person tells me to wait, I will shank someone. It’s really annoying and non supportive. The truth hurts huh? No, my feelings are hurt now people- keep that to yourselves.


Plus at this second I really at least need to finish school, I want to finish. I didn’t go this term because money got mixed up and it was kinda my fault but it won’t happen again. I am gonna bust my buns next term and maybe even transfer to do it online. Might give that a shot, but I haven’t quite decided. I want my psychology transfer degree, I want a good job and I want to start that section of my life.

American Idol

I watched the new season of American Idol and well, it was good in the first half and sucked the last half. We’ll see what this new season of determined singers brings. Two or three girls and one guy I thought were amazing so I hope they get far in the competition.

…the future

In March, things will pan out and become more stable, honestly it can’t come soon enough. Sean is going to try to get his permit/license this week or next. Then this will make it a lot easier for moving.  We have a car from his parents on hold OR a car in mind. It’s a Ford Escort, in decent shape and will do for awhile. What a great dependable car. I feel safe and love those cars now. I might try as well but I need some serious practice first.
That’s about it for now, I know that was a lot but man I feel lighter already.
Thanks for listening and tune in next time…Do you go to college? What are you studying? How do you deal with haters in your family or people telling you what to do? Advice?Signature

It’s 3:14AM and I’m still awake//Late Night Survey

its 314 and im still awake

My new lovely friend Victoria had these questions on her blog. I needed something to start off and write about. I’m so tired that I am now wide awake after a non-successful early morning trip to Shari’s.
Here goes:

It’s 3:14AM and I’m still awake//Late Night Survey

1. Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?
Milk Chocolate. Too dark and bitter unless used as an aphrodisiac.
2. What’s your favorite color?
I love a few colors; turquoise is our coined wedding color and my two other favorites are magenta and lavender.
3. Do you have any creative hobbies?
I do have a creative side however it has always been in movement arts like dance or theater throughout school but I am wishing that at some point, I will become an amazing scrapbook artist. I have many other hobbies
4. What was your favorite subject in school?
English. I was great at brainstorming, outlines and creative writing. Poetry, freestyle, short stories, etc. It really makes me happy and I’ve enjoyed it for a really long time.
5. What is your favorite season? Why?
Warm weather is the best! However I do live in Oregon where let’s face it, its winter 365 days a year. Unless we end up with a hot summer and then it’s extremely hot for three months.
6. Who inspires you to sing like crazy when nobody is around?
Nobody actually, I do that all on my own. And I really only sing when no one is around. So I’m too shy and don’t really know if I sound good or not.
7. What’s your favorite dessert? Can you make it?
I love German chocolate cake and no I have yet to try to make it. Although I should, I have a few baking recipes saved so I’d like to try to create one in the crock-pot.
8. How did you learn to cook?
I haven’t I am currently in the process of learning to cook with the help of my mother-in-law. But I cook a mean Kraft Mac n Cheese! I’ve been known as the “box queen”.
Good night for now everybody! Feel free to snag this and put on your own blog to answer!
its 314 and Im still awake
Comment down below: What’s your favorite late night meal? When and Where and Why? 

…It’s a BOY

C h r i s t o p h e r  j o s e p h  e m m a u s 

 My new nephew is here!

So after nine months of waiting, our new and only nephew Christopher Joseph Emmaus is here! Congrats to sister Jenny, my niece Sydney (the new big sister) and the rest of my sisters, brother and our mom. He is a bundle of joy and I really wished we all lived closer to go see him in person. I cannot believe that I am an auntie again. I love having so many nieces and nephews. It has been a joy growing up around so many of them and getting to know each of their personalities and I’m sure this one will have a big attitude of his own, if he’s anything like his momma. He might even be a terror at times but melt your heart in other moments too. I’m sure that will be the case.

Around 11am I was so excited to hear he was born around 9:34am- 8lbs 14 oz 19 inches long and healthy and strong. He is one cutie and I am so glad that he is here and looks just like his mommy. He also looks like our brother a lot and the grandfather he is named after as well. It’s funny he looks somewhat darker than most of us and carried that Italian gene well.

Plus, I felt him kick when he was still inside, so we have a mini bond- that was very exciting! Yay! I felt his foot kick at my hand.  Much love baby and mommy, hope to see you soon!

Do you have nieces and nephews? Older sisters and brother who’ve had kids and/or live close? How involved are you in their lives  and what’s your favorite part of being an aunt/uncle?


The Spauldings: One Year Anniversary

O n e  Y e a r  A n n i v e r s a r y

I cannot believe its been a year since we got married! I mean it’s more than a wonderful experience to be a wife, that title means so much more to me than anyone can ever imagine. This last year has had its ups and downs; but definitely after a year we know now exactly what we have to work on. And a better idea of how to fix those things that have been a constant barrier to us so far. We have grown more together in the two years of being together and one of being man and wife than I ever thought we could be. I will always and forever know deep in my heart that this man is for me and only me and will remain at my side for years to come.
We have been tested of our stance together a few times in different situations with friends of mine and we have always come to the same conclusion. We must stand beside each other and should agree in our opinions about any sort of problem at the time. Our families since then have also proved to be difficult but now I believe “Family isn’t always blood.” It is now with this new life motto concerning people I bring into my life-it’s just not always true. Family is important, don’t get me wrong, I need to learn to appreciate them more and never take them for granted.
As of a year ago today, we would have already done our rehearsal and have already been split up waiting for our arrival into the society as man and wife. The weather is the same it was just a year ago today, a wet, rainy and cold day in the Pacific Northwest. I just can’t believe it’s already been a year and it seems as though it went by too fast. It took us a year to hang pictures of our special day which now I smirk and grin every time I pass them in our halls. We have truly realized and tried to keep those who are our true friends and people who will only support us in our new journey.
Our helpers from our wedding- Janae and Alex- we still keep in touch although as time moves on we ar just not as close as we once were. Maybe time will change that. Alex was like a brother and has always been there for us and Janae did so much for me as well supporting me and helping me along the way. As for Angela, well, we have grown apart some but she insists that we are “fine” and not trying to fight anymore. I shall continue to stand beside him with all that I am. This year has been great and there are many more to come….. god bless…. thank you for finding me, saving me and making me the happiest woman ever!
I love you honey and I always will.
To us. CHEERS!
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