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Welcome Bouncer!

Hi everyone!
And welcome Bouncer!
He is our 9 week old dachshund!
We have had him for a week now and everything is going pretty smoothly.. he is a puppy after all, been through a few accidents and some annoying chewing behaviors and LOTS of naps!
Which mommy enjoys!
He loves rides in the car too!
Loves his toys, which we made sure to get tons of chewies as I’m calling them.
Napping or sleeping in his kennel like a good boy!
See? He is a crazy napping growing puppy..
So far we know he
  • gets up about 8-9am.
  • feed around 10-11am. [medicine for kennel cough;which he loves!]
  • Potty time!
  • play play play
  • NAP 1-2-3 hours.. it’s awesome mommy time.
  • Potty time!
  • play play play 
  • feed 5:30-6pm
  • Potty time!
  • play play play
  • free time-bonfires the last few nights and more cuddle time or play time with other dogs outside
  • then play play play til bedtime
  • last potty time
  • kennel 
  • then bedtime on blanket in bed with mommy & daddy 
It’s been working pretty well, in between we have had some accidents but he’s a baby and its about 50/50. I’m always so happy when he goes outside and we are enjoying every minute even though he’s frustrating like a baby.
His name is sure true- Bouncer he is. He romps around the yard like crazy.
He loves to try to eat dandelions and wishes in the yard and chase daddy’s shoes or sandals and toes.
We Love You Bouncer! You are our forever dog! <3

A Sunshiny Day: the bright side

sunshiny day

Today is a glorious sunshiny day in Gresham, Oregon- it is warm and beautiful. We went grocery shopping today with the mother in law and got lots of yummy groceries. It has been a gorgeous day and we also finally figured out what was wrong with our murky fish tank. It either has a pH problem or it has too much/little ammonia. Sean has to pump out and replace water for the next few days first though, however all of our little fishes have lived and seem fine. It was a lot of work for him to do by himself but I really appreciated it and so did the fish.

sunshiny day

Booger is in a good mood, we are trying to crate train him at night. And we shelter him in the kitchen when we’re gone, to avoid him going potty all over the apartment. He’s so stubborn but we really love him. He’s a good dog! He did a great job while we were gone at the store. We will keep working with him and that’s all we can do. Last night my friend Oliviya came over and spit shined clean our apartment… the woman can clean. I know her from my Biology class and she’s been a great help to me getting through it. Whoa! It’s amazing. And tomorrow Sean is going shooting with the Bandle family from church and his friend/best man Alex.

sunshiny day
I am just relaxing and hanging out on the computer and watching Bones, which I think is a great show. I’ll probably do some cleaning and tidying up later on too. Hope you are all having a good day!
 What do you like to do on lazy days? Favorite TV shows? Favorite Book?

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