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Happy Friday 11/25/16


Each week Krysten of Why Girls are Weird, Lindsay of The Flynnigans, Charlotte of My Pixie Blog, and I are hosting a link up featuring our happy lists from the week! Got a happy list of your own? Link up! Now onto what made ME happy this week!

  1. Working on my newsletter- to be out soon!
  2. Gilmore Girls: A year in the life
  3. Scarf season
  4. Hedgehog playtime
  5. Old movies with Marilyn Monroe
  6. staying up really late
  7. hibiscus  berry tea
  8. Cosmopolitan magazine
  9.  Thanksgiving food
  10. Flipboard app / Pigment coloring app


Now it’s your turn- LINK UP with us!


Netflix Movies I Loved


In my spare time I love to watch shows and movies on Netflix and it’s my favorite self care agenda. There’s so many that  I watch to choose from that I thought I should share with you. These are documentaries honestly but I’ve been really into them lately and all these shocking truth stories are riveting. I hope you like my suggestions.


This is a documentary about the assault & imminent murder of a minority Mexican man in a primarily small town white town in the south. The town backed them up and almost no fault was to blame the young boys who did it and the authorities who covered it up. It is a gross view of our countries grave justice system.

Who took Johnny?

An investigation of a cold case tries to determine what became of Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch, who disappeared 30 years earlier. A tragic story of Johnny, a boy taken from his small hometown and his parents relentless search to find his kidnapper and bring them to justice.

Audrie & Daisy

Two personal stories about two girls sexually violated by people they once knew  and the fallout that came from it, the trauma and the aftermath of dealing with life after being assaulted. Very sad, honest recollection of these girls stories and moving scenes true to scenario.

The Witness

It’s a moving story about a woman named Kitty Genovese who was killed in front of 38 strangers who did nothing. It was the story to break the newspapers and has been hidden in the past for generations. Her brother conducted a story about her loss and what transpired because of it- like the 911 system itself so folks could report suspicions right away anonymously.

Finding Vivian Maier

A biological timeline about a nanny who had many secrets involving her identity and her hidden talent- photography and art. Follow along while a guy who stumbles upon her things goes digging into her life to make her known for more than just being a invisible nanny.

Kids for Cash

A scandal/conspiracy about Judge Civarella and Judge Monahan who supposedly sold kids to a private juvenile camp for cash kickbacks, The judges got sucked up in the mess and this is the story about the kids who were victims of the triangle of the system mess. Another sad case about our flawed justice system.

I hope you’ll check all these out! I really enjoyed them and I think you will too.


I’d love if you left me a comment or a list of some Netflix or Hulu favorites you have- maybe I haven’t seen them. I hope you love the movies/documentaries I’ve chosen for you.


BB #44


Oh hi there! Great to see you again. I hope you’re back joining us for another week of #bloggybrunch linkup. Truth is we had a chat but after several weeks of it just being not as successful as we hoped – we just canned it. Pamela is steadily working on lots of new projects though and I’m trying to focus on better content and steady posts. As well as a possible newsletter and maybe some free content upgrades. what would you like to see? A checklist of some kind? A photography linkup? A quote or saying for the season? Let me know. 


This is my favorite of the month from my link-up partner, it really helps when I don’t know what to post monthly. She gives me so much inspiration on the daily! She is the greatest person to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with. Go check out her blog for monthly prompt and ideas when you’re stuck. *click picture for link*


Coincidentally, my other linkup partner (Alex) also had my favorite of the month for her October Monthly Goals and aspirations post. I just really enjoy people making goals and checking them off.




November Intentions


I’ve been making intentions and setting goals each month for over a year now. If you want to go see past posts you can click here. Having goals for the future and intentions on what I want to accomplish now shows you what you’re working towards and how far you’ve come. This is in hopes of you also linking up with Hodge Podge Moments and telling us yours. Here’s a refresher of my October Intentions were and also whether I feel like I met them or not:

  1. Stick to my blog schedule M/W/F/Sun
  •  schedule time to brainstorm and write blogs
  • Schedule social media with Hootsuite
  • Make use of #powerhour with Pamela and Raewyn

I did really good with this one and I think I met everything I set out to do. On my phone I have a master list of ideas that I built on more and pulled from for October and November. Late night #powerhour with Pam and Rae and scheduled social pretty well this past month.

2. Keep house in order (chore days & weekends catch up)

  • Laundry-Tuesday or Thursday
  • Dishes-at use or at nights before bed
  • Vacuum-Wednesdays
  • Shorties Cage: Saturday
  • Tidy- Daily

I would say I accomplished this section too as I didn’t have a schedule but the house has stayed and been maintained clean for awhile now. I have been cleaning Shorties’ cage and feeding her regularly as well. CHECK!

3. Create a daily routine

  • Make and follow a morning routine
  • Make and follow a nightly routine

Did NOT do this. BOO! FAIL! We got on a bad sleep schedule and I messed my whole life up. Feeling a  lag for over a week or two now so I’m trying to change that. And at least get up earlier to get motivated and be a productive adult. Making a routine will help so it’s on my to do list for sure.

4. Organize/Update Blog

  • make drafts/brainstorm re-do pages (Emily Finta)
  • create idea for uniform graphics
  • create categories and update tags
  • mission statement & welcome page

I didn’t get to this either although I have been randomly updating tags, categories and some lacking blog posts. That’s something right? I’ll work on this more over the next month or so when I’m able to take on more.

5. Create a self love/self care time daily-weekly

  • write daily in instant happy journal
  • read excerpt from find your happy daily mantras
  • write a bit in 52 weeks of ….. happiness/list project books
  • read/listen to a self growing type of book (audible, blog related or like “complaint free world”

This was a 50% type of thing, I did pretty well but not my best. I have been pampering myself such as sweets, cuddle time and face masks. Also I have been taking lots of time to write but not as much to read- that’s to be worked into my daily schedule as well. Soon my dears! Cheer me on!

6. Learning Hour-make the blog better, streamlined and grow it

  • do things about learning how to make the blog better
  • read ebooks, webinars and posts about growing, social media etc.
  • newsletter business
  • batch-writing and blog scheduling

Learning hour has been helpful and I know I can and will do more. I’ve watched some webinars and taken lots of notes but nothing further than that. Batch writing is commencing so maybe this week/weekend will be a test phase for that one. I’m still determined to get a newsletter up and running as well so let’s jump on that business bandwagon. What do you think of a blog newsletter? Do you have one? Is it necessary for growth? Helpful, in what ways?


These are my intentions and goals for November:

1.Keep my blogging schedule M/W/F/

  • Brainstorm and come up with original ideas
  • Schedule social media with Hootsuite a week at a time
  • #powerhour with Pamela and Raewyn each night

2.Keep house in order (weekends as catch up)

  • Laundry 1x weekly as needed
  • Dishes daily (help from roommate on weekends)
  • Vacuum weekly and tidy daily as needed

3. Plan out and create a daily routine (make blog post out of it)

  • make some daily structure (get up, shower, get dressed, feed dogs, blog hour, clean time, make meals, read, write, etc)
  • make a nightly routine and find a sensible bedtime that works for me (to get tired again)

4. Organize Update Blog

  • create uniform graphics for posts
  • work on tags/categories/update archived posts in blog
  • sketch out design/layout of pages for Emily Finta

5. Take time (more structured*) for self love (including: writing, reading and self care)

  • face masks, hot showers, tea and a good book, writing in IHJ daily and on time (get caught up today)
  • write in 52 weeks of…….. books for grateful and thankfulness
  • continue and finish “You are a Badass” on audible- perhaps while blogging, take any notes needed for growth

6.Learning Hour-make the blog better, streamlined and grow it

  • read e-books, webinars and posts about growing, social media etc.
  • newsletter (GET IT GOING! SCHEDULE IT by October 15th)
  • batch-writing and blog scheduling ( needs to be done daily with Social Media batching weekly)

So, I hope I can progress further than I did last month. I didn’t get much accomplished. However, starting off this month strong by batch writing and sharing everything effectively gives me hope. I’d love to know what your goals or intentions are. Updating my stats as well to see how far I’ve come in the last year will be exciting. Good Luck and Happy November!


A Day in the Life: Bouncer & Maggie


Ruh Roh! (hello in dog) I’m Bouncer and this is my rambunctious sister Maggie. We live with our mommy and daddy-maybe you know them? I wanted to tell you what we do all day and show you how much fun we have.


First, we wake Mom up by wiggling around in the bed (stepping on her face and hair) and giving her all the kisses. But she doesn’t like it so much because she says our breath stinks. She gets kinda upset because she likes to sleep like we do, we have that in common. We all get up and jump outta bed like big dogs that we think we are. We run and jump and get all excited to get fed breakfast. We are not so patient when it comes to our “puppy food” and we know when you say that! Scarfing our food down in 5 mins or less flat, then we use our chew toys “our lambie” and we chew on him until he falls apart. Then going outside for potty isn’t our favorite thing in the world, sometimes we go and sometimes we just don’t want to. When we have accidents mommy gets real mad and puts us back outside to try again.


We play and sometimes we sleep but most of the day is free time and up to us. We follow mom and dad around the house back and forth all day long. Mommy is a blogger– do you know what that is?! Well she’s on that thing a lot and it makes a click-clacky noise, but we don’t mind. Usually she cuddles us under a cozy blanket while she does whatever she does on that computer. She talks to us in a silly voice, loves us and sometimes we get to play with the laser too- we love that piece of light more than the cat. Sometimes we bark too much or we jump all over company but it’s only because we love the attention and we are so friendly and needy.


About 5 or 6 o clock, we know it’s time for our next “puppy food time” and boy do we get excited all over again! It’s like we just can’t contain it, we run circles around the house telling mommy exactly what she already knows-that we are hungry. Then we get antsy like a half hour later and mommy let’s us out again, we love to run around and say hi (bark) at the neighbor dogs. Those guys are much bigger than us but we aren’t afraid at all- we can hold our own. We come back in from the rain and get dried off on a towel (that’s our favorite part!). Mommy says DRY OFF! and I know how to do it all by myself, wiggle my butt and scoot all over. I  toss and turn to get all the water off my back and belly. My sister though needs more help doing that. If we were good, we get a cookie and that’s a special thing. We beg mommy and jump around all crazy waiting for them. At night we watch tv and I play more with my sister Maggie, we get hyper and throw all our toys out of the basket, I know how to put them away back in the basket- ya know I’m a smart dog.

This is our typical daily routine but of course it varies if we do anything special like go on walks which we also love. I hope you enjoyed reading about us and our family. Come back soon!