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5 Marriage Tips to Practice Daily


I’ve had this drafted for awhile now unsure of how to really work on it and although some of this may be obvious I just wanted to share with newlyweds walking through uncharted territory. I thought sharing what I’ve learned in these fast seven years would help somebody somewhere. Here are my tips I’ve kept track of lately:

always kiss goodnight

I don’t care what anyone says. Don’t go to bed mad at each other-I don’t think it’s healthy and every psychologist I’ve ever talked to, doesn’t either. Usually trying to solve your issues and squabbles (big or small) goes a long way to having a healthy and happy marriage. I hope too that when you get that annoyed, I’m-done-with-you sort of attitude that the apology covers that. That residual ‘yuck’ feeling. Being honest with yourself is step one- if you’re still not okay: admit it. You should always be prepared to kiss goodnight, make up and mean it.

communication is key

I’m not the greatest example of this but truth is, I’m working on it. Speaking to your partner respectfully and in tandem can improve your relationship greatly. “There’s no I in Team”, is such a true statement and although I know this I kinda suck at it. To be clear and understood, you have to talk to each other and clearly communicate. No guessing, “he means this or she’s thinking that.” Communication is sexy too- if you’re talking to each other, you’ll then relate and understand each other better rather than being dazed and confused all the time.

pick your battles

To tell you the truth I wrote this for me {and for you] because I have so much to work on. I will not ever say I have a ‘perfect marriage’, it doesn’t exsist but it’s a darn good one even on the hard days. Picking your battles is a  huge lesson  I’ve had to learn over and over again. I tend to nit pick a  lot. For no reason. So when I think something is one way or if I  know I’m right, I can be QUITE stubborn and bratty a bit too. There’s NO sense in making a fight about who didn’t dust the ceiling, or whatever it is that doesn’t matter at the end of the day. It only put space and tension between you and your spouse or loved one.

find like interests

It’s important to have things in common when you get married- well at least I hope you do. I suppose you could be 100% different but it might not work out if you have nothing alike in the end. The way it works out well with us is that, most of the day we do our own thing, have our own fun and check in with each other constantly. And then when we wanna be together we compromise on what we want to do or watch. We both enjoy technology and nice things so that’s what we tend to gravitate towards. I like some games and he likes all the games so I get interested and ask about what’s going on and stuff.

together versus apart

Being together while being married is absolutely ideal, but not 24/7 365. That’s not the way marriage goes- I used to want that, to be connected at the hip but it’s not healthy. It’s just as important to have friends, hobbies, a sense of self and some self love and respect. Being a good person on your own makes you be a better partner for your spouse. You are a team and working together is of the utmost importance.


I really hope this helps you somehow to create a more open, grateful and communicative marriage. I need to work on a lot of these so if anything-it was very therapeutic for me & I appreciate you taking time to read it. If you have other tips that are key that I missed or also are important, please leave them below I’d love to hear your thoughts and tell me if you like Marriage posts and I’ll try to write more of these.



BB #43


Welcome to Bloggy Brunch #43! This week kinda flew by quickly, I cannot believe it’s Halloween TOMORROW! That’s just crazy. I hope your week has been great and productive. I’ve been trying to stay on top of it all while also just relaxing a lot lately. I’ve been super tired and on a weird night sleep schedule- so there’s that-oops! So I’m currently up at 4:30 (AM) trying to start this post, anyone with me?!


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Coffee Date 10/28


So coffee dates are one of my favorite things especially in the fall when it gets cold. Getting bundled up in a blanket or sitting by the fire in a comfy chair in the nearest Starbucks, Peet’s, The Grind or the closest coffee shop hole in the wall. The environment is unlike any other place there’s a hustle and bustle, busy also pretty calm and quiet. It’s cool being around people meeting others, some deep in conversation, working on papers, projects or just jotting down their inspiration. I want to take you into my corner nook for coffee this morning and share with you the goings on in my life right now. Grab your favorite warm drink- (coffee, cocoa, tea- whatever it may be) take a seat and join me in bonding time where we get to know each other.

  • Things have been SO boring around here lately. However, I’ve been watching a lot of tv and movies lately to keep me occupied. Usually I’m not one for deep movies but I’ve been so into documentaries and personal biography type stories. “The Witness” and “Shenandoah”. I really loved each of these films and I would suggest them to anyone who likes to discover new things and watch about people.
  • I’ve been blogging my butt off this past two or three weeks. In case you missed any awesome new posts 1) make sure you’re following me on social media and 2) here are some I don’t want you to miss:

Fall & Holiday Fashion under 100$

Fall Bucket List (for homebodies)

5 ways I’ve become a happier me

Currently: October

  • I have finally gotten my email organization under control. Well mainly, I need to flush out my separate folders BLOG (& sub-folders), PERSONAL, WORK and SAVED MAIL. But with the help of INBOX by Gmail it’s been easier to do.
  • It’s been really nice to hang out with some friends of mine and stay in touch closer with people I don’t get to talk to as often. as well as weed out those who bring me down and waste my time and give me only negative energy, I only accept positive loving people in my circle, I have recently learned the power of few quality people.
  • Also we tried staying up all night last night because we couldn’t sleep so it went like this: at 2am we thought man we are still wide awake so let’s stay up. We were good until about oh, 12pm/noon and then we FELL ASLEEP hardcore.Slept until 4:30pm, ugh- now it’s 12:12am. Needless to say our sleep schedule is messed up.

So that’s your coffee date for Friday I hope you enjoyed it! If we were having coffee what would you tell me? What would you be drinking and/or wearing, since the seasons are changing now?


Fall and Holiday Fashion (under 100$)

This evening I decided to do something I don’t do often on this blog and share some festive fall fashion favorites I found while searching around Polyvore.  I thought it’d be fun and I might also be brave and share a seasonal decor board or even share pictures of how we have already decorated for the Halloween time. Please enjoy and comment to tell me what your favorite outfit I put together is. It’s nothing super fancy and I didn’t include jewelry and hats, accessories etc but I like each one I came up with and I would wear them all for sure!

Fall &Holiday Fashion



Top: Amazon: Benibos Checkered Shirt -15-20$ depending on size +shipping

Jeans: Hollister Boyfriend Jeans -40$

Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylors (in black) -50$ (although I know Famous Footwear has all kinds of sales, you can get these cheaper! The sale now is saying 10$ off 50$+ so it’s only 40$.) *actually as I typed this I had deals on Avast Safe Price finder for HauteLook at 27$;unisex cream color though, so yeah!*

Total: ~95-100$ (plus shipping)


Top: Pumpkin long sleeve pullover-7$+shipping

Jeans: H&M skinny ankle jeans -40$

Shoes: (you could also wear the converse, linked above for this but I found some cute flats I liked as well) Aeropostale Report Milez flat -18$

Total: 65$ (plenty of extra $ leftover for shipping, not even close to 100)


Sweater: SheInTurtleneck Chunky Cable Knit Long Sleeve Sweater  -28$+shiping

Top: GAP women’s vintage wash sueded V neck Tee -25$

Jeans: H&M Super Skinny Regular jeans– 20$

Shoes: LuLus Chic Black Flats-17$+shipping

Total: 90-100$(depending on your shipping )


Sweater: GAP Softspun Tunic Knit Top -32$

Top: Long Sleeve Crop Tee Shirt -11$ +shipping

Skirt: Nala Tartan Check Woven Skirt– 24$ + shipping (

Shoes: Black “Clemmy” Mary Jane Court shoes -44$ +shipping OR Payless AE Kim Button Mary Jane shoes (cheaper version) -35$

Total: 111$ with higher priced shoes + shipping ) OR  102$ +shipping which I will say is a bit over, but honestly how cute is that outfit. and even then you might be able to find lower cheaper options near you so you don’t have a cost plus shipping fees or coupons!

Well I hope you all really enjoyed this post! I loved creating and finding these outfits and links for you to shop. *NOT SPONSORED AT ALL* Just some friendly wishlist shopping advice, if you’re having trouble thinking of some cute winter-y outfits for where you live. Living in Oregon is chilly and it’s pouring rain here already. I am not wearing tank tops in Cali like some people. I also wanted to share an actual holiday outfit that I’d wear, which isn’t quite this. But I would cover my stomach with a sweater or a regular length shirt and I’d probably wear tights as well.

Happy Fall everyone! Surely let me know down below which of these is your favorite and if you’re gonna buy any of these pieces. Lastly, I hope I helped at least one of you get some new clothing inspiration. For now I’ll be saving these all to my pinterest and lusting for later in the season or for Christmas!


Fall Bucket List 2016


I’ve seen so many of these Fall Bucket lists that I figured I’d do the same. Maybe with more down to earth, mellow at home things because I’m a homebody and probably wont be able to get out very much this season until later in the year.

1. Decorate for fall- CHECK
2. Wear sweaters and boots-CHECK
3. Drink Apple Cider
4. Have a movie marathon
5. Hand out candy on Halloween
6. Burn fall scents (candles or scentsy)
7. Bake cookies- CHECK
8. Take fall pictures
9. Look at the changing leaves & be thankful
10. Make a Autumn/Fall playlist


I hope these give you some new ideas. And especially for you homebodies or folks who might not be into the “outdoors”.

Leave me a comment of something fun you’ve done and are going to do before the season is over!