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10 day you challenge- 6 places

1. Bahamas

2. Italy



5. Chile

6. France

Yayy hope I can get somewhere soon for a fancy vaca!:)
Nora Spaulding

10 day you challenge- 7 wants

7 wants……. where to start?!?!
I want a German Shepard puppy at some point, with our own house and our own trainer!
Craft Party Dress in dark grey from www.modcloth.com
I want wall shelves for our pictures and letters for our names in our new place…

A trip to somewhere tropical alone with my husband…see this I could DO!

A new haircut maybe, but I want long hair too hmm lets think on that one..
 like this one?

[found on pinterest]

To make a DIY that looks this great and useful! canvas, a key hook wrapped in material..

[found on pinterest]
A pink MIXER by Kitchenaid

[found on pinterest]

Thank for reading and link up- start your own 10 day YOU challenge!
 please comment!~

Nora Spaulding

10 day you challenge-8 fears

I have plenty of fears: this project has ten parts; it’s been a while since I wrote so I thought I’d pick this back up and continue it with my fears…. [AHHH!] 
here we go……..
  1. I am scared to lose the ones I love, currently my husband. I would hate if anything happened between us [no, we are fine right now and I see no failures but..jus’ sayin]… I would be CRUSHED if I ever had to get a “THE D WORD” 
  2. I [lke others] have a fear of failure, school, work, life, etc… being good enough at anything and everything like being a wife, daughter, friend, sister etc gets tiring and hard to achieve..
  3. I hate spiders, bugs and snakes… They are called creepy crawlers for a reason, ewww!
  4.  I have a fear of not being able to conceive a child, because that is my #1 desire in the next few years or so..
  5. I have a fear of heights
  6. I hate flying in airplanes, although I am slowly getting better, I just hate take-offs.
  7. I have a fear that I will still struggle with my fathers loss, even years and years later, which I do. 
  8. I have a fear that I will not have true friends
  9. I have a fear that I may not “find my faith”- I have somewhat found and lost it again, what to do…
  10. I fear that I may not finish school like I want to because I have lost any and all motivation to do so.
The end. Comments please?  

10 Day You Challenge: 9 loves

I love Pinterest! follow me I have a button on my blog:)
I heart my facebook!:)

My MyTouch4G, “never gonna give you up”:)


 It’s horrible for you, but most of us do drink it… I love coca cola! the worst of them all.. darn.


 I love all kinds of music, I don’t play music but I constantly look for and listen to it.


OF course, I love blogging!:) I cannot stop.. I have slowed down some but I don’t think I’ll ever stop- I love my community of great friends on here now… Thank you, each of you!


 bad picture, couldn’t find a good one, sadly.
My love of travel, I have not gone too many places yet- Hawaii and Mexico [family trips, lovely though] I’d love to visit Greece, Italy and France and maybe Spain.


 Not only, my love for this show BUT my personal love of dance, since age five- I haven’t been to any class in a few years but I still love it as my passion!

Comments? questions? anyone? Please ask/comment away!  Thank you!

10 Day You Challenge: 10 secrets

These are ten secrets that you may not know about me and I hope we have something in common.
I am really looking forward to completing this challenge so I hope you stick around and leave me a comment or two.
1. I have a obsession with horses- I know care and tack, vet care and how to put everything on a horse the correct way- I was tested, got 100%!
2. The only heels I own right now are my wedding heels- as a woman I am highly ashamed and embarrassed, I need to go shoe shopping.
3. I have been in college at two schools since Summer 2006 but I have five classes left for an associates in Psychology and I will finish! (Didn’t finish yet but I have plans to go back!)
4. My dad passed away in 2002, passed far too soon, he took his own life.. I don’t know why- but I miss him everyday..I got 13 lovely years from him.
5. I danced in classes and on stage for school for almost 15-16 years of school, the whole time basically.. ever since I can remember I have loved ballet and have taken every dance class that was offered: I started with tap/jazz, hated tap but I have done, Latin-Salsa, African, Belly dance, Ballet, Modern, Lyrical and Cheer as well on the side.
6. I got my belly button pierced in 2007 thought it’d be cute for the summer, went 5 months with it and realized it hurt and was infected.. had to take it out and now I have a scar.
7. I have played and do sometimes play WoW….. yes I’m crazy but it is kinda fun to play with your husband WoW fanatic. (not anymore- but I do play Sims 4)
8.My favorite show currently is The Voice, love everyone on it but I do not understand why Javier won- I did not like him one bit. The last song he wrote was nice though.
9.I’m obsessed with Facebook- I’m on it all the time- find me: The Petite Mrs
10. I love the song “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele and after almost two months of hearing it everywhere I’m NOT sick of it yet.. Yay!