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7 deadly sins

All you need to do is copy & paste this list, link-up, and have fun finding out others’ guilty pleasures.  

seven great things in your life.
1. My husband
2. My dogs
3. I’m finally learning to accept less-than-perfect.
4. Our budgeting is on track
5.My blog- still blogging, still growing, still loving it
6. My friends
7. My family

seven things you lack and covet.
1. Time.
2. A relationship with God
3. Perfect skin.
4. A home to own
5.A car*
6. Patience.

7. Cooking skills

seven things that make you angry.
1. Immaturity
2. Greed
3.Know-It-Alls kind of people
5. Losing ones I love
6. Irresponsibility
7. Bad drivers- I don’t drive yet but I hate being scared in a car

seven things that you neglect to do.
1. Trust everyone
2. Brush Teeth regularly
3. Eat breakfast.
4. Exercise 
5.  Call family
6. Listen before I leap
7. Have self confidence

seven worldly material desires.
1. Another dog
2.  A DSLR camera
3. A bigger bed
4.  A plane ticket to Italy
5. A house that I own
6. Money to buy said house
7. A closet full of designer clothes, shoes and handbags

seven guilty pleasures.
2. Staying in bed all day
3. Ice cream. 
4. Online Shopping 
5. Caffeine.
6. Chocolate.
7. Facebook.

seven things you love about love.
2. Sweet texts.
3. Sharing your whole life with that person
   4. Laughing at each other.
5.Inside jokes
6. The passion.
7. Always having another to rely on.

Thanks for reading!
What are yours? Leave them below! I’d love to see if we have any differences!


Happy Week 10/17/15

So this week will be kind of a busy long happy list since I honestly haven’t been this happy about my week in like, forever. A lot has happeneed in a matter of days and it feels so good.  
1. Moving into our new apartment!
2. Organizing said apartment
3. Cooking a homemade meal again finally
4. Good to be Alive (Hallelujah)- Andy Grammer
5. Water, Juice and Coffee have been my lifelines
6. Blog Planning
7. online friends
8. in real life friends
9. our new living room rug
10. my new desk lamp
BONUS: 11. My laundry room! In. It’s. Own. Room. (wow!)
Basically this week has rocked my world and moving with a professional mover who got it done in less time than was scheduled. It’s been way less stressful than expected. I’ll be featuring a tour-like post soon! 🙂 Be on the lookout, much love readers…
leave some comments babes!

October Goals: Revisited-Progress

I’m taking this chance to put up another post, right before we move to reassess my goals I put up last week and how far I’ve come already at least with the moving goals which had to be done but I was very efficent doing them and getting everything together and in order. 

  • Read 2 books  starting with Elanor & Park-haven’t picked it up yet again but I sure will for our first night in the new place!
  • Pack apartment/organize/purge stuff DONE
  • Unpack
  • Decorate apartment 
  • Donate things we get rid of DONE
  • Get carpets cleaned after moving out DONE by the time this goes up 15th
  • Learn 2 new recipes after we move-slowcooker?
  • Blog at least 2 a week while packing/moving  sorta fail/sorta accomplished
  • Create a daily schedule to work on, downloaded now to write it out!
  • Stick with blog post schedule gonna stay with two days a week until we unpack etc.
  • Pre draft and take pics to go with posts DONE
  • Watch 3 new movies (age of adaline, best of me and PP2) I wanted to watch AofA but I can’t find it anywhere, maybe I’ll find PP2 online and watch it tonight!
  • Get pictures hung back up with new frames black ones-pick new photos
  • Invite at least one friend over to see new place
  • Photograph new place for “new apartment tour post” -DONE today after we get keys
  • Get in at least an hour of quality time per day with husband  research date nights, ideas for husband and wife time- DONE  the last few days/week has been lovely, less arguments, more talking, more quality time and more kisses and hugs, impromtu date night-SUCCESS!
  • Read, comment and save favorite blog posts for “links I love” –in progress, post to come next week
  • Start a better self love care plan weekly nails, music, tv sessions, chatting with friends-skype, appt for hair? –DONE  got my hair done, I’m in love with it (shared below)
  • Take dogs out on schedule and play with them regularly everyday research dog feeding schedules-if anyone has this problem with over anxiously eating dogs, PLEASE help! 🙂 any advice ou have?  –DONE  Stuck to schedule, 3 times a day feedings, although they still act hungry so we are going to up the quality of food we get and see what happens. Since we have been packing and moving tubs around, they’ve been skiddish so bad this week, so they play and lounging and cuddles are never ending
I’d say I honestly acomplished like half of this list, some is kinda on a timer- like I can unpack before I move of course but I’m enjoying seeing my progress and thought everyone else could appreciate my efforts as well. (Basically packed this whole place by myself again, only because I wanted to). I’m also still working on taking pics and predrafting, I found a new way to do this via another bloggers’ methods so I’m gonna shoot for trying to draft 2-3x a week, a week ahead and see how that works out. If you have any tips to be more time efficent and manage time better, please leave your tips below. I might just have to focus and set a time for blog work time- otherwise I tend to procrastinate.
sidenote: I am really proud now every time I put out a good blog post. 

Here’s my promise, wanna see my new hair? You can always follow me or find me on Facebook, via my page or personal profile-message me! That last one I have a new lip crayer by Clinique Chubby Stick INTENSE in the color Broadest Berry #07

and this is me, presently, 
for your information. Love you my beautiful gems!



Here is a Instagram giveaway that I’m a part of. It started today and will continue until the 16th.
I am in this wonderful loop giveaway with 8 other bloggers and entrepenurs- so join in and cross your fingers that you win. How much fun!

On loving others…


I found this on StumbleUpon– if you don’t know what this is, you should. Go check it out right now! It scrambles everything on the internet based on your interests and hobbies, it’s really awesome. I get sucked into the abyss all the time, it becomes really fun! This is a list of how you can love people on a day to day basis: I’ll include the source, of course so you can go check it out but here’s the ones I think I need to try out or work on… humbling, hmm?

 1. Tell someone that you respect them, and be specific about what it is you respect. Look them in the eye when you say it. [those little things go unnoticed or not said often enough…]

2. Leave handwritten notes for family or friends…in pockets, lunch pails, tacked on the refrigerator…funny, fun, loving notes. [I would love this, so who am I to not do this for anyone else?]
3.Volunteer. Somewhere. Anywhere. [working on this as we speak, I’m going to watch my nieces more often and maybe volunteer at the local library]
4. Smile and laugh. It brightens the day of those around you. [I’m not a huge smiler, I only smile when I’m reallly excited or when I laugh, which is rare as well; is that really sad?!-don’t answer that.]
5. Be fully present when in someone’s presence.
6. Give credit where credit is due. Acknowledge someone when they’re not expecting it.
7. Always exercise best judgment. [sometimes I don’t think before speaking or doing…]
8.  Be clear with your words. If you feel your words have been misinterpreted…ask. Then clarify, don’t defend or justify. [Never assume, makes an ASS out of U and ME] Build bridges not walls. [I’m not good at this…. need to work on it in our marriage]

9. Allow people to finish their sentences.  [I talk  over people and interrupt WAY too much- again working on it!]
10. Applaud effort, empathize with struggle and encourage action. [I need encourage my husband more and empathize with him and how hard he works for us, I love him]
11. Pay-it-forward, in action, deed, word and gift. If someone has admired something of yours and you’re ready to set it free, set it free to the person whose life will be enriched by it.

[I plan on it… 🙂 ]
12. Apoligize when you should. [I need to be better at this, I am so stubborn]

 These are only a few-the list is much longer. But these things I need to work on… go check out this page and become addicted to StumbleUpon like I am, it’s so wonderful! Nice for boring days or restless nights! ADD me!
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