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Blogtember Day 30

Wednesday, Sept. 30: A farewell coffee date. Take some time to breath, sip a warm drink, and share with your new blogging buddies. If you’d like a prompt: how did the Blog-tember Challenge go for you? Any surprises? What was your favorite prompt, or what would you like to see included next time?

Hello and good morning lovelies! Well this is the end, how do you feel? Can I be honest? I totally cheated on this one but I wanted to finish. I moved apartments in the middle of September-October so I did not finish these prompts in proper time but it’s now 11/12/13 and I’m still finishing it for the archives. I want this memory of finishing something I set out to do-no matter who or what got in my way! Don’t let it stop you… who cares if I just backdated like half of this challenge? Would you have truly noticed-probably not…. I hope you stuck with me there.

So I want to blog on my experience and what these prompts helped me figure out and helped me write a whole lot more for these than I ever thought I would or have in the last few years. I tried to write and spellcheck well, use proper grammer and be very through. But who knows? You’d tell me if it sucked, right? I’m proud that I’m still on top of itand now I can just know its completed. I have a label so I’ll be sure to share that all to my social media so everyone can (if they want to) go back through my daily answers and musings.

I think next time the only thing that I’d be aware of is: time. I would want to do this right and maybe write one day ahead, so I could stay on top of the timeline and not disappoint. I got pretty personal and like I said, I wrote to my hearts content with most of the days- if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me here or email me at noraspaulding@gmail.com I always want to be friends with you and have you relate to me as much as you can. I want to inspire and encourage everyone who’s had a rough life or been through a lot and is also a newlywed or in the first few years of marriage. I want you to like this space and I hope you like what I have to say and that I’m maybe at least a decent writer. I’m not a pro and I’m just still learning how to be consistant (which was a test for this, FAILED), honest, through but still very open.

I would love to see even deeper personal questions so we don’t just see the blogger of a person but the inner person themselves. And get to know them in a true, real sort of way. I only skipped one and that was the video- I couldn’t get myself to do it, but maybe next year. Here’s to a late celebration of September! You were pretty good to me, thanks!

Blogtember Day 29

Tuesday, Sept. 29: Write your own list of 10 blog topics to inspire us next month.

I have always struggled with ideas and being inspired to write and what to write to keep myself and my blog relevant. I don’t think one person can always be “in touch and relevant” and that’s why we have so many blogs out there for any one thing (or many things) in your life. Without further ado here are some posts I’m thinking of writing here on my blog (many of which have been done but oh well). 

  • what to do when you’re bored
This would be a large compilation of things in a list of things to do when you’re bored. Maybe some common things or things you never get to do, or things and activities you haven’t even thought of doing when you’re bored. Everything from reading to sky diving- because why the heck not?

  • morning routine
I want to actually write out and abide by a morning routine so that’s what I’m going to do and since we have been staying up super late and waking up mid-afternoon, that means I really need this one. 

  • A Day in the Life
See Above^ ditto. What do I actually do with my time daily? I don’t know. Would you like to find out? Tell me. 

  • Childhood stories, pictures and memories
This was just meant to give some actual inspiration and a place to start that people might relate to me and like what I have to share about my childhood growing up and see some younger pictures of me in them as well. If this interests you, please let me know and I can draft this one up too.

  • Fall music playlist
Just what it’s meant to say. A playlist used to get you in the swing of fall and the mood of the holidays. This seems like a fun easy post so I’ll get going on this one too. Any favorite fall/seasonal songs you think I should include? Leave them below and I’ll take a listen. 

  • Fitness/health Motivation
Things I’ve found on pinterest and advice on staying motivated and getting back into the groove of working out and making healthier choices. Like for instance, I’m sticking to my daily goal by drinking a bottle of water for every can of soda I consume. Then at the very least, I get some balance fluids in me and to me it seems more like a treat and not as bad as none at all.

  • Workout Routine
I was working out this summer and so I’d like to get back into the habit and enjoy what I create into a routine and show you what I like to do to stay moving and toned out. I’d also love to incorportae “Blogilates” workouts on Youtube.com when I picked up her videos, she seems to motivating and not in a cruel way but honest and nice to listen to. She makes it do-able no matter your fitness level too. 

  • Links I Love round-up

I have done this in the past and if I could just get some structure I could definetly bring these back, I seemed to get a lot of compliments on the last one. I really enjoyed finding all my favorite links, instagrams and what I saved for later use. I really liked that I could share others hard work and maybe help another person in the meantime by passing along the link or profile. I have a lot of people to thank for helping me along the way and I wanna continue that for someone else. 

I hope this helped some of you and maybe you’ll write something similar to me, if you do, please share! Happy end of September!

Blogtember Day 28

Monday, Sept. 28: A day in the life. Take us through it with you.

Every morning I wake up, roll over and check the time on my phone before looking at all my social media. Because who doesn’t these days?! I usually have been stabbed and shoved out by puppy paws and legs and squirming all night long, in and out of the blankets but making for the best cuddle partners (other than my husband). Normally they wake me up for breakfast about an hour before I get up and out of bed for the day. I go feed them in the living room and lay back in bed awhile. When I finally get up, I go to the bathroom,brush teeth, usually throw my hair up into a pony or messy bun. I go through my closet until I find clothes which usually takes me about 30 mins, or hours. The dogs get taken out, go for a short walk and then when we come back in they get a treat for going potty.

I’m not much of a breakfast person so sometimes I’ll eat or sometimes I don’t. I do like cereal, a english muffin or smoothie/granola, when I go out I usually order french toast or a typical breakfast plate (eggs, bacon, sausage, toast). Now because I’m a stay at home wife and don’t work, I just typically clean a lot, draft blogs and post when I can, and mostly just watch tv and make plans with friends and family. I love to go out with my husband when he’s not at work and find new, fun things to do, go out to eat and spend time together. Most recently we have been taking the dogs for walks around the lake and they seem to love it as much as we do!

Then the dogs eat again lunch and dinnertime when I also take them out and repeat the process.
It’s now the humans turn to eat dinner. I am not the best cook in the world but I’m learning more everyday and when I make the effort I try new recipes/meal ideas. Usually it’s an easy throw together, fast, no prep kind of meal- protein, veggie and a starch. I like to cook pork chops sometimes or premarinated steaks. I also want to learn more about crockpot cooking so I’m trying that more lately. The husband and I eat dinner together and sometimes we also prep it and cook together. Most nights we will cuddle on the couch and we choose a show to watch together or play with the dogs and be silly for a bit afterwards. We are notorious night owls and most times stay up until crazy hours because well, we can. I want to get back on a regular schedule but it’s been awhile now since we were on normal people hours. Sean doesn’t have an 8-5 right now and I stay at home so we just have a lot of freedom. (I have outside income, but I don’t talk about it) Most of the year he will work, find jobs and stay busy with an extra bit of income. He’s previously been in landscaping/maintanence and security and has most recently been working at a few vape shops-see google.

I prefer to shower at night so I do that about every other day or so. The more I scrub my body and wash my hair, the worse off I am-so I’m finding the balance. I try to make it relaxing as much as I can. It’s one of my favorite things to do is to stand under the hot water and compress and rub the tension out of my shoulders. I wash & scrub my body, shampoo and condition my hair, shave and wash my face and rinse off really, really well so I don’t breakout. Sometimes I’ll apply body lotion or thick creme all over or on my most dry skin spots like elbows, backs of arms, chest, knees and feet. Masks are fun too and feel really good as well if I’m spoiling myself that night. I brush my teeth and brush my hair, put my hair into a bun and put the dogs into bed with us (yes we do sleep with our pups-furchildren, hello!). I like to try to read at night and I’m getting better at making a habit of reading a book or blogs at night before I hit the hay. If I can’t sleep I usually sit on my phone until I start to drift off. I probably shouldn’t do this- but it helps, so until I find a solution, oh well!

What’s your day in the life look like? If you want, share some points with me… I’d love to know what a “normal” day looks like for you! Thanks for reading! 

Blogtember Day 27

Sunday, Sept. 27: What’s on your wish list? Be sure to include links so we can shop too 

So it is almost the holiday season and who doesn’t love just making a wishlist of things to have any time of the year? Yeah that’s what I thought! I often swoon over “things” and I even have a wishlist on Pinterest. A few things I have just come across and some more things I will pull from there. This is a pretty wide variety of stuff that I like, love and even need. If you have or want any of these items, leave a comment or two below and let’s chat about it!


silver jeans

VS Bra/Panty Sets


New futon for guest room
new glasses

Hunter rainboots

These are the items on my wishlist for the holiday season!
all image items found via pinterest

Blogtember Day 26

Saturday, Sept. 26: What’s on your to-reading list, and what have you recently read? 

I am new to finding my love of reading again after many years, I’m such a very picky reader! I get into mostly just YA and Fiction, I should explore more genres of books-but I’m not there yet. I have read many classics for school and I never could really enjoy that kind of love for literature. I have to be able to relate to it and if not, I’ll just drop it in a second. 
Eleanor & Park is what I’m currently reading as part of my monthly October goals. I am not doing so well as I just didn’t make time to read regularly, and I know that my other problem. Even when I want to- I forget to read, because I’m not as avid as I once was. So I’ve been trying to read a few pages every night so I have 3 days to hopefully get through this book, short, quick chapters. 35 of 328. Eek. Guess I’d better get to reading. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great book so far and I really enjoy it. The reviews I’ve read are also great so please go pick it up! I plan on doing a review of my own on it once I finish (which at this rate might be in May)!
I’m also reading nightly and completely random- “Don’t sweat the small stuff -for women”
I read bit by bit and I like the perspective on life, it gives me a new viewpoint on the little things in daily life that don’t matter. I’m learning to let go of the silly, piddly things that annoy me etc. I love that the book covers all of life; things and opinions you wouldn’t otherwise see or believe. It has more than once changed my mind about what I think or how I’m feeling. It teaches me to learn about myself, to care about others and be patient even when I don’t want to and to stop worrying because in the end it has no purpose. It really covers such a wide variety of topics, I flip to a page and always discover it’s what I need and learn something new in the end of it.

The third book I got recently to read is “What Alice Forgot” and I love this author, because she also write “The Husbands’ Secret” which is also on my to read list. Both amazing stories and ones that really suck you into the plot quickly, I am about halfway through The Husbands’ Secret and I’m excited to finish it. I love when I find an author I love and can delve into the writing style of that person- another person I adore is Mitch Albom. If you haven’t read anything by him, go read them all now, they are so very realistic and you’ll sink right in!

Do you have any reccomendations for me? Leave them all below! Add me on Goodreads.com