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Blogtember Day 25

Friday, Sept. 25: Three songs you are connecting with right now.

I am a HUGE  fan of music and I am almost constantly listening to something, even if it’s the same playlists on repeat.  I do not discriminate with music (with one exception of screamo and grunge rock? I dislike a lot of bass) but I do have favorites. Bet you can guess!  I have always been a country-top 40-jazz-dubstep-R&B lover! Basically I lived for Z100.3 FM when I was growing up and it was my sisters favorite channel- so I heard nothing but pop and love line at night. Then I grew up listening to the same thing to help me go to sleep at night, I love radio talk shows and love lines. They’re so fun! Now I listen to mostly online radio and playlists on iTunes- but I’m loving Spotify and I have premium for that- it’s worth it for no limit on skips and customization- check it out.

Well this is about my top 3 songs that I’m loving right now (and how can you make me choose, it’s so hard) but I guess I’ll try to pick just three

Cool for the Summer-Demi Lovato 
(take me down into your paradise…) I mean really-hello sexy song! New album out soon… (now it’s out)
Black Magic-Little Mix
I love this, it’s such a song to all the ex’s out there! It’s a powerhouse song and I can’t help but totally belt it out and groove to it. A girl’s harmony group done RIGHT! 
I love this funky beat, he’s very original and since I was a “cheerleader” I gotta chime in and I relate!

What are your current favorite songs and hey, while you’re at it- did you listen to radio growing up? Any favorite channels or talk/love lines? Funny stories? PLEASE SHARE!

Blogtember Day 24

Thursday, Sept. 24: Shout out five of your favorite bloggers. Who are your regular reads?

If you’re a blogger you know our main point of all of it is community so this makes doing this post so hard. Because I wish I could list every single one of YOU. When I set out to start blogging, I of course had no idea what I was doing and also that it would become my only hobby that I have loved and kept up with for over 5 years. It’s an incredible thing to be doing (for any reason) to keep memories, to show your kids, to earn money or share new knowledge of a craft or other hobby of some sort. I never thought I would make new friends who I literally talk to days on end and who I know I cana and do confide in and trust for that matter. 

1. Taush.O-Tausha

2. stephanieorefice.net-Stephanie

3. Hodge Podge Moments-Pamela

4. Meghan Anna-Meghan

5. Why Girls Are Weird-Krysten

Every one of these ladies is my friend and I love each of them as much as I treasure their friendships. They have each helped me so much in personal ways and blogging too. I talk to these ladies often, nearly daily and just adore them each for different reasons. My blog is what it is from the help, inspiration and direction from these gals. It’s amazing that you can “meet” people online and create these bonds that I hope and pray will last for life!

Here are some other new finds and honorable mentions (blogs I often read and get via newsletters):
Go check these out as well and subscribe- tell them I sent ya!

Here I Scribble
It Starts With Coffee
a fresh start on a budget
Coming Up Roses
XO (just found Lorey, she’s GREAT!)
borrowed heaven
retro housewife goes green
thirty handmade days
wandering forevermore

So go check out these wonderful blogs-these ladies are all great and all they have to share with you! I do subscribe or have just found a few of these blogs and highly reccommend as they feature so much original and varied content! I love seeing what comes up next!

Thank you!

Blogtember Day 22

Tuesday, Sept. 22: Get creative! Sketch, paint, dance, play music, whatever then give us a glimpse.

Morning everyone! You know what’s funny, I think like everyone doing this prompt I am flabergasted at how to approach this. It’s easy you say?! Just be creative.  Well we all have blogs here (mostly) and aren’t we being creative just by doing what we are doing? Anyways, I’ll just jump into what I figured out.

So I have been blogging here for almost 6 years now and I have shown you darn near everything that has happened to us; perhaps leaving out a few key things, moments, trips down memory lane but for the most part, I have shared everything. Well I just realized, did you ever know I wrote some pretty intense serious poetry while growing up into a teenager and grieving the loss of my father? I bet you didn’t know that. (Although now I think of it I may have mentioned it a time or two in a super old linkup or something). Yes, I know I do write about the loss a lot, but it’s just a very key element in my life and I can’t possibly just ignore or skim over it. It happened when I was young and affected a very large part of my life and it always will. From here on out, I’ll be much more up front and share whatever is going on in “real life” as it comes.

I wrote in a lot of journals growing up just expressing myself and through creative writin classes and assignments in school I started to thrive. I loved creating storylines, character and being very, very descriptive. I would be so descriptive that I could pretty much write a whole logical story without any voices or speaking parts; strictly imaginary and fanticized. I had a whole series going on in my old notebooks. Sadly, however, those are so long gone I don’t even know how or when I lost them. But I also grew from stories and creative writing to well poetry and lyric-like prose. It was the best way I could communicate my feelings in a time when I didn’t want to talk to anyone or didn’t have a proper time to. I wrote a whole pamphlet full of poetry I had written over the course of like 3 or so years and when I graduated it became my senior project. To write, construct and study “Suicide prevention and loss from suicide” and also share my poetry and personal story to a panel for my final project and be fairly graded on it.

I did so and had rhe room, including my guardians at the time and my two most favorite teachers, my english and humanties teachers crying. As well as my core teacher, I believe. Like a homeroom teacher. It was emotional I was choking through each one but I knew that it was usually common sense and public knowledge and still thought it was truly important for everyone to hear and pass along to others in need.

without further ado, here’s some of my best works I think//

you dont know me

When I dance,
my body is like
rushing water to the shore.
A beautiful, young girl
only then she was a tyke.
When I express my feelings,
which is more often than not;
I show a sensitive, courageous side
it is valueable; but easily overlooked
more hidden are my experiences
slowly drifting into the distance.
When I’m me,
most don’t seem to care,
but someone must notice that I’m in here
they seemed to be intrigued,
that’s just when I get tangled up,
and strangled up in me.

you took something from me…

You took something from me
and you didn’t ask
I feel all the pain
you accomplished a big task
I see you in my mind
you’re always in my dreams
you won’t get outta my bed
so I’ll get you outta my head.


Angels are made of,
Pieces of heaven sent from god above,
Tiny fragments of life,
Trying to make our time here longer and better 
All the time we have is short spent,
Almost gone
Before we even try to breathe.
Have you ever
Felt short of breath,
That’s the angels way
Of telling us all to stop
And take a breath of life.
They want us to want to enjoy it
The life with angels.
The life with god above.
That’s what angels are made of.
one more….


Why you have to leave,
leave me here like this
please fall from heaven
at the moment you fell 
fell from the door
I tore my heart out
and you crushed it.
Daddy I miss you
because of your selfish acts
I am left here cold, scared,
no one to turn to
but he
the one you say,
is he
down the aisle as I walk,
alone and teary
I think of you and
your selfish act.
And nothing left to do
but say “I do!”

So you see, we all have ways to be creative now don’t we?!
Leave me a honest comment (granted I wrote these when I was like 13-17 but they arent half bad, right?) and I’ll check out your most creative post or thing you represent- leave me a link and I’ll be sure to check it out!

Blogtember Day 21

Monday, Sept. 21: A favorite quote/expression and how it has impacted you

My father used to say this to me all the time growing up, so that’s why and how I relate to this quote.  I always believed that I could do anything and everything I wanted to if I put my mind to it. So when I went out for a dance team my freshman year, I worked so hard for weeks doing everything I could to get on it and when I tried out and got accepted I cried. Because I was so happy and proud of myself and had done everything I needed to. I put all my faith and trust in my teammates, coaches and the months of hard work to get on the dance team, that made every minute worth it- all the pain and frusteration, paid off when I GOT ON THE TEAM! (This was one of the last things that he said to me (dark I know but true) so it makes me super happy to think about). I believed in this quote and knew that if I aimed for my dreams that even the process would seem justified if I hadn’t made it. 
This is the number one saying that will make anyone believe in themselves and know they can achieve it all! As much as I meant everything to my dad, he also meant that much to me, which makes this really hit home every time I hear or see it written somewhere. 

Now, I think this meaning still holds true. Knowing you can do whatever you put your mind to and accomplish and acheive whatever goals and dreams you have for yourself. I often set goals for myself and aim to get them all done. Part of this is also knowing you may not achieve it all but you’ll be okay with trying your hardest and getting great results no matter what. You over-shoot and be happy with whereever you land. Taking every step as a serious measure of success is all you can do in the end for  yourself to get you where you wanna be. 

Blogtember Day 20

Sunday, Sept. 20: It’s guilty pleasure time! Shows, books, songs, foods, whatever it may be.

I have plenty of guilty pleasures, we all do. I don’t work so I have a lot of time on my hands and most of the time have nothing to do. So I have to discover what I like to do in all my time unspent. Or else it’s all the fun “me-time” things I do for myself. 

  • I like to read and have recently dove into a few good books “What Alice Forgot” and “Eleanor & Park”
  • I love Greys Anatomy, Friends, Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl, Criminal Minds and CSI.
  • Favorite foods: Ravioli, Tacos and Burgers, and sandwiches
  • Favorite songs of all time: “Talking Body” “Latch” “That’s what’s up” “Love me like you do”
    “One sweet day” “Butterfly” “Shake it out” “Bed of Roses” 
  • I love candy! Sour and sweet. Sour gummy worms and chocolate are my favorites
  • I also love to go shopping! My favorite thing to get is clothes and also, phone cases
  • Drinks: Soda: Coca Cola/Root Beer/Dr Pepper, Alcoholic Drinks: Peach Daquiri and Mojitos

Let me know if we have any favorites in common or if you like all the same things as I do.