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Currently: November


Current book: Still listening to “You are a Badass” on audible- although I love it, I think I could follow the printed version of this better than spoken, plus I don’t enjoy he way its narrated.

Current music: I’m loving this song I found randomly on Shuffle Radio on Pandora.

Current non-guilty pleasure: Staying up VERY late/early in the AM. I really kinda enjoy it this way only because I feel myself being more awake and twice as productive at night time.

Current drink: Apple Juice. Still not good for you like soda isn’t but that’s okay. I need more water in my day.

Current food: I’m loving chips. I have a salty tooth lately that I can’t get enough of, made me breakout on my lip/chin. (downside)

Current obsession: I love notebooks! I didn’t realize how many empty, still useful notebooks I still have. And desk things like pens… two new packages of fresh pens.. *sighs* 🙂

Current craving: CHOCOLATE! I had such a craving…. Halloween candy is my saving grace.

Current need: I absolutely should get on top of my social media game for my blog. I’ve been trying to get ahead on my posts but I forget to share to multiple outlets.

Current indulgence: Clothes. I need winter clothes. I’m pinning all the things I want for the upcoming season. Trying to find some deals and save some money on quality pieces- that will last awhile longer.

Current beauty product: Hair mask by Formula 18.  I can’t believe the repair it’s been doing on my hair.


Current procrastination: TV shows. For sure. I should be blogging and getting ahead but instead I had to finish the season collection of Parenthood. If you haven’t seen it- it’s on Netflix- go NOW! #allthefeels

Current confession:  I have been addicted  to YouTube and my subscriptions in my box. I love watching and relating, watching and enjoying my subbies. It’s more of something I get sucked into when I have blog posts to write or whatnot. I love it though and it inspires me to continue to write what I love.

Current excitement: I love blogging and I’m getting more happy the more inspired I am. Making some strides towards growing and expanding my blog into more of a business. I need work hours.. HELP! How do you move from a basic blog-> to a business like blog/marketing? Leave a comment below!

Current mood: Dealing with life…. (I’m down because of the election- but NO conversation on that, mostly sad for our state and all the rioting) Happy for the holiday season to start and content and cozy in the bad weather lately. Can’t wait!

Taken this from Running with Spoons blog for the Currently series she participates in. 


Currently: June



I just finished  the audio book version of “Is everyone hanging out without me?” By Mindy Kaling and I thought it was so great! It was just cute, easy to relate to and funny throughout the whole thing.  Would you like to see a book review of it?  Let me know in the comments below.


 I’ve been crazily watching tv! It’s been my favorite past time and at the top of list of things to do when I’m bored- I’ll always choose a new show to watch or catch up with. These are things I’ve watched recently, TV, Netflix, and Hulu.

  • Last Man Standing
  • America’s Got Talent
  • OutDaughtered
  • Sister Wives
  • The Hunt with John Walsh
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2
  • Minions
  • Kevin from Work (still watching)
  • Prescription Thugs
  • Rizzoli and Isles (addicted! Still watching on Hulu)
  • Fixer Upper
  • The Out List
  • Ali Wong: Baby Cobra (comedy stand up)
  • Real Housewives of New York City


I’ve been snacking a lot, not totally like healthy stuff. But I’m going to try to change that some. Haven’t been drinking nearly enough water again like I was a month ago so picking that habit back up.

Thinking about:

Hanging out with friends this weekend. Excited to see a few people I haven’t visited with in months (read: years). I’m excited to get my nails done and get some bills paid.

Looking forward to:

The end of the month when Justin (Sean’s buddy gamer online) is coming to town and we are going to the drag show! 🙂 HELL YEAH! It’ll be fun to have him here and show him around.


Reading new blogs on  bloglovin’ and commenting back more again. I fell out of the habit of actually reading for fun and not just focusing on my own blog. I spent many hours last night when I couldn’t sleep, reading and saving posts that I loved.


How to juggle the things in life. Sometimes it’s kinda a lot!


All the sunshine!  🙂 Yay Spring/Summer!

What’s going on with you lately?


currently (October Edition)


Escaatic about moving! Just cannot wait for a new change of scenery.. and a bright airy apartment home will be just the change I need. 

Eleanor & Park- haven’t gotten much time to dive into it yet.
once upon a time
how to get away with murder
teen mom
finding carter
greys anatomy
the voice
dancing with the stars
the flash

Nothing, with moving happening and packing everything- dishes are in boxes so it’s been restuarnt life for a while. It’s not ideal but it’s been fun! Back to real cooking life-once we get moved and bought new tupperware. 

Packing and getting rid of so much crap, it feels good especially when some friends like certain items so they get a new home

To Spotify Premium radio, so for 10$ I get unlimited ad free online radio and I can access new and old artists and songs, albums, commentary and videos

For health, happiness and love! Things have been pretty smooth sailing lately and it just what I needed to refocus. I love my husband, dogs and friends! It’s been a wonderful month! 

currently..[august edition]

 photo currentlyaugust_zpszok71oht.jpg

Feeling: Excited. Bored. Anxious. Waiting to move in a few months and trying to get my life back on track, quite frankly. I need to get better organized and purging stuff again before we move. 

Wondering: what’s next for me? I don’t know. I need to dig deep and find some more of my passions and drive. I gotta fnd my 

Loving: summertime, mail surprises, new tv series, and spending time with friends. I’m loving that I am writing more often and trying to keep on top of it. 

Working On: being more consistent. I have been trying to give out more content and be up close and personal. Blogging is a joy and I just have to make time for it.

Reading: Blogs and sponsored post oppotunities. I love finding new blogs so if you have any blogs you love and swear by-  leave them in the comments please! 

Shopping: Nothing yet but I have a kohl’s card so I have bought some gym clothes and I have loved those so far. I want to scrap a lot of my wardrobe and get some new things for fall. More appropriate long sleeves (maybe not from young teen stores) it’s hard to fit but I am going to shop around more and buy quality pieces. 

Watching: I AM CAIT. I love this show and while some of it is contraversial, it’s a great show and sheds a lot of light on LGBTQ community. “It feels free baby, free.”-Caitlyn

Organizing: E-mails. And laundry. So much to do and so little hours in the day! I will scratch one thing off at a time. 

blog post-DONE
blog challenge

Currently (birthday month)…

reading: Since I just started with BeachBody as a coach we are supposed to read Personal Development (PD) for about 10-20 mins everyday. I have downloaded a bunch of books but haven’t started them yet I’m excited to read:

The Circle Maker
The Fringe Hours
The Shack
Break Out!
Make it Happen
and more books by Gretchen Rubin

watching: I’ve been watching Cops, 19 kids and counting, Teen Mom, Mom, Long Island Medium and the new show The Willis Family. I have watched a lot of Cristela, Raising Hope and Fresh off the boat latelt on HULU. I found some new documentaries and shows I liked on Netflix, one being “Vanilla Ice goes Amish” in which he helps Amish remodel homes, barns and buggys. Its actially really funny and shows a good work ethic of the one and only rapper Rob “Vanilla Ice”.
listening to: Since getting my iPod I reuploaded all my music last night onto my ipod from the cloud on iTines.I forgot I owned so many great albums by Carrie Underwood, Avril Lavinge, Adele, Yellowcard, Switchfoot and Now that’s what I call music 14-18. What a great throwback! #TBT
discovering: How much I love readng and spending time with the Bible and my Bible app on my phone. I love to spend time with my husband and find new things we have in common or talk about our future plans. Speaking of which…
planning: We are planning and budgeting for a new used car. What car you may be asking? A Subaru Outback. We have a set budget and have found many for that set price, so we know it’s possible.
craving: Veggie platters, stuffed bell peppers, meatloaf and lots of pasta. I have been craving my Shakeology and for which I am grateful and I truly love them now and they make me feel so good. 
wishing: For play money for the next month and hoping we can do something for my birthday, big or small. I know we don’t have actualy funds to do much but even a movie and a cake would be nice. I hope we can go camping or to the beach soon this summer after we get our new used car so we can take a vacation together and make some new memories.
feeling: I am feeling happy and healthy (at the same time) for once. I have been taking care of myself in everyway. Taking care of one’s self is easier said than done. Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual. I have been doing a lot of work in all these personal growth areas! 
praying for: Some piece of mind. Some clarity.A new found determination for things I want to accomplish. 🙂 We will see what happens….