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Currently: March Edition

Feeling: Eager, encouraged, excited, loved, happy. I feel like I’m in a good place now for awhile and we are making great strides in everyday life.

Loving: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. ahhh so good.. I can’t get enough- I’m so addicted to this darn show. are you a PLL fan? how long have you been watching? who’s your favorite character?

Reading: blogs on bloglovin’-finding new blogs to read and bookmark for later

Wanting: to save and budget and be more responsible with money.. we’ve been improving and doing good, knowing when to stop spending and having a daily budget and using cash more.

Dreaming: of friends and family, a future where we are stable, maybe a house, kids in the far away future- we aren’t so sure of that vision yet-we love our freedom and less responsibility but I figure one day we might just decide too, once we are in a good spot in our lives.

Having: time to be a housewife and relaxing by blogging, spending time with friends and watching a lot of television too

Waiting: to afford a new piece of work for a tattoo! 🙂 I am not sure what I want yet, but you’ll know soon enough….

Good day everyone! Stay positive!

choose happy: currently I’m…

Thinking About..
Our bills, rent $, blogging and about our plans for the future including budgeting, paying down our debts and saving up for children. 

Excited About..
Making all kinds of life changes for the best! More to come….
Not a whole lot but I want to get back into crocheting- so someone come over and gimme some lessons! 
The new start of the new year. 🙂 I love how it’s a blank slate to do and start anything you want. New spring tv series coming back to premiere networks. And  it’s neat because I know an actress (haven’t talked to her much recently but…) who recently made it big on a network show called Jane the Virgin- (Frankie) but the character blonde, I KNOW HER! Her name is Camille and she’s a beautiful, fabulous & a super nice person! <3 #shoutout #VSAAforlife
Looking At..
BlogLovin’ feed… reading and reading and reading! It’s never ending.. I think I have old posts from like last January… UH-OH!
Thankful For..
My new friends and family. Husbands’ job security and his great coworkers and customers who make is day enjoyable. Food, health, home/shelter, happiness. :]
LINKUP! This is a great linkup to join! & make sure to follow her too. She’s my new blog crush 🙂

currently: still in january


stuff. randoms. haven’t gone grocery shopping in like, forever-so honestly.. its been a bunch of junkie fast food and semi junkie fast food. But it tastes good to me!


BLOGS. Bloglovin is my black hole. no joke. 

Not so much reading as much as listening to my audiobook that I will finish before the end of January for my Goodreads Challenge.

I have started “he Fault in Our Stars and I want to finish it because  it is good  however I am  a 

 s l o w  r e a d e r…

Check out my Goodreads for my suggestions in books! Or add me and we can follow each other literary..


my husband. my dogs. my friends. my family.blogging per usual…. 🙂


the cold. WINTER stinks. I am ready for 500 days of summer! (Ha Ha!)

Brr freaking cold. Heat is not enough- if I’m not a nuke: then I’m still frozen! However I have been obsessed with sweaters so maybe before spring comes I can finagle another few chunky sweaters out of Ross and my wallet. :]

staring at.

stumbleupon randoms and Star Wars: Clone Wars on tv right now. Art on our walls, phrases that give me strength.

What are you Currently up to? Tell me all about it! You know I wanna know….

I’m thankful today

*not my photo-borrowed for this post from Alissa M Circle/BabyBoyBakery for means of this story* (her site is down at the moment so no hyperlink.

Making: friendships last.
Cooking: a homestyle meal. Sausage and noodles with miced veggies. Simple. Healthy-ish. Balanced.
Drinking: soda addict, right here. hello annoymous?!
Reading: blogs, blogs and more blogs. I love this wonderful little (huge) community
Wanting: to make memories, cherish and remember the good times.
Looking: for clarity where I need it and wisdom where I want it. 
Playing: with my dogs for their excitement…… and for mine. 
Wishing: for longer days and less stress.
Enjoying: music, television and companions.
Liking: the peacefulness.
Wondering: how I will see God doing in my life and how he shows me His love.
Loving: sunshine!
Hoping: for success…
Marveling: at my taking on 3 roles: Blogger, Wife, Business Woman.
Needing: a mani/pedi. some kind of relaxation and comfort.
Smelling: zit cream. ew!
Wearing: shorts, skirts and summer boxers.
Following: my goals, my plans and acheiving it all.
Noticing: that I’m more patient these days
Knowing: that we can do better in certain areas…
Thinking: constantly about anything & everything (A to the MEN!)
Feeling: loved (absolutely)
Bookmarking: blog post ideas.
Opening: new products and snail mail
Giggling: with my friends.

Credit for this post goes to:
The Wiegands
Thanks Casey- I hope you don’t mind….. 🙂

currently…in new gym clothes

Lately I have been reading the 50 shades of Grey (first book), when I finished it- I cried. Honestly I did, I didn’t want it to be over and well it’s not. I still have two wonderful books to continue the story, the thrill of sexual desire and exploration (please don’t think I’m some pervert, I loved the books- the story more than the sexual nature). Plus I know hundreds at least if not thousands of people who jumped on that bandwagon first. I downloaded 50 shades darker (second book)last night and I start it tonight before bed. It has become part of a ritual for me lately and that makes me happy. I enjoy reading now again more than I did ever before especially in the last couple years when reading seemed boring to me.

I’m feeling wonderful, glorious, excited, challenged and thrilled. (the answer as to why I feel this way is in the next paragraph)

Racing to make orders for folks ordering from THIS NEW INDEPENDENT THIRTY ONE
CONSULTANT! I’m so happy to be a part of a great group of women from all over the United States from 13 different states! So cool! I love the people, the experience I’m starting, the skills I’ll gain and the products and the quality I believe in. It’s easier to sell products you love and believe in.

I am going to be using new workout clothes when me and my husband start our new fitness workout.
I got a great deal! Got 31$ of workout clothes (3 sports bras, a pant and a shirt) instead of an outift (top and bottom only) for 25$. I got so much more and decided the tennis shoes I have will do- so I can save money there too.

I have been smelling Bath and Body Works room spray scented Eucalyptus and Mint. I love how it covers a lot of bad smells and odors. I only need to use a little bit and it lasts all day long too.

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