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Loving: my husband, friends, family, pinterest projects

Reading: The Happiness Project

Waiting for: Move out day= September 30th.

Excited about: Having my BFF back! 🙂 Friendship always prevails right?

Missing: my daddy, some days I really wish I could call him up to talk or visit him and hug him physically. 

Trying to:  find a job, what does Nora want to do?!

Working on: Nothing. I should start up crocheting again. Hmm. Motivation?

Enjoying: the sunshine. I know as soon as September or October comes I will miss the warm sun rays so badly, soak em up now!

Using: my computer, a lot. I love this thing I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have sweet   HP.

Wearing: my hippy sweater. love it, just cool enough and so comfy still.

Planning: our budget. a trip. a house. a baby. we’ll see, lots to come, don’t miss out!

Singing: Pumped Up Kicks. stuckkk in my head!

Needing: lunch, i’m famished.

Learning: about life, love, marriage-again budgeting is important people!

Listening : to my heart, what do I really want out of life? what are my goals? my dreams? my likes and my dislikes? finding myself.

Wishing: for cute shoes since puppy chewed up my slipper, moccasins, favorite ones too! i need some wedges maybe?!

Doing: chores, yard work, decorating, cleaning up this pig sty before the landlord comes back to re rent this house.

Praying for: another good job for hubby, he has such bad luck and it just hasn’t happened for him yet. i pray it does! and soon.

Dreaming of: a beautiful home someday, having peace and quiet (with a new baby). p.s not anytime soon, no I’m NOT pregnant now. 🙁 sorry to burst your happy bubble though folks, soon enough. 


Current book(s) – I am trying to read a several few. “The Happiness Project” I started last night and I cannot get enough. I will be starting “50 shades of grey” soon enough and am also finishing “Bloom”- another great heartfelt book!
Current playlist – Rhianna, Adele, Brand New, Dispatch, Eric Clapton, Owl City, Paramore, Lady Antebellum, Selena Gomez, Vedera
-vedera-Still Loving Ghpsts~ great song!
Current color –  Teal and Coral

Current food – I love French Dip sandwiches.. I’m obsessed with them lately.
Current favorite show(s) – “Teen Mom” “Drop Dead Diva” “Baby Daddy” “Melissa and Joey” “America’s Got Talent” “So you think you can dance?” 
Current needs – not a whole lot, just to stay entertained and keep from being bored. I’ve been reading more, writing more, blogging more and playing games. 

Current banes of my existence – Waking up early with the puppy. 
Current #1 blessing – A great best friend and amazing followers of this blog, thank you so much!

Current indulgence – I love Tazo Green Iced Teas.

Current outfit – Blue plaid shirt, long sleeve from Aeropostale,  jeans and slippers.
Current excitement – Puppy! he is so active and growing sooo fast!
Current mood – Energized!
Current wishlist item –a slouchy shirt that is personalized with Mrs Spaulding on it.. so cute!
Current favorite product(s) –  Dry Shampoo! Amazing…