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A Sister… Pt 1

Today, I decided to share something close to my heart.
Like blood close.

When we talk about siblings, does blood really matter? When you have grown up together, taken trips- vacations, shared memories, shared literally everything down to shoes and clothes,  had every meal together and teased each other through the years?

I could go on and on. 

     I was never taught that being full blood siblings mattered, (maybe that’s because all my siblings had different fathers except the oldest two) I was also taught that you never call them -step anything. In our house that was not okay. I would get scolded if I ever called my sisters step sisters and my brother, a step brother.
I always felt there was something missing, someone else out there. I had this feeling since I was about 10 years old and I never really shook it. I thought on about it and it just stayed with me. Little did I know in a few years the cat would be out of the bag….

————————————-The Beginning——————————–
     A summer afternoon in the hot, sticky middle of July (I think it was 2002), I was at my grandparents house where my mother was staying and on the side battling her demons. I knew that house like the back of my hand. Since my grandmother passed several years earlier I had spent lots of time visiting and spending nights with my grandfather there. Easy to say I knew every nook and cranny of that old yellow house.
But this day I noticed something new; I admired photos of an Italian woman and her husband holding a pretty young daughter. Or so I thought. These pictures popped up overnight it seemed. They were everywhere, cards, holiday pictures, baby photos of the little one and a few pictures of the couple. I looked and stared but thought not much of it. The more time passed the more that “feeling” came back and now it was bugging me.
I asked my grandfather who it was in the photos, “who is in those pictures all over the living room?” I asked. “Oh no one,” he said “friends of the family.” I called him out, I knew every ‘friend of the family’ and honestly I knew he was lying to me. I went to ask my mother immediately. As I asked the same questions, she froze, deer in headlights, stammering- searching for words…
She replied with something to the effect of. “yes she’s your oldest sister, and I gave her up for adoption.” She explained the whole and my memory fails everything she told me, but it was the general response of “I could not afford to have a child, I was young, naive and yada yada….”
Before I knew it, questions by the billions came flooding out of my mouth.

Who was she?
Where is she?
What is she like?
Will she like me?
Does she have kids, do I have other nieces and nephews?
(Which I thankfully did, a beautiful little niece)
Where does she live? Etc.
So many questions ran through my head, as anyone would in that sort of situation.
As the tears washed over my face, I was gripping for answers. 
please comment and tell me, did you ever have a family secret or anything to this nature? 
How did you respond and what was it like, etc?
Thanks for reading loves! 🙂 <3
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show & tell: all my favorites

1. Tell us about your 5 favorite memories in your life.

Wedding: BSLC church, big white poofy dress, his handsome tux, our colors were turquiose, silver, white and black, great ceremony, okay reception, no first dance- no garter/toss of bouquet, no father daughter dance etc. everything got cut due to our church or it just wasn’t planned for. 

Meeting Sean, my husband:  Through mutual friends, Downtown walking around a book store, McDonalds fast food, a very frank comment on my part- not to be repeated. We talked for hours the next month, spent nights together and days together too or wishing we were, I fell in love, love at first sight.. story is in the about me and us/wedding pages. We spend 8 months knowing we’d be together forever so we just jumped right into the “forever” part. it’s been great ever since.

Cabin Trips: being with family on the metolius river in a nice warm cabin, with a fire burning in the fireplace, catching fish/cooking/easting fish, writing in the guest log and remembering writing in it since i was like 3. amazing. going to the mini mart up there and getting penny candies with my cousins. visiting the fish hatchery and throwing birds pieces of bread.  hot summers and cold winters. Those memories will stay with me forever.

H.S Graduation: it was amazing especially for thinking i *might* not graduate due to my final paper and bad grades. Thank goodness, right in time. I walked with my friends and cried at the presentations. I was honored that both sides of my family came, I didn’t expect them to, at all. It was a nice surprise to get graduation gifts, some very thoughtful and some more memory and sentimental. Either way I am so glad I got that far!

 Getting our animals(cat and puppy):I love getting pets. I picked our my kitten a few days before my 21st birthday and I held her and Sean brought her home for me in the morning. I was surprised and I loved having her on my birthday. My first real pet. My own. My Cat. Lexi, i love her even when she’s a loud meowing mess and cant even bury her doo-doo. She is sweet loving and always knows when something is wrong she comes to me to cuddle immediately. 

We just purchased Bouncer our dachshund puppy 7 months ago, He is our perfect match. small, low maintenance and meant for us. he is sweet cuddly and has spunk and bounce- his name he has is perfect. we love him to pieces and he’s about to become a man and get his neuter soon. i cant wait! he needs it if you know what i mean.

2. Show us 3 of your favorite beauty products.        
                                   burts bees wax lipbalms.. 🙂

 BareMinerals Makeup for me, in Light

 LashBlast by CoverGirl

 I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup… simple and less is more!

3. Tell us what your favorite TV shows are to watch.
“The Voice”
“Switched at Birth”
“Dancing with the Stars”
anything on TLC besides Honey Boo Boo- hate that show personally
daytime talk shows, I love The Talk and the news..
4. Show us 2 of your favorite pictures.

My wedding

 me at our 1st anniversarylincoln city, oregon

5. Tell us your favorite things to do during “me time.”
drink tea.
catch up on tv shows.
listen to good music
take hot shower/bath.
eat junk 🙂

Questions for Next Week: The if Game

1. If you could relive any memory in your life, tell us what it would be, and what/if anything you would change about it? 
2. If you could be any celebrity or well-known person, show us who you would be.
3. If you won the lottery, tell us would take the lump sum or
take the money overtime, would you continue working or quit right away,
would you reveal who you are, and what are some of the first things you
would spend with your money?
4. If you could live anywhere, show us where it would be and tell us why.
5. If you could have one magic power, what would be and what would you do with it?

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Welcome Bouncer!

Hi everyone!
And welcome Bouncer!
He is our 9 week old dachshund!
We have had him for a week now and everything is going pretty smoothly.. he is a puppy after all, been through a few accidents and some annoying chewing behaviors and LOTS of naps!
Which mommy enjoys!
He loves rides in the car too!
Loves his toys, which we made sure to get tons of chewies as I’m calling them.
Napping or sleeping in his kennel like a good boy!
See? He is a crazy napping growing puppy..
So far we know he
  • gets up about 8-9am.
  • feed around 10-11am. [medicine for kennel cough;which he loves!]
  • Potty time!
  • play play play
  • NAP 1-2-3 hours.. it’s awesome mommy time.
  • Potty time!
  • play play play 
  • feed 5:30-6pm
  • Potty time!
  • play play play
  • free time-bonfires the last few nights and more cuddle time or play time with other dogs outside
  • then play play play til bedtime
  • last potty time
  • kennel 
  • then bedtime on blanket in bed with mommy & daddy 
It’s been working pretty well, in between we have had some accidents but he’s a baby and its about 50/50. I’m always so happy when he goes outside and we are enjoying every minute even though he’s frustrating like a baby.
His name is sure true- Bouncer he is. He romps around the yard like crazy.
He loves to try to eat dandelions and wishes in the yard and chase daddy’s shoes or sandals and toes.
We Love You Bouncer! You are our forever dog! <3

…It’s a BOY

C h r i s t o p h e r  j o s e p h  e m m a u s 

 My new nephew is here!

So after nine months of waiting, our new and only nephew Christopher Joseph Emmaus is here! Congrats to sister Jenny, my niece Sydney (the new big sister) and the rest of my sisters, brother and our mom. He is a bundle of joy and I really wished we all lived closer to go see him in person. I cannot believe that I am an auntie again. I love having so many nieces and nephews. It has been a joy growing up around so many of them and getting to know each of their personalities and I’m sure this one will have a big attitude of his own, if he’s anything like his momma. He might even be a terror at times but melt your heart in other moments too. I’m sure that will be the case.

Around 11am I was so excited to hear he was born around 9:34am- 8lbs 14 oz 19 inches long and healthy and strong. He is one cutie and I am so glad that he is here and looks just like his mommy. He also looks like our brother a lot and the grandfather he is named after as well. It’s funny he looks somewhat darker than most of us and carried that Italian gene well.

Plus, I felt him kick when he was still inside, so we have a mini bond- that was very exciting! Yay! I felt his foot kick at my hand.  Much love baby and mommy, hope to see you soon!

Do you have nieces and nephews? Older sisters and brother who’ve had kids and/or live close? How involved are you in their lives  and what’s your favorite part of being an aunt/uncle?


The Spauldings: One Year Anniversary

O n e  Y e a r  A n n i v e r s a r y

I cannot believe its been a year since we got married! I mean it’s more than a wonderful experience to be a wife, that title means so much more to me than anyone can ever imagine. This last year has had its ups and downs; but definitely after a year we know now exactly what we have to work on. And a better idea of how to fix those things that have been a constant barrier to us so far. We have grown more together in the two years of being together and one of being man and wife than I ever thought we could be. I will always and forever know deep in my heart that this man is for me and only me and will remain at my side for years to come.
We have been tested of our stance together a few times in different situations with friends of mine and we have always come to the same conclusion. We must stand beside each other and should agree in our opinions about any sort of problem at the time. Our families since then have also proved to be difficult but now I believe “Family isn’t always blood.” It is now with this new life motto concerning people I bring into my life-it’s just not always true. Family is important, don’t get me wrong, I need to learn to appreciate them more and never take them for granted.
As of a year ago today, we would have already done our rehearsal and have already been split up waiting for our arrival into the society as man and wife. The weather is the same it was just a year ago today, a wet, rainy and cold day in the Pacific Northwest. I just can’t believe it’s already been a year and it seems as though it went by too fast. It took us a year to hang pictures of our special day which now I smirk and grin every time I pass them in our halls. We have truly realized and tried to keep those who are our true friends and people who will only support us in our new journey.
Our helpers from our wedding- Janae and Alex- we still keep in touch although as time moves on we ar just not as close as we once were. Maybe time will change that. Alex was like a brother and has always been there for us and Janae did so much for me as well supporting me and helping me along the way. As for Angela, well, we have grown apart some but she insists that we are “fine” and not trying to fight anymore. I shall continue to stand beside him with all that I am. This year has been great and there are many more to come….. god bless…. thank you for finding me, saving me and making me the happiest woman ever!
I love you honey and I always will.
To us. CHEERS!
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