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Best Friend Tag


to my BFF Cynthia

1. How and when did you meet?
We met in Middle School. 
2. What’s your favorite memory together?
We went drinking one night and ended up in a Strip Club- then got so drunk we spilled our guts to one another about our lives hardships.. great friend!
3. Describe each other in one word.
4. What’s her dream job?
A nurse!
5. What’s her favorite makeup brand?
 Urban Decay, Benefit, Two faced
6. What is something that annoys you about the other person?
Repeatitive. If you want change you have to make change.
7. If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?
Bahamas. Good drinks, beach, no kids allowed, and fun times! bet we’d love that!
8. Favorite inside joke?
? too many to count
9. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
She does. 
10. Favorite season?
11. Favorite song?
She has a lot. 
12. What is it like being best friends with someone who is obsessed with youtube.
We’re obsessed and yeah its fun we watch together and fill each other in on Bethany Mota especially.
13. Heels or flats?
14. Pants or dresses?
15. Favorite animal?
Turtle, panda, puppy, kitty, duck
16. Comedy, horror, or chick-flick?
Chick Flick, comedy
17. Blackberry or iPhone?
Uh, Iphone. DUH! with matching owl cases!
18. Favorite movie?
TWILIGHT! sparkle. 🙂
19. Do you guys have anything matching?
Of Course. =] cases, shirts, jewelry etc.
20. What’s her favorite TV show?
Teen Mom 2 

I love you best friennnnd. We have been through a lot but considering we are the best set of friends ever. I love your son and you so much. Do what’s best for you and him.  not anyone else…. 

fact is….?


the fact is my husband stole my iPad and seems to think it’s his now…

the fact is i have the best friends in the world….

the fact is i really really wanna cuddle up in a papasan chair with a good book…

the fact is i still have to go Christmas shopping for everyone else, Black Friday was all mine….

the fact is i still have to sit down and enjoy Magic Mike- reviews? 

the fact is i love my iPhone 4s and i think Siri is dumb, any tips or tricks to using her? do you like it? however i love facetime-whats yur numbah?

fact is i am enjoying listening to old jams from NOW thats what i call music Vol ..? cd’s

fact is i am so behind on the voice- they lost me this season i love the auditions but after that, it sucks.

fact is amazon is addicted for shopping and iPhone cases, i want like 4 more. 

fact is i need to make a wish list for hubby for Christmas

fact is my Erin Condren planner is the best thing to ever happen to me

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show & tell: all my favorites

1. Tell us about your 5 favorite memories in your life.

Wedding: BSLC church, big white poofy dress, his handsome tux, our colors were turquiose, silver, white and black, great ceremony, okay reception, no first dance- no garter/toss of bouquet, no father daughter dance etc. everything got cut due to our church or it just wasn’t planned for. 

Meeting Sean, my husband:  Through mutual friends, Downtown walking around a book store, McDonalds fast food, a very frank comment on my part- not to be repeated. We talked for hours the next month, spent nights together and days together too or wishing we were, I fell in love, love at first sight.. story is in the about me and us/wedding pages. We spend 8 months knowing we’d be together forever so we just jumped right into the “forever” part. it’s been great ever since.

Cabin Trips: being with family on the metolius river in a nice warm cabin, with a fire burning in the fireplace, catching fish/cooking/easting fish, writing in the guest log and remembering writing in it since i was like 3. amazing. going to the mini mart up there and getting penny candies with my cousins. visiting the fish hatchery and throwing birds pieces of bread.  hot summers and cold winters. Those memories will stay with me forever.

H.S Graduation: it was amazing especially for thinking i *might* not graduate due to my final paper and bad grades. Thank goodness, right in time. I walked with my friends and cried at the presentations. I was honored that both sides of my family came, I didn’t expect them to, at all. It was a nice surprise to get graduation gifts, some very thoughtful and some more memory and sentimental. Either way I am so glad I got that far!

 Getting our animals(cat and puppy):I love getting pets. I picked our my kitten a few days before my 21st birthday and I held her and Sean brought her home for me in the morning. I was surprised and I loved having her on my birthday. My first real pet. My own. My Cat. Lexi, i love her even when she’s a loud meowing mess and cant even bury her doo-doo. She is sweet loving and always knows when something is wrong she comes to me to cuddle immediately. 

We just purchased Bouncer our dachshund puppy 7 months ago, He is our perfect match. small, low maintenance and meant for us. he is sweet cuddly and has spunk and bounce- his name he has is perfect. we love him to pieces and he’s about to become a man and get his neuter soon. i cant wait! he needs it if you know what i mean.

2. Show us 3 of your favorite beauty products.        
                                   burts bees wax lipbalms.. 🙂

 BareMinerals Makeup for me, in Light

 LashBlast by CoverGirl

 I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup… simple and less is more!

3. Tell us what your favorite TV shows are to watch.
“The Voice”
“Switched at Birth”
“Dancing with the Stars”
anything on TLC besides Honey Boo Boo- hate that show personally
daytime talk shows, I love The Talk and the news..
4. Show us 2 of your favorite pictures.

My wedding

 me at our 1st anniversarylincoln city, oregon

5. Tell us your favorite things to do during “me time.”
drink tea.
catch up on tv shows.
listen to good music
take hot shower/bath.
eat junk 🙂

Questions for Next Week: The if Game

1. If you could relive any memory in your life, tell us what it would be, and what/if anything you would change about it? 
2. If you could be any celebrity or well-known person, show us who you would be.
3. If you won the lottery, tell us would take the lump sum or
take the money overtime, would you continue working or quit right away,
would you reveal who you are, and what are some of the first things you
would spend with your money?
4. If you could live anywhere, show us where it would be and tell us why.
5. If you could have one magic power, what would be and what would you do with it?

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currently…singing and reminiscing

I love this link up I think it’s my favorite one of all! 🙂

Wishing for fall to be here- I’m tired of hot Oregon muggy weather, I want a cool breeze and to bundle up again is so nice.

 Reading finally 50 shades of grey, haven’t really started but its on my nightstand

 Eating Doritos cool ranch chips and a healthy choice frozen dinner. I ate early since I didn’t eat all day. dinner at 4pm is okay right?

Anticipating moving! I cannot wait- ah!- to move into our brand new place, I’m really super stoked. I have posted so much on this lately-wish I had pictures to show but I promise after we move I will- maybe even a home tour on VLOG!

Missing my old dog(s), my dad being around, school kinda, being busy, having endless friends.


p.s maybe i should apply for jobs, just to get my outta the house, since i have no structure what so ever in my life right now? comment please…. thank you for reading!

if you really knew me….

  • you’d know I’m a really good true friend, stick by your side through anything kind of person. Plus I’m pretty fun and love doing things all the time.
  • you would also know I love Italian food and cannot get enough iced tea (just recently QUIT soda and I’m really proud to say I have only had like 3 sips since) I call that a success! Used to drink cans and cans a day…
  • you’d know that I love music and know almost all the lyrics to most songs… I have a good musical memory. My ‘regular’ memory sucks.
  • you’d know I am a dog lover. I want to own a whole bunch of dogs someday!
  • you’d be aware that I lost my dad tragically (who took his life) when I was 13, being fatherless is hard and I was always a daddy’s girl, it was a very big surprise that he was very depressed and in debt. I miss him everyday 🙁
  • you’d know that I love books and reading but very seldom, finish them. 
  • you’d know that I love reality TV. 
  • you might know I started this blog to capture moments and to document fun times out and about with my husband and friends during our newlywed days and have a hobby- something to do while being a stay at home housewife. Things
    have been super quiet this past year but I plan on picking up even more
    after we move in a few weeks.
  • then I would tell you that I am very self conscious and most days I don’t love myself but I know I’m still growing, maturing and trying to learn how to be the best wife, daughter and sister possible. 
  • then I might sing in front of you, when I don’t even sing in front of my hubby most times, I’m shy and only sing when I’m by myself. I don’t think I’m a horrible singer though..
  • you’d know that I never leave the bathroom or bedroom or living room or go outside or leave my house without my cell phone, I love that thing!
  • you’d know that I have 5 tattoos and I want to continue and want to get a sleeve, I wanna be a tatted wife and break the stereotypes!
  • you’d know that I’m shy at first and can also be so outspoken and surprise you with my pop up humor as I call it.
  • you’d know my childhood nickname or extension of my name is Nora Maybelle 🙂 why I don’t know? my neighbor called me that and it always stuck with certain people- my mom mainly.
  • you would know that I wanted to be a child psychologist but after 6 years of college(s) and getting nearly no where, I hit math and gave up. 
  • you’d think I was a kid, I look like I’m 10, but I’m not -I’m 24- and DO NOT ask me if I want a kids menu.. (it’s happened more than 1, 2, 5 times or more WHILE I was with my HUSBAND- they thought I was his kid. #thatssorude #stupido #killingthehostess
  • you’d know I’m a lightweight and it takes maybe a drink or two to make me #tipsy and #passoutdrunk lots of fun. I love Red Robin drinks. I’m a cheap drinker and picky too!
  • you would know I hate Oregon and want to live anywhere but here or the Midwest, no twisters for me thanks or hurricanes, tsunamis etc.
  • you would know I want children more than anything but refuse to be hasty or reckless, so I wait for health insurance and spending money to use towards my child.. Plus we all know about expensive birth costs etc. I want to be a mom so bad, maybe in another year or so it’ll happen. 🙂

If you ever want to know more facts or details about me, get to know me or be my friend- just comment or email me!  I will be trying to blog more often.