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December Challenge (guest post): 31 mini challenges

Hi everyone! I’m Pam and I blog over at Hodge Podge Moments. I was excited that Nora asked me to guest post on her blog because it gives me the perfect chance to share an upcoming challenge that I’m hosting in my free health group, Healthy Moments.
(NOTE from Nora: you should join in, I’m in it & I learn something daily…plus it’s a lot of fun & super encouraging)
December is one of the hardest times to stay on track with health and fitness goals. I’ll be sharing a printable calendar full of mini challenges to help you stay on track by doing something good for your body everyday. If you’d like to join in the fun, please join the free group. You’ll also get motivation, support, and other challenges throughout the year.
With Thanksgiving coming up, there’s going to be plenty of opportunities to move away from your health and fitness goals. Don’t let one holiday ruin things for you though. Here’s a few simple tips to keep you on track during the big food holiday. (These can be applied to other holidays as well.)
1. Volunteer to bring the fruit or veggie tray for a potluck. This guarantees that there will be at least one or two healthy choices at the event.
2. Sign up for a holiday themed fitness event! (For example, I signed the husband and myself up for a 5k Turkey Trot in our city for Thanksgiving day.)
3. Enlist a workout buddy. Working out is always more fun with a friend. Enlist a buddy to help you stay accountable during the holiday season.
4. Put the healthiest options on your plate first. This will leave less room for the unhealthy choices.
5. Don’t deprive yourself. Want that chocolate cake? Go for it – just keep portion sizes in mind!
6. Take a break before returning for seconds. This gives your stomach and head time to communicate about whether or not you’re full already.
7. Most importantly – enjoy the holidays and remember that one bad day doesn’t have to be followed by another. If you do indulge more than you had planned to, then get back on track the next day!

Well I hope everyone enjoyed that- I know I sure did and thank you to Pamela for guest posting, we have become so close and I really truly admire and adore her! I will be using these holiday points for my own guidance!
If you have any suggestions like this-I encourage you to leave them down in the comments, I’ll be sure to take a look and comment back! Happy holidays everyone (it’s just starting..)!

Today, we have a guest post-Taush.O!

So the favor was returned…. I did a Q&A for Tausha last on Monday, so today she’s doing a fun one for me! She’s a sweet, geniune, smart and funny gal and a wonderful momma to Presley and Dex (her dog)!
Hold on tight and keep reading! Please leave some beautiful comments for her~

1// What is your favorite part of being a mother to Presley? What are you most looking forward to as she grows up?
Tausha:  Is it horrible that my first thought is the fact that I get to stay home in my PJS all day, chasing her around the couch & listening to her squeal? I love being a Mother to Presley because she’s been a HARD child – and she has taught me a lot about myself. I’m so excited for her to talk more, she only says a few words right now (we are starting to work with a specialist to determine the possible cause for her speech delay). I cannot wait to just talk to her all day, to hear her imagination & to answer all of her questions.
View More: http://letmeseeyousparklephoto.pass.us/07-19-14-wierlo-family

2// If you had a boy what would you name him? And why? 
Tausha: Oh man. I actually reallllllly wanted a boy first – I’ve got sooooo many boy names. My top are Declan, Titan, Ethan, Ruxin, Damien, Brayden, Hunter, Logan….I could go on forever. My absolute favorite is Declan. It was a characters name on the tv series Revenge & as soon as I heard it, I absolutely fell in love. The hubby doesn’t like it too much so that might take some coaxing. We are just starting to talk about the possibility of baby #2, so we will see.

3// What is your favorite down time activity?

Blogging. Or sleeping – both of which I never actually get to do much of!

Guest room closet to blog office makeover. In progress!

4// Tell us something we don’t know about you…. 
Tausha: Growing up, I did Taekwondo for like 7 years. I’m actually a second degree black belt & a Utah state champion. Ha. Don’t ask for pictures. They are hidden deep, deep away. Not like I’m ashamed or anything – but I stopped as soon as I got into High School, then went to Cosmetology school & got my license & stopped being so hardcore.

photo from here

 5// Favorite drink: alcoholic or not? 
Tausha: Oh man. I could go for a Mai Tai right about now. Darn breastfeeding. I don’t drink much because I am so scared to ‘poison’ my milk – so I only drink after Presley is asleep for the night & at that point I’m way to tired to mix a drink! I love me so Starbucks though!

 6// Favorite song of the summer?

Tausha: RUDE! Oh my gosh. I can’t get enough of this song. And the viral video of the Dad with the comeback song. Ha. Genius.

 7// Did you play sports in school? if so what? Were you good? Get any medals etc?
Tausha: Just karate – then I went to hair school full time after 3 hours of High School – so I got out of all physical activity requirements! Booyah!

 8// Do you and Chad have any pet names? What are they?
Tausha: Ha. I call him ‘baby daddy’ or ‘sugarplum’ and he calls me ‘momma’, or ‘sugar momma’.


View More: http://letmeseeyousparklephoto.pass.us/07-19-14-wierlo-family 

 9// What would be your ideal DREAM vacation? Be descriptive, the more the better! 
Tausha: Oh man. I’d go on a cruise. I love cruising. Presley would be a little bit older, sleeping better & talking. So we could swim, and party & have fun as a family. I’d love to go on a long 10-14 day cruise to the Bahamas, or something super tropical. I’d take a million pictures & would be tan & in heaven the entire time!

  10// Do you have a bucket list? What kinds of things are on it?
I totally do! I actually had a tab on my old blogger layout that I deleted to keep private. I do keep a bucket list in my planner to try and do things on a monthly basis….some of the bigger things:
-Travel to Africa to do humanitarian work
-Live the homeless lifestyle for 2 weeks
-Run in a marathon
-Go an entire month without sugar


So ya. Thats ME! Make sure to stop by my blog to get to know me and our adventures! Thanks for having me Nora!

Isn’t she wonderful ladies and gentlemen?! I adore her! <3

where am I?!

If you’d like to know where I am today, I’m here (& by here I mean with Tausha over at her blog!) 

Hudson & Emily

Hey loves, I have a treat for you today!
How does an awesome guest post from my friend Emily sound?
I hope you said GREAT, because she’s a lovely gal! 

Hi! Iā€™m Emily, and I blog with my husband Hudson at HudsonAndEmily.com. Special thanks to Nora for allowing me to blog here today ā€“ I just love The Petite Mrs! When she asked what I wanted to share about, I knew right away…dating and marriage.

You see, Hudson and I are best friends. But over the years I’ve learned that life gets busy, and especially when you’re married, it’s not always easy to make time for each other like it should be. So we’ve compiled an entire list of dates for every season of the year: spring datessummer datesfall dates, and winter dates.
 Today I want to share about one of my favorite dates, because it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to plan, but a lot of fun: coffee shop hopping! Basically, Hudson Googled “coffee shops,” “cafes,” and “bagel shops” in our area. He then plugged all the addresses into Google maps, printed out the list, and we headed on our way!

Whether you’re new to your town or you’ve lived there your entire life, I’m sure there are a few places you haven’t tried yet. This date was not only fun to experience new places in our town, but also to go on an adventure…we had some great conversations and got to be silly, too šŸ™‚

If you try this, I definitely recommend ordering something different at each place! I’m a I’ll-stick-with-what-I-like type person, but this was the perfect chance to try different drinks. Neither of us actually like coffee (crazy, I know!) so we went with a strawberry frappuccino, hot chocolate, cookies & cream smoothie, and raspberry iced tea!

To keep the cost down, you can order just one drink at each place and share! There were seven shops on our list but three were closed on Saturday afternoons (who does that?!) so we ended up going to four places…and only spent $12! Talk about a great date for a cheap price!!

What are some of YOUR favorite dates? Comment below, or come tell us at HudsonAndEmily.com!

Thank you Emily! There you have it folks, I was laughing at this funny story.. šŸ™‚
P.S I’m keeping this idea for our next “date night”! How fun!
She is the sweetest person and her blog is made up of my favorite color, Turquoise/Teal! I love it! She has lots of dating and marriage advice so I think we are a great match! I’ll be perusing her blog for things I’d like to learn about. I hope we get to hear from her again soon!
Maybe a future linkup will be in the mix?! We’ll see!
“Laters, baby!”<- at the end of “50 Shades of Grey, sorry!

Guest Post from “A girl named Allie”

Hey THERE Beautiful!

I am a friend of Nora’s. 

My name is Allie over @ A Girl Named Allie.

A Girl Named Allie
SO excited to meet you! Please come take a look at what I have to offer and follow if you think you’d like to see more of whats goin down in ALLIE Town!

Today I’d like to share a post dear to me… How I Fell in LOVE

I was a freshman in high school as was he. Jordan and I shared 4th Period together – Photography. I was really into it! Jordan took it just for the credits he was needing. We were always sat alphabetically going by last names. Burrows and Peterson never seemed to be by each other in high school days. So it was a few months from when the class began till we finally spoke.

Jordan describes his memory of me in class as:

You were sitting at your desk, your long blond hair down to the small of your back.
As you gazed into space thinking about who knows what.
Tapping your pencil against your desk in a repetitive matter.
All I knew is once that bell rang, I was gonna talk to you for the first time.
Then the bell would ring,
I’d see you get up, 
my hands would sweat, 
and I’d let you walk by.
Jordan was shy though. Luckily, my good friend Melany sat next to him. He said he liked me, she thought I’d feel the same way if I got to know him so she put my number in his phone. 
After class he was playing a guitar that another kid had brought for the day. Boys and guitars were kinda my thing. So I went upto him.
Allie: “I didn’t know you played guitar!”
Jordan: “Yeah” and smiled. “Hope you dont mind, Mel gave me your number”
Allie: “I guess thats fine” with a giggle and my whole face turned red.

Jordan called that night and asked if I wanted to go to his brothers later with some friends. I of course agreed and called Melany right afterwards to make sure she’d join me. After she said yes, shortly later, Jordan’s sister-in-law came and got me and Mel from my house (we were just 15 at the time, no drivers licenses yet!) The night was filled with getting to know you questions, flirting, and laughter. He asked me to hang out for Halloween and so we made pans. He drove me home with the supervision of Kim. I came home and wrote in my journal, a page I’m really happy I wrote. In big letters I put “I LIKE JORDAN!!”

Halloween rolled around and we ended up going to my cousins friends house for a small get together. I was standing by the pool table and Ashley came over to talk to me.

Ashley: “Do you like Jordan?”
Allie: “Uhhh.. I dunno, Why?” I start to turn pink. I look down the table and see Jordan talking to Cody and looking at me.
Ashley: “He likes you! And wanted me to ask you” Keep in mind we were 15! So yes it was really cheesy šŸ™‚

We went for a walk, all us teenagers, to a graveyard to be rebellious for the Halloween Holiday. While we’re walking thru the graveyard Jordan looks at me and asks, “Are you cold?” I nod my head timidly. He takes off his jacket and wraps it around me. I inhale deeply to breath in his axe and cologne. I’m in heaven. He then puts his arm around me as we walk and talks to me about little things.

When we got back, me and Jordan played the piano together, bonded over both liking Killswitch Engage and watched all the other couples being all cutesy but sat awkwardly apart.

On the car ride home he is upset that he cant sit next to me. But we knew we’d get other opportunities.

And that’s all it took. One night. One night of locking eyes across the room. One night of him being the perfect gentleman. One night of him making my heart beat faster and slower and spin in circles. That One night, we both knew we had met The One.

He gave me the butterflies that were on speed and bouncing off the sides of my stomach. He continues to make my heart melt like an ice cream cone in the Summer. The touch of his hand sends warmth thru me down to my toes. With him I feel safe. Jordan showed me what true love is. How true love feels. And a whole new never-want-to-lose-you feeling.

We started dating 04/07/2005.

Jordan Purposed 02/14/2009.

One of our engagement pictures.

Got Married 08/26/2009.

And hope to get a House and start a beautiful family.

He makes love real to me.


So isn’t she great?! She is one of the sweetest bloggers I have met and talked to. Thanks a bunch for reading and following me! I am gaining followers everyday and I am so thankful! My resolutions are to try and get a job and to blog more regularly and feature more guest posters and bring more interesting things your way.. stay tuned! šŸ™‚ Have a safe and happy new year everyone [no drinking and driving and never ride with anyone who has been drinking] BE safe, Buckle up and think before you make choices.. šŸ™‚ Loves to all of you.