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Happy Friday 11/25/16


Each week Krysten of Why Girls are Weird, Lindsay of The Flynnigans, Charlotte of My Pixie Blog, and I are hosting a link up featuring our happy lists from the week! Got a happy list of your own? Link up! Now onto what made ME happy this week!

  1. Working on my newsletter- to be out soon!
  2. Gilmore Girls: A year in the life
  3. Scarf season
  4. Hedgehog playtime
  5. Old movies with Marilyn Monroe
  6. staying up really late
  7. hibiscus  berry tea
  8. Cosmopolitan magazine
  9.  Thanksgiving food
  10. Flipboard app / Pigment coloring app


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My Pet Peeves


Everyone has pet peeves and some people let it get to them- I personally try to not let it get to me too much. However, I do want express some displeasure with these points below. Everyone has their pit-falls or viewpoints/stance on things, these are mine. I have experienced them all and I’m sure you have too… The little things people in our society do that rub you the wrong way. Things people do that make you wanna shout at them-but you don’t because you don’t wanna go to anger management. These are the ones that irk me like no other and I can’t stand about and just whine. So I’m writing them down in hope someone can relate and express their (ahem anger) feelings with me as well.

always being late.

If you are running late have the kind decency to text me, call me or send a carrier pigeon to let me know. So I’m not wasting all day waiting with a (cold) hot coffee in a Starbucks nowhere near where I live to come ‘meet you’. When we make plans-do not cancel the same hour we are supposed to be hanging out or doing something together. Should you need to cancel, please have a good reason and tell me at your earliest convenience (also so I’m not waiting for you to not show up). Don’t be late to be somewhere when you’re expected to, it’s not polite.

leaving your pup’s doo-doo anywhere it shouldn’t be.

Having a dog is a big responsibility (what you’re parents probably said) and it’s true after it’s cuteness wears off. And sidenote: if you don’t have money and time to care for a pet, you don’t have any reason getting one. It’s a living thing and deserves being treated as such like it matters to you. If I find you’re dog poop on the staircase, on the lawn (not picked up) in  the middle of the sidewalk or near my door step I will just lose it on you. It’s not cool and should be against city codes (it actually is, just not enforced by officers). I’m sick of seeing people not take care of their pets and all that comes with it. You should get a fine if you’re so careless and don’t have any respect for others and property. Just thoroughly annoys me is all- I can’t stand it.

annoying, slow, otherwise chatty cashiers.

Since when does it take you a million years literally to check out my items? Do you have to tell me your entire life story? The one about how you lived in NE and had a job waiting tables in a small cafe outside the city. Until you found out your were pregnant with TWINS and then they came early! So your mother in law moved in to live with you and you married a prince and lived happily ever after… It’s not anything personal honestly but I’d like to just get in and out and not listen to your very long, sad story. (This shouldn’t be taken out of context. I love talking to some clerks and cashiers but I get this one gal EVERY TIME I’m at Target and she talks for an hour, fiddling with my things… let me leave!)

bad customer service. ANYWHERE!

I don’t appreciate rude people on the phone, or in the restaurant  industry. I dislike bad service with crappy attitudes and not getting the food and bringing the food quickly and then ignoring our table. I will NOT tip you if you do not put any effort in. I’m not here to pay you- but I’ll reward you with extra if you’ve earned it. I absolutely do not like it when I have arguments with the “bills and telemarketing” people. Please just be kind and listen to my problem and if I ask for a manager- GET me a manager promptly.


Everyone assumes from time to time-it’s a misunderstanding that we all occasionally do. But if you always assume what others are thinking then you have no idea when things are wrong. And it’s wrong because then you’re totally misinterpreting their intentions. It also kinda makes you look rude and like people can’t trust you. Plus it makes an (ass) out of (u) and (me)… ya know the “other golden rule”?

Well I hope you enjoyed my little mini rant if it was just that-I don’t know. Not entirely what I intended but ya know it is what it is and I’m not gonna apologize for having certain few things that really bug me. What are your pet peeves? The ones you cannot stand to watch or experience. Those ONES! Tell me all about it below and if you’ve written a post lately- drop a link below. 

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9 Low Key Date Night (or Day) Ideas


How has your weekend been? Relaxing I hope however with the busy holidays coming up it’s easy to forget to spend quality time together alone and without friends, family or little ones around. So I wanted to share “9 low key date night ideas” before and around the holiday season. We’ve done a lot of these ideas, they’re a lot of fun. There’s a few ideas where you might think “that’s not a date..” but I assure you the minute you let go and start having fun together it’ll feel fun and romantic no matter what you’re doing. They are not holiday related at all but some of these can be adapted for the holiday season, I’ll explain. Here’s what I came up with and if you have any others please leave a comment below.


I love going bowling! It’s silly, athletic but not difficult and fun if you do decide to go with a group. A group date for this is very acceptable. Even sometimes more fun and competitive when you’re challenging each other. Disco or Glow bowling is even more fun and sometimes even cheaper than a regular rate, it is later but unless grandma and grandpa are coming you’ll be able to manage. Either way I suggest a short game or two as it’s easy to get tired, hungry, grumpy or your hands will start to ache from throwing those heavy bowling balls. The loud music and black light in the fun of bowling just amplifies it for me- try it, if you haven’t ever been!

Go to dinner and a movie

Ah, the classic date, yes but don’t fix what ain’t broke. I’m not much of a movie theatre go-er so we will either rent, buy or stream a movie of our choice. Sometimes having a walk through a store on a special night is fun for us. Simply browsing together and seeing what is out new in,  say Best Buy,  because we are techy-people is a nice cap to the night. Also here’s where we aren’t as adventurous as others; we are picky eaters. So trying a new restaurant usually isn’t high on our list. But you sure could take this time to try new cuisine or have a fancier dessert (which is what we opt for) or drink (sometimes).


Go on a walk or run a trail you like or have seen before, head to the beach, mountains or desert (whatever is close to you) and enjoy being in nature. Here in the PNW I take it for granted- I think next year that’s gonna change. I love a good walk especially outside in a forest area along a river or stream. Walking our dogs out to a trail or place we haven’t been before to socialize them more if a good idea. They don’t get out enough and honestly neither do we, such homebodies. Fresh air is great for your lungs and makes your body feel new if you’ve been inside for too long.

Taking pictures on outings like this can be really nice by going making memories and getting each other and the scenery on film (digital) is a keepsake! So be sure to bring your camera, phone or other polaroid for taking pictures.

A large garbage bag or plastic sandwich bag (to drape over your camera in case of rain) less likely to get damaged by any rain or moisture. I suggest wearing good shoes (not flats) like tennis shoes, hiking shoes or boots. Downplaying the weather conditions can be easy to do but also will ruin your trip. Don’t hike anywhere you aren’t familiar (or at all) without a buddy. Also a day hike is better, so no hiking at night. 🙂 Be safe!

Cook together/Meal prep together

If you both love to cook then this is a great date night activity. Go to the store together-gather your ingredients, make something a little fancier, try a new recipe. Normally I’d want to follow a recipe if you’re like me, experiment and have fun. Meal prepping can be tedious but with a partner you can nearly cut your time in half! I don’t meal prep but I think this would be fun (also if we had a bigger kitchen). Depending on your kitchen, have your husband grill, fry or boil noodles. While you can cut, chop or blend whatever else you need. Once your done spend time together by having a glass of wine and talk about what the week looks like.

Rearranging your furniture

This is one I wasn’t sure I should include. I know that we really enjoy doing this together when we need to shake things up. If your selected room let’s you change the layout with your furniture-it’s fun to shape shift your living space. Usually in our bedroom we will put the bed on a different wall or move our dresser to a new spot. Living rooms are easy to do by moving or combining pieces in new formations in your open space. Just make sure you can still open doors and windows. Don’t cover any heater vents or wall heaters- be conscious of that! Safety hazard! I kind of believe in my own version of Feng Shui- just by moving things and vacuuming the floors, I feel newer in the fresh environment. It gives you a new mindset I think. This is probably most low key of all- but I enjoy it the most!

Create a playlist

Date night playlist? Travel mix? For special adult time? Select songs that you both like. For some couples that’s harder than others but it’s okay put a big mix of everything in there for each style. I think if you can handle each other day to day, you can handle a three minute song you don’t like. I have a few bands that I know we both like and he made me a playlist called  “in the car music” it was a sweet sentiment. A guy can also apply this idea to a girl/woman he likes- everyone loves a good mix tape/cd/playlist.

Play video games or board games/card games

This is a great idea if you’re a gamer like my husband is. Playing games together can be inviting and fun, challenging and innovative. Go buy a game together and have the stronger player help the other. Guide them through and have fun overall. Grab a variety of snacks (healthy or not) and enjoy spending time doing what the other enjoys. Board games can also work if you have friends or family nearby. Cards are a go-to staple when things are boring and slow. They are great for your mind as well, quick for wit so shuffle out the Gin Rummy or there’s always Go Fish!

Street fairs/Farmers/Saturday markets

Farmers markets are usually seasonal but can also open your mind to new food and produce or canned goods that you may not see otherwise. It nice to walk around locally on a spring or summer day looking through all the vendors. Saturday markets (like the one here in PDX) has a wide selection of food, goods and services as well as specialty things like face painting for young kids. Look up online under your city index and see if there’s one near you. They could be weekly, monthly, or during a particular season or sort of festival.

Mini Golf

Just another time to be goofy and silly with one another. Stay light hearted and have fun without being competitive. It’ll take her 25,000 times to get that ball into the lighthouse but come behind her and swing with her. Show her your sweet, helpful nature and be affectionate.

I hope you’ll try some of these next time you need a night (or day) out. Take pictures and make new memories. Never forget to nourish the relationship you’re in. It’s too easy and damaging to be too complacent. Enjoy each other especially when times during the holidays can be so stressful.


5 ways I’m like Jess from “New Girl”


Here I am serially watching this show,  have you heard of it- it’s called New Girl. It’s about a girl named Jess who moves in with three male roommates who are all uniquely and vastly different and all have a goofy quirk in common. I thought it’d be so much fun to correlate the ways I’m like Jess, because as I watched I saw so many similarities! Maybe as I explain you’ll see what I mean. Do you have similarities with her? What did I miss or skip over that you see in Jess?

She never gives up:

If she’s in trouble or in a sticky situation, she finds a way out or creates an exit strategy easily. She relies on her friends and her intuition to get through it. She thinks through her outcomes and chooses the one truest to herself.

She’s quirky/weird:

She doesn’t apologize for who she is. She is weird and quirky. Her mannerisms are off the cuff and just unexpected. Giving people the ‘finger’ or creating funny faces or silly voices just happens in the world of Jess and that’s something I emulate.

She’s always there for her friends:

When her friends are in trouble, sad or happy about something- she’s right there experiencing it with them. Really she wants to be immersed in their lives and be counted on as a true comrade. Close to me, are my friends that are more like family- I love them and I always say ‘family isn’t always blood’. This just goes to show that’s true.

She is herself-without apologies:

When things go wrong or something is surprising to others with her oddball personality- she isn’t ashamed or shy about who she is. Similar to the point I made above she is proud of being unique and in tune with her one-ness.

She has a plan for everything:

Figuring out her world especially when she’s in a bind is a quality that is big with Jess. Finding a way out of a predicament or awkward situation. On a daily basis there’s something that has to be fixed or worked out, someone needs a talk or rescuing so here’s where her skill breaks out. I try to always come to my friends aide and I’m always telling everyone if I’m not physically available I’m always here to talk or communicate with them and offer support in some other way.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It was quick and straight from my brain in watching this show. If you liked it please leave a comment below telling me why or what I missed. Do you watch New Girl? Do you like it? Who’s your favorite character?  I really like Ceecee. 😉


Currently: November


Current book: Still listening to “You are a Badass” on audible- although I love it, I think I could follow the printed version of this better than spoken, plus I don’t enjoy he way its narrated.

Current music: I’m loving this song I found randomly on Shuffle Radio on Pandora.

Current non-guilty pleasure: Staying up VERY late/early in the AM. I really kinda enjoy it this way only because I feel myself being more awake and twice as productive at night time.

Current drink: Apple Juice. Still not good for you like soda isn’t but that’s okay. I need more water in my day.

Current food: I’m loving chips. I have a salty tooth lately that I can’t get enough of, made me breakout on my lip/chin. (downside)

Current obsession: I love notebooks! I didn’t realize how many empty, still useful notebooks I still have. And desk things like pens… two new packages of fresh pens.. *sighs* 🙂

Current craving: CHOCOLATE! I had such a craving…. Halloween candy is my saving grace.

Current need: I absolutely should get on top of my social media game for my blog. I’ve been trying to get ahead on my posts but I forget to share to multiple outlets.

Current indulgence: Clothes. I need winter clothes. I’m pinning all the things I want for the upcoming season. Trying to find some deals and save some money on quality pieces- that will last awhile longer.

Current beauty product: Hair mask by Formula 18.  I can’t believe the repair it’s been doing on my hair.


Current procrastination: TV shows. For sure. I should be blogging and getting ahead but instead I had to finish the season collection of Parenthood. If you haven’t seen it- it’s on Netflix- go NOW! #allthefeels

Current confession:  I have been addicted  to YouTube and my subscriptions in my box. I love watching and relating, watching and enjoying my subbies. It’s more of something I get sucked into when I have blog posts to write or whatnot. I love it though and it inspires me to continue to write what I love.

Current excitement: I love blogging and I’m getting more happy the more inspired I am. Making some strides towards growing and expanding my blog into more of a business. I need work hours.. HELP! How do you move from a basic blog-> to a business like blog/marketing? Leave a comment below!

Current mood: Dealing with life…. (I’m down because of the election- but NO conversation on that, mostly sad for our state and all the rioting) Happy for the holiday season to start and content and cozy in the bad weather lately. Can’t wait!

Taken this from Running with Spoons blog for the Currently series she participates in.