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mish-mosh of catching up

First, I don’t want to be the annoying one to jump on the bandwagon but, I’m terribly sick about the current events however I have to put in my two cents and honor them.

Christina Grimmie
found via google images

All my love and prayers go to Christina Grimmie who was shot outside a concert venue and lost her life at the young age of 22. She was a super talented and beautiful singer with a gift of an amazing voice and I think the world and music community will miss her talents greatly. Her won season 6 of The Voice where Adam Levine of Maroon 5 was her coach. They were very close and he paid his respects in public and offered to pay for  her funeral arrangements.
As well, a day or two later there was a violent attack and all out shooting on 50 people who were victims at a [gay] club in Orlando. Many undeserving and innocent people lost their lives-many of which still had many years and full lives to lead ahead of them. And for the tragedy all in all, I’m terribly sorry and I’ve been pretty broken up about it. I did not know anyone in these events nor did I know or meet Christina but I’ve followed her for a long time and I’m deeply saddened by all the loss.

That being said- I’ll move on… Rest in peace everyone.


A few weeks ago I had a hair appointment for a touch up of color and a trim. I didn’t wanna go too wild and with some news that my friend might not stay at her current salon- so we will start something different this fall. Maybe dark brown with highlights or something caramel colored. We talked about life, mutual friends and hobbies. I told her that my hair felt dry and stripped but  needed toning mostly. She agreed and told me that she wanted to give me a more blunt cut and make the A line a little sharper. So she dyed my roots to blend them, washed me up and toned my hair out to the ends. The shampoo and conditioner she used smelled like tropical heaven- as most of them do. She used a deep conditioner and we talked while it soaked into the roots. We also tried a sea salt mist for my hair that made it beautifully tousled and messy cutesy. It was easy too. I’m gonna try to “style” my hair more often or let it go natural and not just ponytail it constantly. I love the new DryBar shampoo and conditioner I got- it’s amazing! My hair feels nourished and clean but not stripped or dry. And it smells good all day like a salon variety but not harsh smelling. I especially love it when my hair can be messy cute and I love that the upkeep on this hairstyle is literally nothing.


My hedgehog is taking to us more everyday, which makes me happy that she has such a warm demeanor. She just sleeps the day away every day and most night time too. I wake her up for some interaction and play time one time a day unless I get real busy. She gets busy during the night when we sleep and hasn’t made too much noise since we closed off the cage walls with plastic corrugated cardboard material. She learned she can’t escape! She has a sweet temperament and she’s been coming to me on her own for a while now.  I clean her cage once a week and get her food one teaspoon daily. And usually it’s gone by morning light so she’s healthy and happy lil hedgehog. I need to keep trimming her nails and giving her baths which she dislikes. But I never take it personally so it’s alright with me. We got her a canvas covered kennel run track so she can freely run and exercise and get on her wheel as she grows some more. The dogs still don’t like her or understand what she is but that’s why I got the covered cage so they wont try anything with her and the top is high enough that they can’t get to her. She enjoyed it once so I know she’ll get lots of use out of it. She did so well on her wheel the first time too I was so proud. She loves when she has a clean cage with new bedding and clearly gets excited when her potty tray is cleaned and changed out for new litter. Her noises “huffs” and “puffs” are funny and now are few and far between. She’s sensitive to light and the more she cuddles you the more she’ll let you hold her. She likes to nibble your fingers and ‘taste’ everything around her. She’s a curious one too- since it took us to long to block the inside bars in the cage; she was a climbing maniac-which isn’t safe for them. Now she gazes up when I come to the cage to say hi or reach my hand in, she sniffs it a little and comes closer. A great addition to our pet family!


I’ve been missing blogging now for some time and it feels good to start writing again even if just to catch up and say hi. I didn’t have anything helpful or constructive to say lately so I just waited until I had enough “life stuff” to share. I have a few posts I’m slowly working on but I know once they are done you’ll enjoy them. I want to produce a home tour, a recap of having Justin here in Portland and all our adventures, a set of July Goals and some others I’ve been meaning to write and add to my archives. On top of that- some small exciting news… I got a new ring! I’m blessed to have this amazing man walk beside me through life and he’ll never know how special he is to me. We both kinda upgraded our rings a bit and I’m awaiting my ring after it’s resizing. I’m anxious and excited! Check it out below.


soo pretty right?? I’ll share more just as soon as I get another post done-ASAP! Promise.


28 wishes


“it’s my party and i’ll cry if i want to”

Today is my 28th birthday! I can’t believe another year flew by so quickly. It’s just crazy how life moves so fast,  just continues no matter what- even if you’re not holding on. This past year I’ve changed, grown, matured , slipped back in some places but overall stepped into my own.

I did this post last year (but I think I accidentally deleted it) and I liked it so much that I thought I’d repeat it and celebrate a new 365 days the year. So here’s the post that i was thinking of, months after my birthday. Although looking back on this I achieved about HALF of them. Which is excellent! And not to mention I accomplished quite a few things that weren’t on the list like getting rid of a toxic friend, being honest about my mom and things to consider when looking for an apartment.

I have some wishes & goals for this year I wanna share with you.

  1. I want to grow my marriage-grow closer and gain better communication; always working on that.
  2. Keep building a community with my blog, stay consistent and show steady growth in my social media numbers.
  3. Read more, watch less.
  4. Make a solid plan to meet up with friends and create deeper friendships.
  5. Do more random acts of kindness for strangers.
  6. Keep writing with pen pals.
  7. Cook more (again) eat out less.
  8. Regular date nights.  Maybe at least once a month planned.
  9. Exercise regularly.
  10. Get on a regular daily schedule.
  11. Keep the dogs on a regular schedule.
  12. Take better care of myself (physically, emotionally and psychologically)
  13. Decorate the bathroom.
  14. Be a more patient person.
  15. Act more graciously/be more forgiving.
  16. Stay super close with my tribe on #slack
  17. Clean my apartment daily & weekly to keep our place looking nice.
  18. Drink more water!
  19. Save 1000$
  20. Go to a concert or event
  21. Watch top movies on IMDB
  22. Travel
  23. Go visit Disneyland
  24. Shop Costco for a year
  25. Get a massage
  26. Work on taking more pictures
  27. Do a boudoir shoot
  28. Be happy with less (stay content) and full of joy!

So that’s a little peek into my world and what I am hoping for the next year. I haven’t explained a lot but I did so well with my goals last year, nailing nearly half of them that I sought out for myself.

Here’s to a new year full of surprises!


Three Things Thursday [a weekly linkup]



I went to the eye doctor last week for the first time in about 4 years. I decided I was going to go to a new place (LensCrafters) because the last opthamologist I went to was rude and I’m pretty sure they tried to weasel “extras” out of me. When I went in for my exam I told the assistant how awful the last place was, when she promptly said ” well hopefully you’ll enjoy it here a lot more!” The nice assistant gal helped me perform the pre-tests- the bright light, puff of air for pressure test and focusing tests. Unlike other times, I excelled on these and it was nice to be treated kindly and not rushed while I did them. You see, I used to have horrible vision on top of having astigmatism and a lazy eye. Eyeglasses (or contacts at one point) have been a part of my life for almost 18 years-half of my life. I am not yet sold on the idea of Lasik, although I do think about it often- I’m so chicken. However if you want to see an amazing Lasik experience watch this from Nikki Phillippi. Anyway after my exam in which I had to change my vision of the letters about a million different times, which was good in retrospect, I finally had a new prescription that was only a few points from what I had existing. Which means, my vision HAS improved and I have stronger vision in my right eye for sure. The eye doctor told me that my right eye was stronger and landed right at 20/25! And my left was average for being ‘bad vision’- I didn’t get points for that but it’s only a few from where I was. So I’ll see sharper, clearer and more focused than I was- still a big improvement. I’m very excited and I’ll share pictures if you want to follow me on social media (you can find me everywhere as @thepetitemrs-icons are on my sidebar)



This weekend we are planning on getting another little pet! Can you guess what it is? Not a dog or a cat, not a turtle and not a gerbil… bigger than a fish and kinda pokey.

Yep! A hedgehog! I’m so excited to say we have a local breeder and I’ve done a ton of research and I think it’ll be fun to have and hold, watch and cuddle. I don’t think that my dogs will enjoy it so much per say but I’ll be very careful and they’ll adjust to seeing it. I’m excited it will be a baby because it’s just easier to raise and bond with a baby versus a adult that is much more set in its’ ways. The breeder will also have everything we need to feed it and care for it. We cant exactly decide on a name- we had settled on Snowflake since that’s her breed name Algerian Grey Snowflake but I also really like the name Zora which is related to some game character or another?? I’m excited to see her and welcome her home, whatever her name may be.

1064 SPBEE Orange female 11064 SPBEE orange female 2


I gotta say I really love my support system. I have a fantastic group of ladies (check them out below!) and you’re probably familiar with them but if you’re not you better get ready. I write with these ladies, we give/get feedback, advice and share life together. I am incredibly touched and grateful for every moment I get to connect with these wonderful people! I am in a group on Slack which is like a online discussion group. I am so glad and I hope that I can meet some of these gals in real life. I have learned to collab with a lot of smart women, how to change my writing language and build an audience by sharing together with others. If you have a group of people in some way, shape or form- think about using this tool as a means of communicating!  It’s a web app, website, phone app and desktop app. Very handy and accessible! Easy to use and direct in real time. It’s literally my favorite place to hang out.
















January Goals


January being the first month of the year is a time for optimism and growth; however we all often fall short of our goals and intentions for the new year. Let’s try to make fewer goals per month and FOCUS on being genuine and having all around good intentions with ourselves and others through the month. I tend to create a long exasterbated list of everything to establish my goals and that isn’t the best way to go about acheiving your daily, weekly and monthly goals.


Take a day off from social media day.

Finish one book in January.

Daily schedule/weekly schedule, use E.C planner.

Write 3 pen pals to stay in touch.

Blog: BE CONSISTENT. If that means 3 days, stick with it- if you can do 5, stick with it; but don’t flake out on writing posts when you’ve gotten lazy. Quality over Quantity.

Finish design-fonts, header, comments, color scheme/font blog theme for graphics

Take more pictures for posts (don’t rely on stock)

Social Media Banners. (catagories/tags)

Recaterorize the blog/remove old signatures and pieces of ‘old blog design.

Health: Make appointments for dental, medical and eye glasses. Be brave! Do whatever needs to be done.

Ask questions, write down ahead of time.

Schedule counselor visit?

Drink water daily. (with or without flavor drops)

Budget: Save money. Go cheap. Stop splurging for nonsense reasons.

Find ways to substitute or stretch the cash. NEED vs WANT.

Do more activities and date nights at home.

Buy generic over store brand.


Date nights weekly. (Friday)

Kiss more/hug more.

Spend quality time talking and getting to know each other more.

Have better communication


So I figure I should start small and accomplish one or two at a time rather than risk failing them all after a week. I’ll incoporate all these into the month but some of these are more ‘in the moment’ types of goals, just starting them and try to improve upon those traits and downfalls of mine. I have so many things I want to work on and I’m sure you do too- I’m glad I retrieved this feeling of making oneself  “better and improved, not stagnant” so that’s a relief! Let’s take it a month at a time… okay Get Ready, Set,…… GO!

I’m linking up with a couple places for this post and one being one of my very best friends Pam |Hodge Podge Moments so go read about other bloggers aspirations and intentions for this month. The other I found on several sites while I was reading Bloglovin’ and The Road to a Better Me was one I wanted to particpate in! JOIN IN AND LINK UP!
#MonthlyGold on social media

Monthly Goal Linkup

Focus: my word of the year



  1. 1. the center of interest or activity.

“this generation has made the environment a focus of attention”

  1. “his face is rather out of focus
    the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition.2

  1. (of a person or their eyes) adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly.1

“try to focus on a stationary object”

  1. pay particular attention to.2

“the study will focus on a number of areas in Wales”


Focus. Now that the year is through, here we are in 2016- I want to switch gears into the new year and that starts on a new platform with a new blog design. I really love it and I hope you’ll enjoy it too! I’m thrilled to be moving to WordPress and would love any and all advice you have to give me as I learn a new medium in this outlet. I want to become recommited to blogging in a new and serious way, that includes ad sponsorship and sponsored oppurtunities which I haven’t dabbled in yet. I want to serve you  only quality content so I will be writing you 3-5 days a week, but no less than 3. I want to take a step back in a way to evaluate what I want to focus on in the majority of this blog. I want this to be a great space for inspiration, comfort and friendship. To make this an effective space I need to offer up something and what that is I’m not sure of yet- but I will get there.

In the meantime, I wanted to explain where my head is at as far as the new year. A lot of people the last few years have chosen a ‘word of the year’ and I haven’t participated until now. It was important to me to have a direction for this blog and one major theme that kept coming to me, no matter what it was concerning was focus. So that ultimately got my attention. Focus on the people who matter, the things I’m doing that are important and worth my time, focus on one thing at a time to not become so scatter brained and multi-tasking is not efficent, focus on the blog and what I truly want for it, focus on my health and my life, focus on my husband, friends and family… just reminding myself to always keep my focus on the end goals. And I’m getting to putting together a solid plan to what that is exactly. I want more for this space, I want to feel productive and be recommited. This has been my only hobby I have kept and built for 5 long years, it’s been a heck of a ride too. I have many memories that I can keep in this space and have forever. This past year was difficult but we got through it anyway- even when we really doubted ourselves for one reason or another. So I’ll be trying to provide more reliable consistent content that pertains to real life issues. Finances and Budget (How I spend), Pets (review boxes and insight into our lives with our dogs, pictures, stories etc), Social Media Round-up (which I have done once before and am excited to bring back), Co-Hosting Bloggy Brunch (a link up for new and old posts that fit a theme to get seen, read and commented on) & another group chat on Facebook I’m helping with too called #BloggerPJParty with my friend Pamela from Hodge Podge Moments.

I hope 2016 is all that you wish and more. I know I’m gonna make this my year and do everything in my power to make it the best year yet! I have lots of goals I’d like to reach as well but you’ll see more of that to come once I have an actual blog space back. (I’m taking the day to perfect this space and figure out the differences, so forgive me if it’s not ideal just yet)

Happy New Year! Bring on 2016!

Plus, I thought this might be appropriate…. Love me some Ariana!