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BB #47+ a holiday announcement!

Bloggy Brunch linkup

Happy Weekend ladies! I’m working very hard on lots of things right now. It’s neat to have a hand in every bucket per say, I feel busy and accomplished. Like I’m meant to be a writer/blogger I really enjoy it and I’m glad I haven’t given up.

Speaking of upcoming events, I have a big one starting soon! Pamela from Hodge Podge Moments and I [The Petite Mrs] are going to do our second year of a holiday linkup we are calling #holidaybloggingchallenge 

(last year it was 12 days of Blogmas, see that here)  We had so much fun with that so we are recreating it with new simple rules like “leave a comment on 3 other links and be sure to include a graphic everyday”.

It will begin December 1st and run through December 25th (on Tuesdays and Thursdays).  There’s 10 DAYS worth of sharing posts on the linkup in the intro post on December 1st. You can always find it in the same place. This year we based the open ended prompts on  The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. We have questions set up to get you started but feel free to write as much as you want about each one or you can take the line in a new direction. We have lots of linkup graphics to share and put in your posts so people know where to come to join!

More of the basic information along with the graphics to grab will be in the first post (on December 1st) if I’m currently missing anything here. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and a relaxing weekend. Thanks for continuously linking up with us and making our Sunday bright! 🙂





Happy Friday 11/25/16


Each week Krysten of Why Girls are Weird, Lindsay of The Flynnigans, Charlotte of My Pixie Blog, and I are hosting a link up featuring our happy lists from the week! Got a happy list of your own? Link up! Now onto what made ME happy this week!

  1. Working on my newsletter- to be out soon!
  2. Gilmore Girls: A year in the life
  3. Scarf season
  4. Hedgehog playtime
  5. Old movies with Marilyn Monroe
  6. staying up really late
  7. hibiscus  berry tea
  8. Cosmopolitan magazine
  9.  Thanksgiving food
  10. Flipboard app / Pigment coloring app


Now it’s your turn- LINK UP with us!


BB #46

Bloggy Brunch linkup

Hey there fabulous ladies and gents! it’s nearing the end of November and I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is this coming week! WHAT!I dunno about you but food is my favorite part of thanksgiving. We always have these green beans and bacon and it’s my favorite thing all day! Normally we go to my husbands’ side of the family so that’s nice since we only see them on holidays. Anyway well another week of sharing and showing love to our bloggy counterparts in this wonderful linkup.

I’m finally on a good blogging schedule and getting really proud of what I’m producing here. So go check out my last few posts if you missed them or follow me on social media. I’m still working on doing a newsletter so if you’re reading through this now- tell me if you’d subscribe to my content in a newsletter! I really want to grow and keep posting to show people what I have to offer and say what’s in my heart. I think you’d like it I have a bunch of regulars as it is and I’ve been getting comments from all kinds of newbies!



BB #45


It’s mid month already?! How did that happen so quickly? We are less than 2 months from 2017 people, GET A GRIP! I hope you’re all back from previous weeks of this linkup and I know I enjoy it every week when it comes around, please come tell us what you think- is this a regular thing? Did you just find us? If so, how? We’d love to start hearing from you and why you love linking up to share new and old posts here every week. I hope you’re getting some good exposure and comment love. Our whole purpose for this linkup was to make friends (connect you all) and to share old posts that may get ‘lost’ in your archives never to see the light of day or keyboard comments again.

Feel free to share other content on your blog or re-share/comment/pin/stumble etc. We’d like the love to extend beyond just us. Here’s who I liked from the previous week:


Currently….. November

I love Currently posts (in fact, I have one coming this week) and I wanted to share one that I enjoyed this past weekend. Mostly because I’ve been eating junk and being super lazy lately so I related to her in a total plain kinda way, I felt way less guilty for wasting my week by being a slug. On the other hand just because I like to share what I’m up to with everyone and this is a good way to do that.


November Goals

I like Goals posts for the same reason. I like checking them off as a I go and I love Burke Does for all her personal development type posts. I feel like I can grow with her like she’s working to be a better well rounded person, so am I. So I love her blog and really can’t wait to follow her and read all her posts as they are published. Plus the few times we’ve spoke- she’s a super sweet gal!




BB #44


Oh hi there! Great to see you again. I hope you’re back joining us for another week of #bloggybrunch linkup. Truth is we had a chat but after several weeks of it just being not as successful as we hoped – we just canned it. Pamela is steadily working on lots of new projects though and I’m trying to focus on better content and steady posts. As well as a possible newsletter and maybe some free content upgrades. what would you like to see? A checklist of some kind? A photography linkup? A quote or saying for the season? Let me know. 


This is my favorite of the month from my link-up partner, it really helps when I don’t know what to post monthly. She gives me so much inspiration on the daily! She is the greatest person to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with. Go check out her blog for monthly prompt and ideas when you’re stuck. *click picture for link*


Coincidentally, my other linkup partner (Alex) also had my favorite of the month for her October Monthly Goals and aspirations post. I just really enjoy people making goals and checking them off.