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Bloggy Brunch #28


Hello my lovely gal friends, yes it’s me again and I’m definitely still alive. I was gone awhile and had a random and unexpected hiatus. I had some company for a week in town that you can read about here tomorrow- it was a lot of fun! But then I had no time to share, things got busy and I wasn’t sitting at my desk anymore so nothing got written. Anyway, I’m back and I wasn’t trying to leave anyone hanging-I’m sorry I did. I didn’t know what to share this week since I have been MIA for about a month and I don’t know what’s what or who’s who now.. but feel free to drop me a line or comment saying hi or an intro or a fun fact- whatever you feel like. Let’s converse!!! So I’ll leave you with some quotes that really spoke to me:

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I’m here to recommit and share with you this weeks’ Bloggy Brunch linkup. We are still enjoying hearing from you and seeing all your lovely posts! So share¬†the blog love to each other while making new friends as well. Remember to please comment on others and share a link you’d like some love on as well. I hope you have a happy and super productive week! I plan on it ūüôā


[coffee date]


Happy Friday and Welcome to Coffee Date Friday! I’m glad you’re joining me and hopefully you’ll let me know what you’re doing this morning while we have ‘virtual coffee’. So this week, I really dropped the ball and didn’t blog yet this week. But I faced the facts and decided that’s okay. My life has been anything but busy or easy lately, it’s not bad just boring and uneventful. Not a whole lot going on so while life stays bland I’ve been finding things to keep me busy- like Sims 4 and lots of Pandora and/or Netflix binges. These¬†are just some of the more important things happening in my world this past week. Today is brought you by Starbucks Iced Coffee-Mocha flavor, because we bought a package last week at Costco and we’ve been drinking those when Sean or I really need a pick me up.



Vet visits. We have been every two weeks this month and the end of April. Maggie our little girl had some random skin allergies that broke out with lots of dandruff, ¬†intense itching and some other symptoms.. She needs 2-3 baths a week and a few different medicines to help clear it up. After a few weeks of being diligent with it, she’s finally cleared up and it’s a matter of keeping her reactions and irritations under control. It’s not been discovered what she had a allergy to yet but we think it’s environment in which case, it’s just manageable and not fixable. She’s on hypoallergenic food and treats- so that’s no longer our concern and she gets¬†nothing else from us. It’s been something we’ve watched and it has slowly gotten better and faded. Although the many, many baths will most likely continue. She doesn’t mind them much, but her coat holds so much water that getting towel cuddles and a blow dry is always necessary. She’s on a couple of medications for itch and antibiotic and an allergy tab. Giving them to her isn’t much fun. Then lately she developed like a slight ear infection for which she is taking ear drops and a new flea/tick pill (that I still need to give her with food). It’s been a trip y’all but she’s only 3 years old really- just a string of bad luck health wise for this girl (and she’s overweight…), girl problems-am I right?! I feel so bad for her but she’s been a real trooper at the new vet we’ve been taking her to- a smaller office, not as many dogs to get her all riled up and much better one on one attention. I’m glad she’s improving!



I wasn’t feeling too well this week I kept waking up with a dry throat and sinus issues. I’ve started drinking a¬†lot more water which is great for me. Honestly I think it was from my snoring and having a fan on at night having¬†such dry air. I just basically used some nasal spray and took an extra vitamin C tablet along with a multi-vitamin. I had a dose of tylenol cold medicine and I’m hoping since I feel better now that it isn’t just dormant. I also have had like serious cramps, off and on for the last few weeks and it’s starting to be pretty constant and annoyingly painful. So I plan to go in and get it checked out with women’s health since I have an IUD. I’m slightly thinking it’s shifted and needs to be replaced. I’ve simply dealt with the pain with tylenol and lots of heating pack time, which usually eases it away. Plus I’m due for an annual exam and a STD test. It’s not been the most productive week but none the less, I’ve managed to not let the apartment be a complete disaster. And I’m quite happy about that.



If you’re a fellow blogger then you know the struggle. You design your blog (or get it designed for you) and then three weeks later, something isn’t quite right. You just want to either change one¬†little thing or you end up with a total OVERHAUL. That’s where I am… Total change, again. Well I might keep certain components but¬†simple and basic is what I’m going for, to switch focus back to the words on the screen. So I am not doing any super drastic changes but things might look cleaner by the end of the day(or weekend) and I’ll be happy with that! I took a week or two to look on Creative Market and Etsy (just search Blogger or WP¬†themes and read the details carefully on each one), save the themes I liked and ask some opinions. I wanted a clean, simple theme so that I could not have such a elaborate colorful page and yet really start writing better content. This is coming more from the don’t think or make excuses, just DO it. But everyone needs a nice, fresh place to start, right? The social media icons are simple and easy to read. The share buttons are on the bottom of each post and will be easier for me to organize my posts in the future with categories and labels. Visually it just easier to see everything and smoother to read through I believe so I hope you’ll enjoy the change.


I’m planning to write an¬†epic Q&A post next week with your original and no-holds-barred questions that you’re dying to know about me, my life, my marriage, my past (ALL of it)…. Pretty much anything as long as it’s appropriate. So go for it- write them down, email me, tweet me, instagram me, facebook message me or leave me a comment here or on any of my social media and leave hashtag #thepetitemrs .¬†I’ll gather them up and put them into a great post for you to¬†really discover who I am. I thought it’d be so much fun, so if you agree¬† I DARE YOU TO LEAVE ME A QUESTION¬† or a couple for me to answer.


May Monthly Intentions: Being Thorough

may monthly intentions

If you’d like to join us you can see how HERE¬†and read through Pamela’s Monthly Intentions archive since January. Here’s my small goals for this month and how I plan to achieve them.

May Intention:


Define It:

  1. Create topics that nail and stay specific for my blog (Marriage, Personal Growth/Stories, Pets and Linkups)
  2. Focus on a real outline, good content, valid points and a wrap up/conclusion-ending message or question, something to leave them thinking about
  3. Add in quality pictures/stock that can be customized and vamped up with branding
  4. Work on titles and SEO; if possible


  1. Keep the apartment clean and orderly
  2. Keep reading nightly/every few days- finish one book in May

I like to do monthly goals usually but I really like this intentions post and how specific and narrow it makes me work more efficiently. Don’t take my word for it- try it yourself this month and link up!


Bloggy Brunch #17

nMay 23rd. That’s my birthday and the whole reason why I’m so elated that:

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“It’s gonna be me”-Justin Timberlake

I have been busy with life things and just taking care of my household and all that but I’ve been brainstorming like crazy. I’m hoping I can find some time to draft a bunch and get ahead with some posts I really wanna share. A honest mothers day post, a day in the life of my dogs, my view of being a “bad blogger” and many more to come- I know you’ll like them. Some are more popular than others but it always feels good to write- it’s when I can’t get myself to ‘just do it’ that’s a problem.



Three Things Thursday [a weekly linkup]



I went to the eye doctor last week for the first time in about 4 years. I decided I was going to go¬†to a new place (LensCrafters) because the last opthamologist I went to was rude and I’m pretty sure they tried to weasel “extras” out of me. When I went in for my exam I told the assistant how awful the last place was, when she promptly said ” well hopefully you’ll enjoy it here a lot more!” The nice assistant gal helped me perform the pre-tests- the bright light, puff of air for pressure test and focusing tests. Unlike other times, I excelled on these and it was nice to be treated kindly and not rushed while I did them. You see, I used to have horrible vision on top of having astigmatism and a lazy eye. Eyeglasses (or contacts at one point) have been a part of my life for almost 18 years-half of my life. I am not yet sold on the idea of Lasik, although I do think about it often- I’m so chicken. However if you want to see an amazing Lasik experience watch this from Nikki Phillippi. Anyway after my exam in which I had to change my vision of the letters about a million different times, which was good in retrospect, I finally had a new prescription that was only a few points from what I had existing. Which means, my vision HAS improved and I have stronger vision in my right eye for sure. The eye doctor told me that my right eye was stronger and landed right at 20/25! And my left was average for being ‘bad vision’- I didn’t get points for that but it’s only a few from where I was. So I’ll see sharper, clearer and more focused than I was- still a big improvement. I’m very excited and I’ll share pictures if you want to follow me on social media (you can find me everywhere as @thepetitemrs-icons are on my sidebar)



This weekend we are planning on getting another little pet! Can you guess what it is? Not a dog or a cat, not a turtle and not a gerbil… bigger than a fish and kinda pokey.

Yep! A hedgehog! I’m so excited to say we have a local breeder and I’ve done a ton of research and I think it’ll be fun to have and hold, watch and cuddle. I don’t think that my dogs will enjoy it so much per say but I’ll be very careful and they’ll adjust to seeing it. I’m excited it will be a baby because it’s just easier to raise and bond with a baby versus a adult that is much more set in its’ ways. The breeder will also have everything we need to feed it and care for it. We cant exactly decide on a name- we had settled on Snowflake since that’s her breed name Algerian Grey Snowflake but I also really like the name Zora which is related to some game character or another?? I’m excited to see her and welcome her home, whatever her name may be.

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I gotta say I really love my support system. I have a fantastic group of ladies (check them out below!) and you’re probably familiar with them but if you’re not you better get ready. I write with these ladies, we give/get feedback, advice and share life together. I am incredibly touched and grateful for every moment I get to connect with these wonderful people! I am in a group on Slack which is like a online discussion group. I am so glad and I hope that I can meet some of these gals in¬†real life. I have learned to collab with a lot of smart women, how to change my writing language and build an audience by sharing together with others. If you have a group of people in some way, shape or form- think about using this tool as a means of communicating! ¬†It’s a web app, website, phone app and desktop app. Very handy and accessible! Easy to use and direct in real time. It’s literally my favorite place to hang out.