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The Love Dare & Week 1

Hello all my lovely readers, 
I am late on posting about this but I figured I would since I am a part of this project and believe in it very much. If you want to have some back story you can check Tausha’s post: here
Basically I was asked to be a part of The Love Dare which is from Fireproof the movie and also has its own book on loving a spouse, deeper, closer, and to be more dedicated than you ever were. It’s an amazing thing to do and (when done with the right intentions) it can help marriages and make relationships stronger. So I would recommend this book/The Love Dare for anyone wanting to grow their relationship or to possibly be saved from divorce. It is based in faith principles but I have found just reading through a few of them who have already been done, it’s a simple way to look at it, not anything too strange or foreign to someone who doesn’t have a strong faith In fact it may also lead you to a better understanding of it. I have decided to buy the book with every intention of doing this Love Dare for my marriage.
So please take a moment to go read Tausha’s introduction to the project and to clarify further. 
I thank her greatly for including and thinking of me when this all started. She’s a gem! 
I received my assignment which is Day 12 and will be posted within the week I believe, so keep your eyes out for it. Included will be an intro to my blog, links where you can find me and my assignment/printable!~ So if you love me and my blog- don’t hesitate to download and print my printable! 🙂 Thanks so much!
& be sure to check out everyone else too. I have seen some great printables already from this week! 
This Love Dare is going on for 40 days for 40 love dares so check out every single one, I promise you won’t be sorry!

Valentines Day Friday

Hi. I love you. Happy Valentines Day!

Today I haven’t done really, truly anything. It has been nice to have Sean home all day, all weekend as a matter of fact. He goes back to work tomorrow around 4 pm, I will miss him a lot but it’s a nice routine we are getting here. We didn’t have any plans for Valentines Day this year which was perfectly fine with me since all I wanted was a smooth and relaxing day before we both go back to our ‘duties’ per say. So we both woke up later than normal (according to his schedule) and I awoke in a not so slight way (a horrible nightmare, an adult kidnapping?!) and started my day off slowly. We decided to get coffee at Starbucks which was one fun thing we could do. I had a large Peppermint Hot Cocoa, it was delicious and a old fashioned doughnut which I scarfed down. He chose a Java Chip Frappuccino. I sat around all day reading blogs and playing games online. I texted a bunch and wished everyone a happy valentines day. I also called my mother quickly to wish her a “Happy Birthday!”. I played with the dogs some and rested with them for a while too. 

(I just remembered that I should blog about our snowstorm last week, so maybe I’ll recap that and back-post that)

(maybe not the most romantic or fancy outfit but that peter pan collar is pretty spiffy!)

I don’t believe that Valentines Day is a huge deal to me after marriage. I liked it a lot when I was dating and using that to feel special and get treated extra precious. It’s nice to get gifts and do fun new dinners out and about, but I almost feel like when you’re married it should/could be like that everyday. Some aspects of that can and are everyday things. I know my husband does a very good job of making me feel special and loved, received and worth of trust. I honestly feel like I should be doing a better job- we all have things to work on and I know what they are so I’m trying to actively work on them. I have good days and bad days too but at the end of it all, I know my husband is understanding and will help me become better in every way. He just cares about me so much. 
well I’m going to leave you now with this last little message:
until later friends…..

How we met… a long story

How We Began:

Our Dating Story

[the day he came over- he was so thrilled & he was really depressed]


We met through Ashley, my then best friend- one rainy day afternoon when I was sick of my ex and wanted to get out and have a girls day:) So Ashley brought along Sean, and Ashley’s bf Paul was coming too. We decided to go to Powell’s Books downtown Portland, Ashley had to get a few things and I figured I could too or at least spend time with Sean and flirt a little. I started to talk to Sean and walk around alone with him and tell Ashley that I was interested in him. So after Powell’s we came back to my place but by that time it was later and we ate at McDonalds by the dorms. When we walked into McDonalds’- I couldn’t think of anything except how bad (sexually & romantically) I wanted Sean, seriously! So I accidentally blurted out how I wanted to take him home and show him the time of his life or something like that, then stupidly realized that I said it out loud and turned bright red, laughed my butt off then was thoroughly embarrassed. We talked alone and laughed our butts off over Ashley and Paul’s undisguised attempt to leave us alone for a smoke break. So then after an offer of your place or mine, I decided to stay home after I knew I had school the next day-which was a huge bummer. Had I gone that night, sadly I think it would have turned to a one night stand, I wouldn’t have wanted a real relationship. After all, I was ending another one at the same time. But a few days later it did turn out, we hung out and talked all day and after a day or so I found myself falling faster than I ever have before, never wanting him to leave my side and talking all night until I dropped the phone from exhaustion.


We dated an excellent 9 months before I honestly knew he was the one. We had just known for awhile it was gonna be a forever thing. We saved each other from the doom that we wished to escape with each others’ help. He was all I needed and wanted and so much more. On July 10th 2009, he proposed and I said yes! We told our parents after some slight reservations they agreed and knew it’d happen sooner or later, but assumed a little later than 9 months. SURPRISE! So as we decided what to do with our lives, we discussed the Army and what great benefits it would have for us and what to do about a wedding with the Army and no benefits. So surprise again, it became a six week wedding! Only a month longer, we started planning on Aug 10th.

Then we ended up moving to Gresham by Mt Hood CC, we decided to start attending church at BSLC and see if that would be the right place for me to enter more seriously into Christianity. And once we married I would be a member. After planning for six weeks, we had a cake from Fred Meyers, our  colors were pronounced  Turquoise, White, Silver and Black and we had rings, table decorations, cheaper bridesmaid dresses, flower-girl dresses. We handmade our invites and registered at Target, we had made programs the morning of and my dress had finally gotten finished along with getting all the men’s suits, shoes, slacks and ties in order and in accordance, matching or how so. Everything was done, we had silk arrangements, we had a guest book and food, everything had turned out just perfectly. Our day arrived and well, go see the pictures or comment on your experience if you were there. I love you all.

So we finally did it! It happened for real, we are almost one month MARRIED! Mr and Mrs Spaulding! wow. well so things are great, I have been really sick and now hubby is too. The weather is getting really cold, school is good although I might be behind a bit by now… I miss daddy and wish he were there for our big day. It was amazing- exactly how I had pictured my day all my life, except different colors, but in the end I loved it and it was all I wished and hoped it’d be. I think Sean really loved how everything turned out as well. Sean lost his job with Decaprio security after a case of fraud on the owners part, but because of it got a better job on site being a groundskeeper. better pay and benefits after 90 days:] things are good now, tight for awhile to catch up on bills and paying off bank debt but everything else is good. We still have Lexie, some days she is a pill and some days we love her like a daughter, but pets are like children, so treat them as such… she’s our princess….<3 so i got my fairy tale wedding after all and the happy ending:] thanks to all those who participated and wished us well for and after our wedding. we love you all thank you so very much!

Dated: October 13th 2009- this was from an old blog but I wanted to share our dating and wedding story in fuller detail. It’s written badly before I was serious about blogging, so I edited a bit. I still ramble and need sentence structure- sorry!

Enjoy & comment!


It’s SO awesome that I didn’t lose y’all. I am not from the south but I am giddy so I threw y’all in there.
Lots has been happening so let’s try to catch up shall we?….

1. We moved and SURVIVED. It wasn’t the distance but the moving part was killer. We had our parents to help us but it wasn’t fun and took a lot out of us, glad to be done, moved in and settling finally! We absolutely love the feel of our upgraded apartment and how new and nice it is.
2.My friend Larissa, moved out and headed on her journey to find love and adventure in Malaysia. Good luck to her and all, I’ll stay in touch and maybe post some of her pretty photos on here for you to see or direct you to her blog later on. We will Facebook, Skype and text… She’ll be safe so I’m praying for her everyday..
3. I got my #19 molar out today due to decay and a cracked tooth from a year ago. I t had to go and was getting painful and sensitive. I would post a pic, but frankly it’s gross. Doubt anyone wants to see, but I have also posted more on Instagram so follow me [at]: thepetitemrs on Instagram. So I’m on a strict diet tonight and tomorrow of water and soft cool/lukewarm foods only, basically applesauce and potatoes. Nothing too sugary or sharp like chips, or acidic… so basically everything is a no for now. But the ache is here now afterwards and I used the IV sedation– wow you have got to check it out (video explanation attached from youtube) if you are nervous about the dentist or anything surgery… Its like relaxing and you can sometimes completely not remember, which happened to me, HEAVEN! The IV and  then I walked to the car like it passed in a minute. Nothing, not asleep but it was SO easy to handle.. awesome! Pius it was totally free since my MIL is a dental hygienist! positive BENEFITS! 
 4. Our puppy is getting fixed, we set a date. October 24th. Poor guy is starting to mark and is (sorta) peeing everywhere. It’s not fun in a brand new place with new carpet but we have a miracle worker.
 [sold in most pet sections of stores, even Fred Meyers, Walmart and Albertsons or buy online for even cheaper!]
 Natures’ Miracle Stain and Odor remover- it is one amazing products for anything really especially pets, ITS WORTH IT! 🙂 it saved our hardwood and now the carpets.. its great and does not smell at all with his accidents. It sinks down to the pad of carpets or wood floors and takes out any smell and deodorizes it and keeps the spot clean deep down. 
5. Finally I am so happy right now, just being here and having all this stress over with. Sean is getting his license and finding a job after that to open up his options. I am so proud to be his wife and so glad we don’t have roommates anymore, it is so much better for us and our relationship when no one is around! I truly love him.We had our anniversary just before we moved and we just relaxed, talked, had some dinner & stuff 😉 It was nice and really was amazing. I know each and every reason why I love this man so much. He supports me, loved me and is there for me all the time.. 
He makes me laugh even when I don’t want to. He is my light and rock in this world. Thank god for him and let’s see where the next century takes us in life…

What’s your love story?

I saw this circulating and thought I’d link up and join in too- since the About Us is kinda written briefly and sort of rushed story.. here’s more you didn’t know…

1. How long have you and your significant other been together?
We started dating on February 10 2009. We were married on September 19 2009 ~7-8 months later
2. How did you meet? {What’s your “love” story?}
We met through friends. Truthfully he was dating a friend of mine previously, although I didn’t know him or hadn’t talked to her in awhile either. We were both unhappy and when another mutual friend got us together- it was love at first sight. Seriously.
3. If married, how long have you been married? If not, is this the guy you hope to marry? {do tell}
About 2+ years..September 19 2009 at 2pm we were saying our “I do’s” and yes I hoped to marry him as soon as we started dating I knew we would be together forever.
4. If you are married, where did you get married at? Big or small wedding?  If not, where would you like to get married? And will it be big or small?
  It was a small ceremony with mainly our family, a few friends and church goers who knew us well. It was his church he had gone to since he was little with his parents. Now it’s our church!
5. Do you have any nick-names that you call one another? Do share!
Honey, Baby, Sugar, Boo-boo, Angel, Hubby, Hubbs, Wifey, WIFE!, Babe etc nothing outta the ordinary really.
6. Name 3 things you love most about your honey.
 He truly cares for me and always makes me happy.
He is a hard worker and great provider. [he never gives up, even when times are tough, and in three ish years, we have had some trying times]
He listens, is compassionate and incredibly sympathetic when I’m in need. Supportive, trusting, loving, funny, fun, adventurous, encouraging especially when I get stubborn or am a stick-in-the-mud..
7. Tell us how he proposed? Or your ideal proposal?
I loved our proposal because it was simple and it was special for us. We proposed to each other in the Park Blocks. We knew it was time, he had been discussing the army and thought it might be best at the time [which he never did, thank goodness, I could not have handled it!] financially and as far as us growing up and moving off- but we agreed we were ready and wanted to be together forever, no matter what, TIL DEATH DO US PART. 
* Knowing now that he didn’t leave for the military, something more romantic and extravagant may have pleased me more now, but I still like the way it happened. He didn’t get “down on one knee” so I didn’t say yes.. I made him get down on one knee then I yelled “Yes!”and then I cried… 
8. Is he a flowers and teddy bear kind of guy for v-day, or strawberries, champagne, and rose petals?
strawberries, champagne and rose petals or a “let’s take you out and treat you like royalty!” which I love.
9. Are you a sunset dinner on the beach kind of girl, or pop a movie in and relax on the couch?
Both. I would love the sunset dinner and walk on the beach however not in Oregon in February so that being said, I pick the latter.
10. Tell us one thing you’d like to do with your significant one day. If you could do anything? Go anywhere?
 I’d love to travel with him. Go somewhere exotic or like Italy or Greece. Somewhere old and romantic.
11. Tell us what you plan on doing on this Valentine’s Day. 
 This year we are in a crunch money wise, so it’s cuddle time and movies for us this year. Which is great too, we are at a point where spending quality time together and making it matter is what we need as a couple.
12. Are you asking for anything this Valentine’s day?
No, but if I was it’d be an iPad/iMac/ or iPhone 🙂 I love Apple!
13. Give us one piece of advice of keeping a relationship strong and full of love. 
Never give up. Ever. You can always work it out, improvise, argue it out then cry.. apologize and make up. Stay with the one you love, if you didn’t love them enough, you wouldn’t be there- would you?!?
14.  Show us a picture of what love means to you.