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Wishing, Pinterest-ing…

  1. I wish that I could go on a trip right now. I’m so anxious to have our second re-do honeymoon! Vote Disneyland or Caribbean?
  2. I wish I had a hairstylist so I’d never have a bad hair day again, I’m hating growing my hair out at an awkward length and weird short ish cut. LONG-pixie/bob’s don’t work unless its’ even.  Not to one side. 🙁
  3. I wish I had a private puppy trainer, I love him to pieces but boy puppies are hard!
  4. I wish someone would cue me in on a place to get a heavenly massage not for an arm and a leg 🙂
  5. I wish I could have/keep everything in my Pinterest account- don’t we all?
  6. I wish I had patience or guidance [or money to pay for] blog design and basics of blogging lessons, I don’t think I’m doing this right!
  7.  I really wish I had DVR so I would never have to miss another show during the spring season. I’m too forgetful to catch every one. I need reminders people!
  8. I wish I could dance again, I miss it, but I have been out of that world for so long, could I still be as good as I once was…
  9. I wish I could cook. I suck at it and need some serious practice! 
  10. I wish I could pay others to be real friends, losing them this week has stunk big time. Not fun!
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I love LOVE!
Happy Birthday to me… I love this post and I love each one of you!

[pin]teresting wednesday

For the Home.


 Words to live by.

I’m so blessed and trying to be happy with what and whom I have in my life.

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isn’t it a cute pug face? I have a fat kitty or I’d steal this lil guy!:) 
Hope you enjoyed it and I linked up a bit of everything
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