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Hey folks Today is Wednesday and that means one thing… Oh How Pinteresting linkup where I choose a bunch of things I like from Pinterest from the week. I actually just found all these things and decided when we move I am definitely making that gorgeous headboard! Go stalk me on there and we can both be super creative together… 🙂

via. pinterest.com/thepetitemrs 

oh how pinteresting wednesday! V??

Well birdies I hope you’re having a great week! 🙂 Have fun! Try something new, I might be trying this drink looks pretty gosh darn good! Go follow me!

here comes the springtime…

Here’s you peek into my Pinterest this week- I have been re pinning some more like cray just this week on both my phone app and the web. I love this time of year so it’s no surprise I’m loving everything I’m seeing, from foods & drinks to clothes and decorations and organizational things (they make me giddy). 
These are all re-pinned to my Pinterest (not my original links) You can find my profile here

There you go! Hope you enjoyed this. Hair, Clothes, Quotes, and Food/Drinks- I love it all!
much love.

more pins here

Welcome to another week of Oh how Pinteresting Wednesday!