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A Day in the Life: Bouncer & Maggie


Ruh Roh! (hello in dog) I’m Bouncer and this is my rambunctious sister Maggie. We live with our mommy and daddy-maybe you know them? I wanted to tell you what we do all day and show you how much fun we have.


First, we wake Mom up by wiggling around in the bed (stepping on her face and hair) and giving her all the kisses. But she doesn’t like it so much because she says our breath stinks. She gets kinda upset because she likes to sleep like we do, we have that in common. We all get up and jump outta bed like big dogs that we think we are. We run and jump and get all excited to get fed breakfast. We are not so patient when it comes to our “puppy food” and we know when you say that! Scarfing our food down in 5 mins or less flat, then we use our chew toys “our lambie” and we chew on him until he falls apart. Then going outside for potty isn’t our favorite thing in the world, sometimes we go and sometimes we just don’t want to. When we have accidents mommy gets real mad and puts us back outside to try again.


We play and sometimes we sleep but most of the day is free time and up to us. We follow mom and dad around the house back and forth all day long. Mommy is a blogger– do you know what that is?! Well she’s on that thing a lot and it makes a click-clacky noise, but we don’t mind. Usually she cuddles us under a cozy blanket while she does whatever she does on that computer. She talks to us in a silly voice, loves us and sometimes we get to play with the laser too- we love that piece of light more than the cat. Sometimes we bark too much or we jump all over company but it’s only because we love the attention and we are so friendly and needy.


About 5 or 6 o clock, we know it’s time for our next “puppy food time” and boy do we get excited all over again! It’s like we just can’t contain it, we run circles around the house telling mommy exactly what she already knows-that we are hungry. Then we get antsy like a half hour later and mommy let’s us out again, we love to run around and say hi (bark) at the neighbor dogs. Those guys are much bigger than us but we aren’t afraid at all- we can hold our own. We come back in from the rain and get dried off on a towel (that’s our favorite part!). Mommy says DRY OFF! and I know how to do it all by myself, wiggle my butt and scoot all over. I  toss and turn to get all the water off my back and belly. My sister though needs more help doing that. If we were good, we get a cookie and that’s a special thing. We beg mommy and jump around all crazy waiting for them. At night we watch tv and I play more with my sister Maggie, we get hyper and throw all our toys out of the basket, I know how to put them away back in the basket- ya know I’m a smart dog.

This is our typical daily routine but of course it varies if we do anything special like go on walks which we also love. I hope you enjoyed reading about us and our family. Come back soon!



Chewy.com Pet Box Review August

This month has been very, very uneventful which made me even happier when I remembered that we’d be receiving the Chew.com pet box to review and enjoy again this month, I mised one month but I’m working on putting up the July one, that was late but I can still share it.  
Once again I got an email so I could choose the next treat for Bouncer and Maggie to enjoy. Needless to say, we havrn’t found one we havren’t liked yet! It’s wonderful. 
This month I almost chose another treat (which was a popular choice-I’ve seen other posts on it) but instead I wanted to have the pups try a flavor they hadn’t had before. They have no allergies that we know of, so I wasn’t worried about that. When I saw ‘venison chewy jerky’ I was like “yeah, if I was a dog I’d eat that!” 
*Ask him to sit, roll over, or drive a car…no trick is too difficult when you’re tempting Fido with a delicious piece of real venison jerky from the dog food experts at Wellness. Every bit of Pure Rewards Grain-Free Venison Jerky is made from sustainable meat, 100% grain-free, and full of juicy flavor. They’re guaranteed to be over 90% meat, making your best buddy 100% happy. Perfect size for training! (via the chewy.com website description)

I was pleasantly surprised when I got them in the mail-these are not sample sizes folks like most pet boxes. It’s a full bag!  These are called “Wellness Pure Rewards: venison jerk bits for dogs-and are grain free.

These particular ones were bite sized soft chews, not like jerky but more like a soft flat treat. They stared at them for so long….. not so patiently waiting for a taste. I really love that most of their products are all natural or labeled organic and well sized for pets (large, medium,small and toy dog breeds). It makes it easier to choose what would be appropriate for them to have and eat without any choking hazards. And actually every single goodie we have gotten so far has been a soft version of a cookie, bs=iscuit or jerky- all easily chewable,

SIT. Good dog.He knows “gentle” to take it out of my hand, although they get so worked up sometimes I don’t get that all the way.

Pretty SIT. Good girl! 
 I had some really blurry pics when they ate them but man, they were gone so fast. They defiently enjoyed them and I’m happy that its good for their potty training (ongoing) and that I don’t worry about buying them myself. I think this blogger outreach program is wonderful.
I hope this encourages you to check out their website, I honestly really like it and might be ordering some other things from them for the dogs to enjoy other than treats- they also sell, toys, blankets, food, cat toys, cat food, etc. 
*I was not paid to voice my opinions, one way or the other by anyone including the chewy.com staff and administration. All opinions and statements are my own beliefs and are of my own free will and personal experience*

chewy.com pet review box: July

For July’s Chewy.com pet review box-we chose the “Good Dog dog treats in the apple dumpling” flavor. They were delicious! Yes we tried one, they are itty bitty cookie treats- like tiny. They tasted like a dried up apple cinnamon cookie. The smell was of fresh apple pie, the cinnamon was very strong. They dogs devoured it each time they had them and loved every single one. Begging has started a lot for these tiny bites. All natural, nothing to harm us or be bad for the dogs which is exactly why we love Chewy.com now so much! I love the health/purity and variety factor! I can feel good about giving these to them in between their normal potty treats, because they are so tiny, I just don’t worry about them. The amount of the product was nice too as its a medium sized box full to the top of itty bitty bone-shaped snacks. All the ingredients are like natural and very few: oat flour, rolled oats, eggs, honey, apples, canola oil, cinnamon and vanilla. What a simple thing to give your small dogs or older dogs who cant chew as well, these are tiny enough they would be a good substitute.
If you’d like to sign up to review or order go to Chewy.com under blogger oppurtunitues to find out more info.

handle is convienent for travel, carry in the car or on a trip

*he was in a mood*

Maggies’ reaction was the same, I couldn’t snap pics of her-she was too fast and excited this time!

Chewy.com Pet Box Review: May

 But it’s about my dogs so I hope you like it! 

A few days ago I was contacted again by Catherine from Chewy.com and I didn’t know what it was so I called her back and researched a bit. She said they send out bloggers free pet review boxes filled with toys, treats and food. I followed them on social media and immediately got excited as this was my first review from a company that had reached out and contacted me. I was so happy to be involved and get some awesome goodies for my sweet fur-children. After all, if you’ve been reading for a little while (or a long while) you’d know we love our dogs!

She said I could choose from their newsletter of what I’d like to receive for the dogs. I took a look and they provide all TOP QUALITY food, treats and well known brands. I was so pleasantly surprised! Brands like Blue Buffalo, Nutro, Nature’s, Greenie’s, Wellness, HONEST (didn;t know they did pet products!) Natural Balance and many more… I chose the Blue Buffalo Bite Treats in Chicken and Turkey and we got a surprise dinosaur nylabone dental chew toy. 

Some great things about Blue Buffalo brand:
-Top rated by pet parents over 2,500 reviews and counting
-Are well known for what they DON’T have as well as what they DO have, because they believe in feeding them like family too!
-Contains Omega 3 &6 Fatty acids to improve your dogs’ coat and skin. 
-Perfect formula for training regimen

I got a knock at the door and found it was the expected Chewy box. She handed me the box right as Maggie escaped out the door and jumped on the delivery lady tosay Hi and give her kisses. I rangled her back in and I asked them “is this for you? what is this? what is it, is it your treat box?” and their ears perked up real fast. I opened the box to find…

Two full bags of treats ( one in chicken and one in turkey-they smelled good too like BBQ sauce)
A nyloprenebone shaped as a dinosaur with teething/plaque removing bumps

I did a taste test with them, one at a time, first Chiicken then Turkey (here’s more pictures)…

I didn’t think he’d like the bone as much as he did he played and chewed on it for a good hour and eve now a few days later keeps picking it up to gnaw on it. Happy dog!

Maggie tried for it but felt rather left out. Her jaw was too small to really grip it right, maybe a smaller toy for her next time. She was pretty happy still though.

And then they took naps…..

 Maggie finally got the toy when Bouncer was done with it but she decided to lay with it instead.

As you can see they truly loved every bit of it! And I feel like they knew they were getting spoiled a bit because they haven’t gotten anything new in awhile and I’m almost out of the training treats I currently use. This is a great choice and I feel good about feeding them these products and the chew toy will help cut back on their plaque problems.
I will keep giving reviews of this box as long as I can- because they really liked it and I really liked writing this for you in review of this great pet box. They also have them for cats so in case you’re a cat owner this is available for all cat lovers too.

Thans for reading along and tell me if you’ve tried these products before or if you have subscribed to Chewy.com boxes and what you think of them.

Homemade (Pinterest) Puppy Treats!

Welcome Friends
Today I have something different for you! Never done before on The Petite Mrs or my other blogs under different names. I want to try recipes, DIYs and more other deep topics that you might all enjoy!
You see, last night I was stuck in a huge blog rut and reaching out to a dear friend Tausha fron Taush .O I really wanted help and want to make my blog quality over quantity. She gave me an idea to make homemade dog treats. So I looked on Pinterest and decided to try one out for myself. I am a Pinterest addict however I do not try  Pinterest activities much, or ever-at all. Sooo… I dove in and found one very simple and I knew my dogs would love it!

Here’s the link, just in case but I’ll have everything mapped out and visually as I did it.
This recipe is stupid easy, super fast and my dogs loved it~

 So last night, I headed to the store and grabbed a bag of 100% Whole Wheat Flour and a few cans of meat type baby food (turkey, beef, chicken).
I spent less than 8$. I went to Walmart-the baby food was .90 cents and the flour was like 4.00. I didn’t have any at home but you can most likely use any kind of flour, wheat germ or rolled oats in the other recipes I saw.

Today I cleaned the counter surfaces to I’d have a place to work and it would be clean. I preheated the oven to 350 degrees and let it preheat for 6 minutes (which is my automatic on my oven). 


I got everything together and I started by measuring out two cups of flour and putting that in a mixing bowl.
 All your ingredients : baby food, flour, mixing, directions and a surface for rolling dough out on
 This was a print out off the website where I got the recipe. I tried to make it big enough so you could see them.
 baby food, meat flavors beef, chicken and turkey.
 mixing bowl with measurements
 Gold Medal, 100% Whole Wheat Flour
 Measuring one cup of flour at a time (2 cups)
 Going on to the next step, Baby Food
Scraping the glass jar of baby food. Use any baby food your dogs would like: I might try sweet potatoes next time.
(if I tried this again I would put the baby food in first and maybe only use a cup to a cup and half of flour; mine were too dry and had too much flour to be consistent with dough) 
They came out good but the dough was too dry and you could tell. I actually used all three baby food jars which is over the 5oz directions but I think they still came out good. Like I said LESS FLOUR next time.

I mixed the dough and tried to incorporate all ingredients equally and form to make a dry/stuff dough. I also used my hands to mush it all together. You need a little squish for them to bake right, so again, I think 2 cups of flour is too much…

Next I formed them and placed them on a cookie sheet and I used tin foil to line it- which worked good, I didn’t grease it or anything and they didn’t stick at all. I just was out of parchment paper.

When I was done placing them on  baking sheet (I had enough for 2 cookie sheets and baked them at the same time) about an inch apart or less-then I stuck them into the oven. Timer on for 25 minutes! They don’t expand they just need room to not stick together. I also followed the directions to make them thin and flat enough to bake all the way through, no thicker than a half inch. 

And then we waited….. 🙂 It was very hard because the kitchen smelled like turkey and beef! 
(they kept wandering in and I think they knew what was going on for them. 
25 minutes later….

I also made sure to let them cool for about 10 minutes…

 we liked them, we rreally really liked them!

hey sister, if you don’t want that, I’ll take it!
Seems to me, they liked them. Scarfed them down and ate them up! Success!