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Fall and Holiday Fashion (under 100$)

This evening I decided to do something I don’t do often on this blog and share some festive fall fashion favorites I found while searching around Polyvore.  I thought it’d be fun and I might also be brave and share a seasonal decor board or even share pictures of how we have already decorated for the Halloween time. Please enjoy and comment to tell me what your favorite outfit I put together is. It’s nothing super fancy and I didn’t include jewelry and hats, accessories etc but I like each one I came up with and I would wear them all for sure!

Fall &Holiday Fashion



Top: Amazon: Benibos Checkered Shirt -15-20$ depending on size +shipping

Jeans: Hollister Boyfriend Jeans -40$

Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylors (in black) -50$ (although I know Famous Footwear has all kinds of sales, you can get these cheaper! The sale now is saying 10$ off 50$+ so it’s only 40$.) *actually as I typed this I had deals on Avast Safe Price finder for HauteLook at 27$;unisex cream color though, so yeah!*

Total: ~95-100$ (plus shipping)


Top: Pumpkin long sleeve pullover-7$+shipping

Jeans: H&M skinny ankle jeans -40$

Shoes: (you could also wear the converse, linked above for this but I found some cute flats I liked as well) Aeropostale Report Milez flat -18$

Total: 65$ (plenty of extra $ leftover for shipping, not even close to 100)


Sweater: SheInTurtleneck Chunky Cable Knit Long Sleeve Sweater  -28$+shiping

Top: GAP women’s vintage wash sueded V neck Tee -25$

Jeans: H&M Super Skinny Regular jeans– 20$

Shoes: LuLus Chic Black Flats-17$+shipping

Total: 90-100$(depending on your shipping )


Sweater: GAP Softspun Tunic Knit Top -32$

Top: Long Sleeve Crop Tee Shirt -11$ +shipping

Skirt: Nala Tartan Check Woven Skirt– 24$ + shipping (BooHoo.com)

Shoes: Black “Clemmy” Mary Jane Court shoes -44$ +shipping OR Payless AE Kim Button Mary Jane shoes (cheaper version) -35$

Total: 111$ with higher priced shoes + shipping ) OR  102$ +shipping which I will say is a bit over, but honestly how cute is that outfit. and even then you might be able to find lower cheaper options near you so you don’t have a cost plus shipping fees or coupons!

Well I hope you all really enjoyed this post! I loved creating and finding these outfits and links for you to shop. *NOT SPONSORED AT ALL* Just some friendly wishlist shopping advice, if you’re having trouble thinking of some cute winter-y outfits for where you live. Living in Oregon is chilly and it’s pouring rain here already. I am not wearing tank tops in Cali like some people. I also wanted to share an actual holiday outfit that I’d wear, which isn’t quite this. But I would cover my stomach with a sweater or a regular length shirt and I’d probably wear tights as well.

Happy Fall everyone! Surely let me know down below which of these is your favorite and if you’re gonna buy any of these pieces. Lastly, I hope I helped at least one of you get some new clothing inspiration. For now I’ll be saving these all to my pinterest and lusting for later in the season or for Christmas!


oh how pins-giving!

So this year has just flown by don’t you think? Last I knew it was like my birthday or even tax day… It’s eerie and weird how quickly it’s just faded into November and now we are about a week out from DECEMBER?! How crazy is that? Well you don’t need to explain it to me, I know. But after all is said and done I’m glad because now is the time of year when we can really reflect on the year- what we’ve done, accomplished, fallen short of and what we can work on and more so how to become closer and stay close with those we love. Plus this time of year is famous for my favorite thing in the whole world, food. Yep, I’m a fatty in a skinny mini body (oops can’t help that one!) but truly I will eat and eat until I’m sick and I won’t eat for days.. then I’ll eat all the leftovers too. More than that I love watching the seasons change, the beautiful decor and dressing up for the chilly & frigid weather that will soon be upon us.
So here’s a peek into my November-Thanksgiving inspired pinterest favorites.. Please go tap on the follow button on my Pinterest profile.


























I hope this inspires you to get into the mood of the warm cozy time that is Thanksgiving and the following holidays. Eat much, Love Deeply, Give Thanks and Stay Grateful!
Happy Turkey Day!
I’m thankful for you…..

December Challenge (guest post): 31 mini challenges

Hi everyone! I’m Pam and I blog over at Hodge Podge Moments. I was excited that Nora asked me to guest post on her blog because it gives me the perfect chance to share an upcoming challenge that I’m hosting in my free health group, Healthy Moments.
(NOTE from Nora: you should join in, I’m in it & I learn something daily…plus it’s a lot of fun & super encouraging)
December is one of the hardest times to stay on track with health and fitness goals. I’ll be sharing a printable calendar full of mini challenges to help you stay on track by doing something good for your body everyday. If you’d like to join in the fun, please join the free group. You’ll also get motivation, support, and other challenges throughout the year.
With Thanksgiving coming up, there’s going to be plenty of opportunities to move away from your health and fitness goals. Don’t let one holiday ruin things for you though. Here’s a few simple tips to keep you on track during the big food holiday. (These can be applied to other holidays as well.)
1. Volunteer to bring the fruit or veggie tray for a potluck. This guarantees that there will be at least one or two healthy choices at the event.
2. Sign up for a holiday themed fitness event! (For example, I signed the husband and myself up for a 5k Turkey Trot in our city for Thanksgiving day.)
3. Enlist a workout buddy. Working out is always more fun with a friend. Enlist a buddy to help you stay accountable during the holiday season.
4. Put the healthiest options on your plate first. This will leave less room for the unhealthy choices.
5. Don’t deprive yourself. Want that chocolate cake? Go for it – just keep portion sizes in mind!
6. Take a break before returning for seconds. This gives your stomach and head time to communicate about whether or not you’re full already.
7. Most importantly – enjoy the holidays and remember that one bad day doesn’t have to be followed by another. If you do indulge more than you had planned to, then get back on track the next day!

Well I hope everyone enjoyed that- I know I sure did and thank you to Pamela for guest posting, we have become so close and I really truly admire and adore her! I will be using these holiday points for my own guidance!
If you have any suggestions like this-I encourage you to leave them down in the comments, I’ll be sure to take a look and comment back! Happy holidays everyone (it’s just starting..)!

6 things I’m thankful for…

It’s a wonderful thing to be thankful and grateful in this day and age. It’s needed to stay genuine in this high paced life we live in, we miss out on the little pleasures and the ‘things that really matter’. I see thankful lists go around so often and yet I don’t participate as much as I should. These points need to be acknowledged by you to the person you’re directing them at though more importantly. This season can easily bring out the best or worst  in everyone no matter who you are-it’s an easy  trap to fall into. But  just take a moment and reflect on your life as I share what I’m truly thankful things I have in my life…..

1. family 
One thing I always remember about Thanksgiving is the three F’s: Food, Family, Fun. I would be surrounded by loved ones and feel genuinely cared about (that has since changed, mostly) and replaced my thoughts with selfish wants and needs. I adored the catered food and family who flew in to be there seemed like such a big deal. The smiles and warm hugs saying hello and saying goodbye again a few hours later. It was a busy holiday growing up and I have very fond memories of it- that’ll never change but I was no naive kid either; I saw the favoritism and disconnect that often drifted my way in some facet or another. It was a lovely time but looking back now it’s slightly greyed into a fantasy that seems real only in my dreams.

2. friends
My friends have always been a huge part of my world. The ones who were there from cradle to grave and the other who only came for a phase or season of my life so far. I am serioiusly thankful and grateful to them for all the lessons learned and great times they all gave me and the bad times too. Late nights, inside jokes, laughter and tears, moving away and moving back, college to marriage and kids for some of you. And next to my blogging friends- you are some of the most amazing people I have never met in real life. I’m thankful for the hours of input and advice and endles chatting this year especially –you know who you are– Thank you ladies! Here’s to being there when we needed each other and what’s still to come in our futures. 
3. pets
This may seem a little strange but I am thankful for my pets. Bouncer and Maggie have been with us the longest of all the dogs we have had in the past- these two just light up our worlds daily. From anything as simple as a grumpy growl or a wag of a tail or a snoring Maggie in the covers or when they sneak-fart and then you smell it. It’s the small things in life and they keep us on our toes. We’ve been through a lot together, a few moves and lots of changes and down-time, I love them like our own children and for now, they are just that-our treasures.
4. blogging
A hobby. It’s becoming so much more to me lately. I am still in consistent but I’m going to work on it and not mention it anymore because heck, no one is perfect and if it looks like it’s perfect then you probably pay for some extra help (not possible in my case). I have been putting more visually into my blog and much more effort on each post and within sharing and posting each one carefully. I want to expand and start being a more useful blog and widen my horizons. But that takes time so please stay patient with me for awhile while I build and create more content in coming months. 
5. health
I am so thankful and blessed that even without medical and dental coverage I am  reasonably  healthy. I’m sure I’m not the most on top of it health wise, I have some bad habits and I need to just generally care for my body and health/fitness more so on a steady basis-BUT I’m okay and I’m by no means in declining health for any reasons. Although I have lots of dental work to be done but I did that one to myself (bad habits, die hard…. no fun!). 
6. happiness
Overall 2015 has been okay, although I’m over it. I need a fresh start again and a new year to improve upon myself- shake off any negative parts of the year, grow and move on. I learned a lot again this year and although things were mild I think we are at a much better place now than we were then. I am a work in prigress and as long as I don’t quit working on myself then I’m not a lost cause (not that I think I am, but we all have our personal downfalls). I’m finally happy with where we live, our marriage is wonderful and developing more each day (not perfect-but heck, who’s is??), I love my family, friends and dogs, I am growing more into my blog and building what I have created over almost 6 years and I am happy with my life. 
This is the best feeling right about this time of year. I won’t be taking any of it for granted- things could always be worse and we always get through it!
Thank you for reading this and contiinuing to support me here on The Petite Mrs.!

October Goals Checklist

So I haven’t been a very good blogger for some time now. I have phases people, you know how it goes and life gets a little crazy, hard, hectic, boring (insert adjective here…). I’ll be scheduling some posts for October to get ahead so I have no worries about moving and being distracted. I knew with the start of a new month I’d want to have some goals to aim for, something to try to achieve. This is what that is.

  • Read 2 books  starting with Elanor & Park
  • Pack apartment/organize/purge stuff in progress
  • Unpack
  • Decorate apartment 
  • Donate things we get rid of happening this weekend
  • Get carpets cleaned after moving out appt is set day after we move
  • Learn 2 new recipes after we move-slowcooker?
  • Blog at least 2 a week while packing/moving   in progress
  • Create a daily schedule to work on, downloaded now to write it out!
  • Stick with blog post schedule gonna stay with 2 days a week until after we unpack
  • Pre draft and take pics to go with posts in progress
  • Watch 3 new movies (age of adaline, best of me and PP2)
  • Get pictures hung back up with new frames black ones-pick new photos
  • Invite at least one friend over to see new place
  • Photograph new place for “new apartment tour post” 
  • Get in at least an hour of quality time per day with husband  research date nights, ideas for husband and wife time
  • Read, comment and save favorite blog posts for “links I love”
  • Start a better self love care plan weekly nails, music, tv sessions, chatting with friends-skype, appt for hair?
  • Take dogs out on schedule and play with them regularly everyday research dog feeding schedules-if anyone has this problem with over anxiously eating dogs, PLEASE help! 🙂 any advice ou have? 
This seems like a lot but I think they are small enough things that it’s managable. That’s how we should plan our success. So for the more “fun things” I should schedule them in too so I don’t forget to read and stay on track or space out and not play with the dogs (because they need exercise too)! Most of these I have plans for, even the frames- after we move I plan to go get new all matching black frames, clean ones and replace all photos we agree we want to show up in the new place. I miss my friends that aren’t local so I’ll setup skype or video chat dates online to stay in touch. I can easily pre photograph too- just a matter of remembering to do it.
I will be proud when I accomplish this list and if you have goals that you are working towards please comment them below or if you think I should add or have a way to remind myself- please share! I’d really love to hear from you all!

Happy (start of) Autumn!