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Sweater Weather Tag

1. Favorite candle scent? 
Autumn by Bath and Body Works

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
All of the above.
My absolute favorite is Peppermint hot cocoa or Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte

3. What’s the best fall memory you have?
Going to our cabin, pumpkin patch trips or raking leaves with my family

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?
Dark lips, I’m fair skinned so it pops and I don’t think I will ever learn how to wing eyeliner
*I just tried a RED LIP and I love it!

5. What do you want to be for Halloween? (What were you for Halloween since it already passed?)
I was Doctor Who companion Amy Pond. 

6. Favorite Thanksgiving food?
POTATOES and green bean casarole-usually I just eat a LOT that day, as opposed to every other day *rolls eyes*

7. Hats or scarves?
Scarves but I would do both since it’s been so windy here lately. I have bought many more beanies and hats for this year to revamp my wardrobe for fall and winter.

8. Most worn sweater?                

9. Favorite fall nail polish?   
I dont have a favorite one or brand but I like dark for fall/winter: dark navy, emerald, ruby or cranberry or black/grey

10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?  
 I would much prefer jumping in leaves. Throwing them about and taking pictures is fun too!
11. Skinny jeans or leggings? 
BOTH! I’m new to wearing either and I love them all!    
12. Combat boots or Uggs?  
Combat boots, got my first pair last year with some fur and I love them.  Plus usually all my UGG boots get soggy and ruined because it rains so much here every year.
13. What’s your #1 favorite thing about fall?
Changing leaves, the fresh and rainy smell, hot cocoa, bundling up! Its a nice change or pace kind of season, especially after a very hot scorching summer. 

Why don’t you answer these questions for your own blog? Then link me to it and I’ll leave you a fall-ish comment… What are your fall essentials?

Whiteout 2014: Gresham, Oregon Edition

This post was about the snow whiteout of February 4th-10th that we experienced and the few pictures I took. Us Oregonians either hate it or love it and my Facebook feed was a lot of complaining people. I felt bad for those who drove and got into or were stuck because of snow, ice or accidents all over our highways. But walking far distances was even more difficult, snow and ice is miserable to get around in. Especially when you just aren’t used to it. It literally got to high my dogs couldn’t jump over piles of it. We all just didn’t know what to do- we became kinda well, stuck. 
I was in the process of getting a new phone mid-week, so I was less focused on how much beautiful snow we got and more about playing with my new phone. But I’ll share what I have taken and kept.
 the fluffy, slushy, white powder stuff
(this was before the ice and sleet/frozen rain came
I didn’t think that would make our streets like an iceberg..which it did, so bad)

This was when it began, we literally got like 3-4ft which is a LOT for here in town (gresham, oregon) in Portland metro area, plus the sheets of ice breaking on top of it. And it fell so quick. Our lights flickered a few nights in a row (our power is underground here in the complex but the generators are outside and were suffering from how cold it was and how much snow was on them. I stayed in almost all week, as much as I could apart from taking the dogs out to go potty every 3-4 hours.

(my attire going outside, for a few minutes to an hour-waiting for the dogs to pee)

 I had the heat on most of the time, which I’m sure will be reflected in our bill next month, besides we had credit! I watched a lot of tv and played around on my phone a lot like I said. I switched back again from andriod back to an iPhone 5s 32GB which I absolutely love! I tried to take a lot of pictures but it was so cold that I didn’t wanna take out my new phone in case I dropped it.

(my most favorite scarf, from Craft Warehouse, knitted wool-so soft and warm)

By the end of the week, it looked like this:

GONE! It was 

SHORTLIVED…. you can kinda see where the ice resided

come back….. 🙁

until next year I guess- once we get part March, there’ll be no more snow until December again- it snowed once this year so far and it won’t yet again until next holiday season. Sometimes I will I lived in a colder climate- but then again I’m thankful I don’t. I couldn’t handle the cold weather with how small my frame is, but I have the cute wardrobe for it!

Merry Christmas and…..

         So sorry I lost myself there for a few weeks, things have been good and rocky- so I’ve been enjoying life which is the whole point of blogging right?

Well to catch you up since last post here’s what has been happening…
         First, we did not go to my uncles’ party before Christmas but thats okay. It was a problem that never should have been a problem depending on your views and preferences. There was a big lesson learned and well, it could have been avoided or compromised but that didn’t happen- so we didn’t go. However, its okay because that same week we learned that Sean was hired for a job he has applied for! Yay! Back into security field, but hey he has skills and he’s made for it, pays decent and we’ll have extra money on the top as well; or get by when we aren’t so lucky. So it’s close too- like close to our home. It’s in the shopping area right next to our apartment complex. It’s wonderful although he doesn’t know hours or exact pay yet. He starts training on Monday so yeah pretty quick, felt like it took forever for us to get a response and to wait for him to start. I’m so thankful that he can get back to work and become useful and occupied again. It’ll be awesome for the both of us.

 “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”
          Secondly, our Christmas was wonderful! We spent Christmas day and night with his side of the family. We enjoyed all the family time truly this time around and it was very nice since we only really ever visit some family on holidays and his brother is always so busy with school and work- we never see him. (I posted that before, he has a way of making the holidays light and joyful if anyone is grumpy or opinionated etc. He’s my second favorite; next to my husband, the funniest ever!) And his grandma isn’t so healthy anymore, so we treasure any time spent with her these days. His aunt and uncle and cousins are all great too. We had in depth conversations about their crazy neighbors throwing parties and therefore causing noise problems and just being terrors. It was crazy how passionate everyone was about trying to end the madness that has gone on and they’ve tried everything they can think of to stop this family. Point is, a bad family, noise, irresponsible mom and no one cares enough to right the situation-they are going to more harsh measures i.e electrical fences, security, DSHS etc to diminish the issue; hopefully. I pray for them and their problem, its unmonitored drinking for underage kids and all this other stuff. 
        We had a lovely dinner and dessert, then opened presents-the kids loved their giftcards for books and his parents loved their record/cd/tape player and wine bottle holder and his brothers’ mug with his initials on it, P.M.S- we had a great huge laugh about that! We received an advent calender that was made of fabric to use for next year, a few games, a mini shortcake maker, a scarf from his grandma (handmade), and a drawing of a zombie Santa Clause from his cousin who’s like eleven years old, which was so well drawn- we couldn’t believe it. She is so going to be an artist someday. We had lots of interesting talks and snappy comebacks to funny things, which is just so “his family”. I love it!
         Besides that, I have once again found out who my true friends are and when I can and cannot count on them. Is it a big deal to hang out with other people a lot as a stay at home wife? I just cannot keep people around me who are not drama filled and do not have true intentions for me. It’s frustrating, so so frustrating and somewhat heartbreaking too. I wish someone would mean what they say and not favor loyalties to other negative people around.I wish mid twenties were different, I cannot find quality, fun, and undramatic friends anywhere… Or people who have time like me, kids, a career etc it’s hard to hang out with anyone anymore, unless specific plans are made. And without a car, that’s damn near impossible.
(funny thing: Two is better than One, just came on my radio and well that kinda put things in perspective- I will always have my husband. I’d rather have him than fake untrue friends any day.)
         I also had lunch with my uncle (dad’s side), aunt and cousins. It was better than I expected, sometimes things can feel forced or coerced, but it didn’t. It was really nice and they were in a rush for an appointment but the quick visit was pleasant all the same. It’s hard to explain but it’s a strange family dynamic now- for whatever reason, guess I have made it that way. I very much enjoyed being around them and catching up since we don’t visit often. My cousins all live distances away, one in China and one in Iowa. So getting some one on one time over a meal was wonderful. And my heart dropped and melted on the floor when my cousins asked when we’d be having kids and seemed anxious. I’m so happy they feel that way- shows me that they want me to be happy and also approve after so long of my husband who was thrown into the family. It took awhile but they do love him and I’m so glad. 

Well now that you’re caught up, I can finally relax and not feel horrible for not writing/blogging or both. I miss you all my loves and welcome to the new year- that’s in the next post, so I’m really only a few days behind. Until next time…

Thanksgiving Rewind 2013

It’s a little late I know. But here’s my Thanksgiving Recap

So every year now my husband and I go to his parents house and have a lunch/dinner get together with our family (my in-laws and aunt/uncle+cousins, grandma and his brother). So we headed over about 1:30pm and food was ready around two o clock, but then uncle had to go back and get his grandma who has been sick for a few years and has a hard time getting around. WE all love her so much and it great having her wise cracks and sweet stories around, even when her opinion isn’t the same as ours. I still love and appreciate her. (I’m feeling awful that I didn’t take pictures this year and we just got a brand new camera, oh well what can you do?!).
So after grandma got there we talked all a little bit, caught up and watched the Macy’s Day Parade! My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the parade on television. We saw the floats, the big huge balloons and then the DRAG QUEENS?! I had no idea they would also include so many musical performances, it was nice I guess.
We all prayed, thankful for family, friends and food and then we ate a lot. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, green beans with bacon, veggie chopped salad and of course then pumpkin pie. 

The cousins and us started talking about likes and dislikes, favorite movies and our worst fears…. simple things since they are young like 10, 15, and 17. It was funny to hear some silly things the kids were afraid of and how we were all so different. It was a nice family time. The downside was when everyone started mentioning how we have to “get on track” with our lives and also hashing about having kids. I got pretty irritated, but I know in the end, its our decision and they’ll be happy when it does bless our family.

Then his brother, Sean and I had a long talk out in the cold garage and laughed our butts off when told hilarious, sarcastic and terrible jokes with heavy influence. The kids were chasing each other, fighting with each other and having fun outside that evening. It is always so nice to talk to his brother since he has so much going on between work and school and living more into town away from us, its hard to see him other than holidays. At least he isn’t in another state!

At the peak of gathering our stuff, his brother mentioned how he was basically broke and didn’t have much food (since our check was coming) we offered to give him basically all our food to last him awhile and take that stress off his shoulders, we were happy to do it and I’d help him again- anytime, because that’s what family does (especially when we are so blessed and able to help in any way).Anyway, the best time of my night, which may sound weird, but his side of the family is not very good at showing affection or expressing love. No “I love you’s” or hugs or displays of affection, it is just a known thing. So at the end of the night, we all got big hugs from mom and grandma and said bye to the kids. I’ll take what I can get and it was the cherry on top of the cake. His dad took us home and we gave his brother like ten reusable bags full of food and non perishables! He was so happy that he hugged us both and that was a huge moment. Especially for this family. Nearly moved me to tears, honestly I didn’t wanna let go. It was sweet and heartfelt and followed by a sarcastic, “answer your phone next time we call you!”

Nevertheless, a wonderful thanksgiving holiday for the Spauldings!

Blog This! Holiday Shopping Edition

How do you power through your holiday shopping? Are you a list-maker or a last-minute shopper?
Every family celebrates the holidays in a different way; what is your favorite family tradition? 

First question: 

I’m going to blog about these both because I’m trying to not do only link ups, so this is something a little different and gave me a new idea to write on. 
I power through my holiday shopping a lot by drinking lots of coffee and trying to take my time through stores and not be a crazy rabid shopper. I hit each store and limit my time in each so I’m not spending too much time at one store.  say 15-20 mins per store or shorter times if I don’t “need” anything there. I get in and out and try to get things crossed off my list and make sure I think of who I’m shopping for.

I try to list for each person ex. Sean: —– excalibur
Angela:——best buy/barnes and noble 
Cynthia: —-best buy/spencers/zumiez etc
 but I also just wing it! If I see something someone will like I narrow down who and decide to buy it or not to buy it and who it fits for.
Second question
I have somewhat blogged about this once before in a link up but I’ll try to give more detail and be more through about it now. 

My family was big on Christmas- I only say was because most of my family is passed on now so we’ve drifted a lot from celebrating holidays together. 
My mothers side had the 21st of December for a holiday party at my uncles house in Oregon City. A feast of food and a fun time to hang out, catch up, share stories and have a Secret Santa exchange. 
My mothers parents also kinda would have us over to open presents and hang out. Eat some dinner and look at their fun and festive decorations all over the house. 
I would almost always get exactly what I wanted from Grandma and Grandpa (mom’s side) it would make me ecstatic! I would also visit my other cousins and my Grandpa’s sister aka Little Auntie was her name to me and she was a lovely woman who would always offer us coffee like the adults, I loved that part. Her house was spotless and had cabinets of collectibles and porcelain things so again I was very careful.

me and my grandpa jack

My fathers side however was like going to a holiday mansion or gala, no joke-seriously. Well if you couldn’t guess my fathers side is wealthy; no rich wealthy. Go here to see the difference. if you have never seen the Chris Rock rendition of Rich vs Wealthy- 
watch it now! it’s hilarious!
I would walk in with my fanciest dress on greeted by a larger family of close and extended family, cousins, in laws, etc. I never really knew who was who but I really tried and I cared about everyone and attempting  to be a good little princess for my parents. 🙂 more so than the other kids!

The kids would run downstairs and play casino games, play the jukebox and our version of pool while dinner was being cooked. I sometimes came up for amazing fancy appetizers and Hors d’oeuvre. I enjoyed stuffed mushrooms and mixed nuts along with my Shirley Temple which was very fancy in my mind. I would actually talk to some adults checking out what was going on. Once dinner was ready we would go to the kids room which had a nice fireplace and festive clementines on each table by the end of our dinner, we’d be begging for more clementines. And as I remember no one would eat their baby onions in cream sauce. But the ham/turkey was gone-potatoes and gravy devoured and we’d be wired on soda or sparkling cider. Afterwards there would be some extravagant dessert of pie or flan or some crap like that so we’d just get ice cream. I enjoyed the food but I think that was about it- the conversation was over my head and I could really care less- maybe that’s black hearted but whatever.
We’d sing the 12 days of Christmas with the entire family and HUGE cuecards, which I hated honestly so I despised participating. But I guess I did anyway because I felt I had to, they would make me do it. Even when I said no. 
I guess at some point we’d open presents and I will keep that simple. It was again extravagant and over the top, nothing simple or fun.  And more coffee/snacks and more playtime for the kids to run off the sugar. 

Nothing about my family was simple. 
everything over the top and fancy
 I stopped going years ago when I got sick of the fakeness. And when I had nothing left to impress with- no school, no marriage they approved of and no family left basically. 

that’s the not so fun part of Christmas but of course no one agrees with me or thinks it was “that bad”- oh but it was! 
 Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my version of Christmas festivities and Christmas morning with my immediate family every year- my sisters and parents all in our pj’s opening presents together and having a huge breakfast- I think that’s what I miss most…..That was my Christmas miracle.

Hence my family…:)