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Polite Blogger

So I talked with my friend Victoria last night and we had a great conversation about what polite blogging is, like linking back to original content or passed content, genuinely commenting, social shares and more. So here goes, some shared content from her old blog (Our Love Never Fails ).
What inspires you?
My husband encourages me, inspires me and is my biggest fan. I love him with all my heart and soul- he is always right beside me, even when I doubt he’s there. He sticks up for me against myself too, if ever a negative comment passes my lips- he corrects me, fights for me against myself and changes my mind. I love you Sean.

What is your favorite season and why?
Summer. So bright and cheery! Its warm here as opposed to the rest of the 365 and I love wearing sunny day clothes-they are my favorite type of wardrobe.

What are you most looking forward to this year?
I am wanting to raise my grades and GPA, getting/holding a job, volunteering which I want to start soon and making our marriage stronger.
If you could write a book about anything, what would it be about?
I wouldn’t care to write a book either, but if it were, it’d be a diary layout- just like a blog.

What is your greatest passion?
Dance/Writing. I have a ton of years invested into both of these things as well as horseback riding.

If you could change one thing about your life or yourself, what would it be and why?
I wish I could be a little more confident and positive- but it’s something that makes me “me” and I’m pretty happy the way things are.

Lastly, what is your favorite novel?
Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

One of the only books I read for school and couldn’t get my nose out of. Sad though, beware…


7 Random Facts

I was chosen by my friend Victoria to write seven random facts about myself.  I love to share little facts and facets about myself so my readers will start to know me better. I hope you’ll enjoy some tidbits into my life and maybe a couple things you never knew about me. I love making friends online so if you have any questions, please just ask me!


1. I have moved more times than I can count. (update: I have since moved probably 12 more times so yeah- it’s a lot of moving from place to place)
2. I have a stuffed animal turtle- that Sean got me for our one yr anniversary trip!
3. My favorite color is lavender
4. I cannot cook to save my life. I want to learn though.
5. I too easily trust others.
6. I went to High School at 4 different schools, a new one per yr.
7. I miss my daddy- he’s in heaven but he’s also my biggest fan!
There you go!

What are 7 facts about yourself you want to share with us? I’d love to know more about you! Big or little.


It’s 3:14AM and I’m still awake//Late Night Survey

its 314 and im still awake

My new lovely friend Victoria had these questions on her blog. I needed something to start off and write about. I’m so tired that I am now wide awake after a non-successful early morning trip to Shari’s.
Here goes:

It’s 3:14AM and I’m still awake//Late Night Survey

1. Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?
Milk Chocolate. Too dark and bitter unless used as an aphrodisiac.
2. What’s your favorite color?
I love a few colors; turquoise is our coined wedding color and my two other favorites are magenta and lavender.
3. Do you have any creative hobbies?
I do have a creative side however it has always been in movement arts like dance or theater throughout school but I am wishing that at some point, I will become an amazing scrapbook artist. I have many other hobbies
4. What was your favorite subject in school?
English. I was great at brainstorming, outlines and creative writing. Poetry, freestyle, short stories, etc. It really makes me happy and I’ve enjoyed it for a really long time.
5. What is your favorite season? Why?
Warm weather is the best! However I do live in Oregon where let’s face it, its winter 365 days a year. Unless we end up with a hot summer and then it’s extremely hot for three months.
6. Who inspires you to sing like crazy when nobody is around?
Nobody actually, I do that all on my own. And I really only sing when no one is around. So I’m too shy and don’t really know if I sound good or not.
7. What’s your favorite dessert? Can you make it?
I love German chocolate cake and no I have yet to try to make it. Although I should, I have a few baking recipes saved so I’d like to try to create one in the crock-pot.
8. How did you learn to cook?
I haven’t I am currently in the process of learning to cook with the help of my mother-in-law. But I cook a mean Kraft Mac n Cheese! I’ve been known as the “box queen”.
Good night for now everybody! Feel free to snag this and put on your own blog to answer!
its 314 and Im still awake
Comment down below: What’s your favorite late night meal? When and Where and Why?