[right hip]
This was my first tattoo- I found a similar design on Tattoo Finder  seen here: the design I liked but I wanted to make it a little more original so I made the outside wings into a ribbon effect instead.
It for me, means I will never need a man to count on, depend on or rely on- you will get your heart broken and you will still fly on into your life being stronger than ever. I will always remain a strong, independent woman whether I am married or not.
I went to Dark Star Tattoo in Camas, Wa in June of 2007 after a nasty breakup I never thought would end.
[my neck, after it was done and a year or so after]
My second tattoo I got a Gemini sign and liked the way it was wavy and angled I chose the blue for a calming effect.
 I was still finding myself and I felt that my star sign/horoscope was what almost best represented who I was/am and where I’m going as well as my personality. Go look up your horoscope and it bests describes me.
I got this tattoo at Imperial Tattoo on a suggestion from a friend in 2008.
I chose my neck region because I heard it didn’t hurt so bad, which it didn’t. Surprise!
 [left hip, a year after marriage-2010]
 My third tattoo and most recent tattoo. It was a wall design but I liked it so I didn’t change it. It is supposed to be a turtle with a rose inside. Do you see it? Good.
It just means we’re here forever, dedicated and loving each other. To represent my husband and I through our marriage and our up’s and down’s.
I got this one at Living Art Tattoo which is now Jaded Soul Tattoo. It was done in 2010 I chose my other hip but this one was more bold and was much more painful.
I just got this tattoo done- not too long ago and I LOVE IT! I wanted something with the wedding date and this is my favorite quote from a book called “The perks of being a wallflower” [linked to amazon if you’d like to read excepts or buy it- great book] anyhow, I got it done at Skeleton Key tattoo on SE Hawthorne street in Portland, Or.
My husband, a friend of ours Katie and I have just gotten tattoos done on a whim. But I was happy because I knew exactly what I wanted.
I got an infinity for my mother and I put family on the side of it in cursive for the rest of my family.
I got “This too shall pass” across my shoulder- as a reminder of things past, present and future. Things will be okay, even when they seem not to be. I love this phrase and it seems to deem true in my life so I resonate with it. I wanted a fancier script look- some people I have seen this tattoo on have it in handwritten fonts so I was putting my own twist on it.
By AJ Tattooist


(me during the PAIN)
June 2013
A friend of our and my husband and I went to Jaded Soul Tattoo.  This time I was struggling to decide what I wanted and looked looked, I wanted a fun piece. I though leopard print would be cool. So he printed it off and I liked it. Although the colors may look weird being filled in, I wanted it to look real and not cartoon y. It is a splotch or gathering of leopard print along my hip and inner side area.It hurt like the dickens! Breathing through the pain above- it was a gnarly kind of pain. I like it and might need to get pieces touched up, where it stretched and lightened.


October 2013/Touchup May 2014
I just recently got this baby! WOO I love it with everything I am, like it was supposed to be there and will be the start of my sleeve. By AJ Tattooist.
Well her work is Phenom for only doing this awhile… like a year or two or three. She is gentle and amazing. Again I had no idea what I wanted to do so I looked at her flash work and she assured me this was a older original she had not tattooed it before and will “tweak it for others”. I’m amazed at how much I love this and I wish it wasn’t winter so I can show it off. I love it!
I got this done at the Portland Tattoo Expo.
April 2015

I saw this scoping out Pinterest- I love this font and she definetly did me right. It reminds me about self love and confidence which is something I need in my life. By AJ Tattooist.

April 2015
I also saw this on Pinterest and fell in love with it to remind me on my faith journey with Jesus. I am not fully religious but I’m all about learning more and walking by faith (believing in a higher power) and knowing that everything will work out.
I love having a small cross on me reminding me that he’s always watching over me in my life.
By AJ Tattooist
12705445_455958084593590_7536370961049946683_n 12687980_455958104593588_8415197104285443992_n
I just recently (February 2016) got this sleeve done. It’s not finished or colored in yet but the outline of what it is looks phenomenal. I wanted something to commemorate a lot of my other lost loved ones. My grandma, grammy/gramps, little auntie, second cousins, great aunt and uncle, grandpa, as well as a couple lost friends of mine.. Flowers seemed very appropriate and I can’t wait until they are filled in now. It’s in the same style as the lotus (pictured above/black outline) It flows together really well. Eventually I do want a full all out sleeve, but I’m willing to wait on that. Time and money baby! By: AJ Tattooist-7 zodiac tattoo Portland, Or
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