I started this blog in 2010 a year after I got married (which is why he plays into this so much), the exact date of our first wedding anniversary. I did not have any real hobbies or anything to do with all my time as a SAHW. I was free to really do whatever I wanted to do in whatever capacity I could. I was at the time, going to school but I still had a lot of free time on my hands. So here blooms this blog after seeing so many of my friends starting their own in the old blogging world (prior to 2014, something shifted to sales and marketing products instead of  writing your feelings with words). I love writing and I always have it started with writing in notebooks a lot as a kid. Poetry and creative writing classes I took through school and college years. I could never get enough and it was the one creative thing in my life that has just stuck no matter what. Blogging, however, was new to me and truly just started as a cool formatted online journal as most do. Depicting the fun times we had together as a new couple, a lot of adventures we had, having friends and family around, our ups and downs and plenty of drama. But in the last 6 years, it’s morphed into so much more than I ever hoped and I’m sure that 2016 holds very real goals for this blog and for more fun things in my life. It’s still very much about the day to day in my world but also about what I have to offer people too. I am a dog mom and pet lover, a daughter, a sister, a good friend and a wife- above all, I’m a strong person and I’ve been through my fair share of trauma. I hope that whatever you take from any part of this blog may help you in your stage of life right now and may help guide your way, learn a lesson or have a new friend to cry out to; if this is the case I’ll be there for you.
I still to this day pour my soul into this work of writings on this here website and I promise I shall continue to be true to myself and my words.
You’re my new friend and welcome to my oasis.
F U N  F A C T S  a b o u t  m e :
hometown: milwaukie, oregon
biggest passion: writing & dance
dislikes: liars, cheaters, whiny people, b.o., bad drivers & making excuses
nicknames: nora may, norabelle, maybelle, angel, honey, sweetie, love, shnora & peanut
worst habit: biting my nails
obsessions: tattoos & reality tv
favorite scent: gardenia & lavender
favorite time of day: late night
best feature: my hair
secret talent: double jointed elbows, curl my tongue
favorite shows: Nashville, One Tree Hill, Mom, Teen Mom, Criminal Minds, Cops, everything on TLC or ABCFamily, Catfish & Suspect, Rattled, Who do you think you are? & Long Lost Family, When Calls the Heart.
I’m a TV addict, so if you’ve seen something and loved it- please leave your suggestions below! I appreciate it!
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